Join Motherhood Later… Than Sooner Older Mommy Group

Join Motherhood Later... Than Sooner Older Mommy Group

  Want to find an older moms group with other moms over 35+ who are parenting later in life?  Did you become a midlife mommy at 35+ whether for the first time or again?  Join an in-person chapter, or help launch one in your town. Membership in our international mid-life parents group is free. Connect with later moms online on Facebook and follow ...

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Testimonial – Lani Neumann, Member of NY Chapter

Testimonial - Lani Neumann, Member of NY Chapter

A quick reflection on my childhood and one can see no obvious signs to suggest my path to motherhood would be anything but typical. My favorite childhood photos are of me walking in our driveway, on my tippy toes, pushing a baby stroller like a natural. I couldn't have imagined that I'd be 43 the first time I pushed a stroller ...

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Write For Us

Write For Us

Want to Blog for Us? Have you always wanted to blog and didn’t know how to get started?  Are you an experienced mommy blogger who would like to share with our midlife parent community?  Are you a parenting expert?  Author?  Someone with wisdom to share of interest to moms over 35?  Do you have a compelling story or point of view ...

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Meet Motherhood Later Chapter Head Chris Thompson In Los Angeles

Meet Motherhood Later Chapter Head Chris Thompson In Los Angeles

Many are surprised to learn that our first child was conceived through IVF after 25 years of marriage. While some perceive it as late, Sarah is our miracle girl and the sunshine of our lives.  We also have two identical twin boys, Ryland and Dylan, born December 22, 2009.  My husband and I always wanted three children, and while it ...

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Later Mom Features

Meet Later Mom: Tina Angelotti

tinaheadshotNAME: Tina Angelotti        

AGE:  40


RESIDENCE:  Culver City, CA

CHILDS NAME/AGE:  Madison Olivia Mora, 14 months

Tina Angelotti holds a degree in Kinesiology which has lead to her extensive knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics as it relates to human movement and performance. She is a seasoned CrossFit competitor and has competed in 2011 and 2012 So Cal’s CrossFit Games Regional competition as an individual competitor. Formerly a competitive gymnast, she found her love for movement at a very young age.  She has been with Krav Maga Worldwide as the Director of Fitness for the past 16 years where she is ranked a blue belt in the system at the instructor level.  Visit


What was your road to parenthood like?  I was unsure of whether or not I wanted to take on the responsibility of being a mother.  I’m kind of an all or nothing person, so whatever I choose to do, I get a little obsessed with doing it the best I possibly can. Of course, once I became pregnant, there was no turning back.  I quickly had to learn everything I could about being a mindful parent in every way possible.  The day my daughter came into my life, I had no doubts in myself.  She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and now I love the things she teaches me.

tinadaughter2 tinadaughter3What fitness tips can you offer a busy 40 or 50 something mom?  You have to schedule it into your life the same way you schedule yourself an appointment to get your hair done, go to the doctor, or get a bikini wax.  It must be part of your routine.  The truth is, if you can maintain a healthy diet, your exercise bouts can be incredibly effective in a short period of time if programmed correctly. 

What’s the best one piece of advice you might offer a later mom to balance practicing self care with parenting? I teach my daughter what I’m doing when I’m doing it.  For example, blow drying my hair, putting on make-up or filing my nails.  She wants to be involved in everything I’m doing so I try to include her in the process as much as possible.  It does require more time, but it’s worth it!  For appointments outside of the hous,e this is where your friends and family become essential.  All of my appointments outside of the house such as pedicures or haircuts are scheduled with a friend so we can take turns hanging out with the munchkin.  It’s great time for my daughter to bond with the people close to me, and it gives me a scheduled time to spend with friends that I may not end up seeing since life gets busy with a little one.  Everyone wins in this situation.

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