Join Motherhood Later… Than Sooner Older Moms Group

Join Motherhood Later... Than Sooner Older Moms Group

Tag Want to find an older moms group with other moms over 35+ who are parenting later in life?  Did you become a midlife mom at 35+ whether for the first time or again?  Join an in-person chapter, or help launch one in your town. Membership to our international mid-life parents group is free. Connect with later moms online on Facebook and follow ...

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Testimonial – Lani Neumann, Member of NY Chapter

Testimonial - Lani Neumann, Member of NY Chapter

A quick reflection on my childhood and one can see no obvious signs to suggest my path to motherhood would be anything but typical. My favorite childhood photos are of me walking in our driveway, on my tippy toes, pushing a baby stroller like a natural. I couldn't have imagined that I'd be 43 the first time I pushed a stroller ...

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Write For Us

Write For Us

Want to Blog for Us? Have you always wanted to blog and didn’t know how to get started?  Are you an experienced blogger who would like to share with our midlife parent community?  Are you a parenting expert?  Author?  Someone with wisdom to share of interest to moms over 35?  Do you have a compelling story or point of view that ...

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Meet Motherhood Later Chapter Head Chris Thompson In Los Angeles

Meet Motherhood Later Chapter Head Chris Thompson In Los Angeles

Many are surprised to learn that our first child was conceived through IVF after 25 years of marriage. While some perceive it as late, Sarah is our miracle girl and the sunshine of our lives.  We also have two identical twin boys, Ryland and Dylan, born December 22, 2009.  My husband and I always wanted three children, and while it ...

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Later Mom Features

Meet Later Mom: Naomi Gryn

naomi1NAME: Naomi Gryn

AGE:  53

RELATIONSHIP STATUS:  In a relationship (but not married)


CHILD’S NAME/AGE: Sadie, aged 16 months 

I’m a writer and documentary filmmaker. Occasionally I delve into radio as well.  Visit

What was your road to parenthood like?  I’d always assumed that I would have children, but a wild streak sent me searching first for other adventures.  Aged 33, I was thrown off course by a car accident and spent the rest of my 30s recovering from post traumatic stress disorder.  I met Pete when I was 42 and he was 34.  My 40s were all about trying to get pregnant, and recovering from the disappointment of two miscarriages and four failed IVF attempts.  On our fifth and final roll of the dice, I had two last frozen embryos implanted, with little hope that it would work and bingo, we got Sadie!

naomi2What do you see as the positives and challenges of having a child in your 50s? + I’ll never have to worry whether having a child has stopped me from having a more glorious career.  -  Even though I had an easy pregnancy, various maternity services seemed stressed out about it because of my age.

Has anything about being a mother surprised you? What do you love the most about it?

Nobody tells you how much fun it is.

Also, I had no idea that other people try to interfere so much, especially about routines. Strangers approach me in the street to complain about my baby’s clothing.  People seem particularly challenged about her not wearing a hat. Unfortunately, she hates wearing hats and gloves, and immediately pulls them off.

My home has been overrun by cheap and brightly colored plastic toys, my iPhone has been confiscated by Sadie, and  I haven’t had more than four consecutive hours’ sleep for 15 months, and yet I feel great. 

What do I love the most?  The intensity of my love for Sadie.  Watching her personality erupt (she’s a living sunbeam with a predilection for melodrama). Waking up in the morning – every morning – and discovering that she’s still here, it wasn’t just a dream.

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Motherhood Later Giveaway — Games from ThinkFun

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In this twist on the classic Peg Solitaire game, you leap one frog over another, removing frogs until only the red frog remains. Set up the board according to a challenge card, then find the right sequence to remove all the frogs except the red one. Ages 8+.

LastL-1525-LoResSpillLast Letter™
Race to come up with a word that is pictured on one of the cards in your hand. Your word must begin with the last letter of the word previously called. Call your word first to discard a card. Be the first player to get rid of your cards and you win!  Ages 8+.

movegrooveMove & Groove™
The perfect first game for toddlers! Designed to inspire movement, creativity, laughter and learning, it’s a fun way to introduce the basics of game play and the joy of movement. Toss the plush cube to determine color, choose a matching colored card and perform the given move. There’s no right or wrong way to boogie—so players can use their imagination while improving balance, coordination and flexibility. Ages 18 months +.

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