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  Did you become a midlife mom at 35+ whether for the first time or again?  Join an in-person chapter, or help launch one in your town. Membership is free. Connect with later moms online on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @rgnewman.  Dads are welcome to join us as well!  We have many 40+ mothers  and 50+ mothers and fathers in ...

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Testimonial - Lani Neumann, Member of NY Chapter

A quick reflection on my childhood and one can see no obvious signs to suggest my path to motherhood would be anything but typical. My favorite childhood photos are of me walking in our driveway, on my tippy toes, pushing a baby stroller like a natural. I couldn't have imagined that I'd be 43 the first time I pushed a stroller ...

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Want to Blog for Us? Have you always wanted to blog and didn’t know how to get started?  Are you an experienced mommy blogger who would like to share with our midlife parent community?  Are you a parenting expert?  Author?  Someone with wisdom to share of interest to moms over 35?  Do you have a compelling story or point of view ...

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Meet Motherhood Later Chapter Head Chris Thompson In Los Angeles

Many are surprised to learn that our first child was conceived through IVF after 25 years of marriage. While some perceive it as late, Sarah is our miracle girl and the sunshine of our lives.  We also have two identical twin boys, Ryland and Dylan, born December 22, 2009.  My husband and I always wanted three children, and while it ...

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Later Mom Features

Meet Later Mom: Anna Fishbeyn

Children: Tamrian 5, Eliana 11

I’m a writer, actress, director and filmmaker.  Recently, my first novel, The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield, was published by Arcade Publishing.  I’ve also written two plays, Sex in Mommyville, which opened at the Flea Theater and played at other New York theaters, and My Stubborn Tongue, which played off-Broadway at the New Ohio Theater and at Soho Theatre in London.  I love performing on stage and recently performed in my new one-woman comedy cabaret show, Anna on Fire and Uncensored at the Metropolitan Room in NYC.  In film, I’ve created and starred in a web series called Happy Hour Feminism, which has won numerous awards in film festivals. Recently, I directed two short films, Invisible Alice, and The Love Bathroom, both of which have been officially selected at film festivals.  My current pursuits include creating a TV pilot called Love is an Invention about single moms and online dating, and my first feature film, entitled How To Seduce Your Dinner Guest about an uptight dinner party that devolves into hilarious seductions, misunderstandings and New York-style networking gone wild.  Visit

What was your road to parenthood like?  Very quick. As I was completing my Ph.D and my MFA in Creative Writing, my ex-husband and I decided to try getting pregnant, assuming it would take another six months. Instead, we conceived that very day.

How does being a mom influence your work?   Before I had children, I was in a rush to establish an intellectual career – I was completing my Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education at Columbia University, and working on a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at New School University.  I wanted to graduate from both programs and finish the novel I had just begun before starting a family, but I got pregnant with my daughter and after her birth, I was transformed, not only physically, but also emotionally and ideologically.  Motherhood moved me, touched me, filled me with love and extraordinary empathy, changed my view of the world. I became more aware of the deep-seated inequalities between men and women in the home, and in the way society treated our parenting roles.  Motherhood was an unanticipated catalyst for my writing as well: when I finally understood how little time I had, I stopped procrastinating, I became more effective, I wrote without stopping, even if on some days it was only for ten minutes. I understood at last the importance of consistency and dogged persistence.  I thanked my daughter for sparking so much creativity and productivity, and completed my first novel, The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield, six months after her birth.

TRAVEL MADE SIMPLE. Calling All Travel Lovers! Do you find it hard to come up with cool things to do with your kids on family vacation?

sanfranfiretrucktourThat’s where I come in.  I love to travel, and have planned many a trip, near and far, with my son, now age 12.  It’s not always easy finding activities that a boy, particularly, finds cool….but one of my strengths is coming up with off the beaten track things that both parents and kids can enjoy.  I’m not suggesting you visit a wild ‘n crazy place, unless you want to. But, aside from the must-see attractions, there are things to do that you might not know of.

I’m now offering a vacation planning service for busy moms and their family to help create an itinerary for your next vacation that generates special memories for years to come.  I do the homework, so to speak, and you have an awesome vacation!


(Photo: My son and I took a fire engine tour over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  It was really special!)

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