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  Did you become a midlife mom at 35+ whether for the first time or again?  Join an in-person chapter, or help launch one in your town. Membership is free. Connect with later moms online on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @rgnewman.  Dads are welcome to join us as well!  We have many 40+ mothers  and 50+ mothers and fathers in ...

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Testimonial - Lani Neumann, Member of NY Chapter

A quick reflection on my childhood and one can see no obvious signs to suggest my path to motherhood would be anything but typical. My favorite childhood photos are of me walking in our driveway, on my tippy toes, pushing a baby stroller like a natural. I couldn't have imagined that I'd be 43 the first time I pushed a stroller ...

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Want to Blog for Us? Have you always wanted to blog and didn’t know how to get started?  Are you an experienced mommy blogger who would like to share with our midlife parent community?  Are you a parenting expert?  Author?  Someone with wisdom to share of interest to moms over 35?  Do you have a compelling story or point of view ...

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Meet Motherhood Later Chapter Head Chris Thompson In Los Angeles

Many are surprised to learn that our first child was conceived through IVF after 25 years of marriage. While some perceive it as late, Sarah is our miracle girl and the sunshine of our lives.  We also have two identical twin boys, Ryland and Dylan, born December 22, 2009.  My husband and I always wanted three children, and while it ...

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Later Mom Features

Meet Later Mom Jancee Dunn

AGE: 50


RESIDENCE: Brooklyn, New York 


I write books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and children’s books. Visit

What was your road to parenthood like?  It took a few years for me to get pregnant. I had anticipated that my pregnancy would be tough on my body at my age, but it really wasn’t, which was kind of nice. I had the usual back pains, and so forth, but nothing beyond that. I gave birth the week before my 43rd birthday.

How does being a mom influence your work?  I’ve become so soft and sentimental, my writing has no edge anymore! And I’ve also learned to compartmentalize pretty efficiently. I write from 9-3, while my child is at school. I hunch over the computer and barely move except to rummage in the kitchen for snacks (when you’re a freelance writer, you eat constantly.) I don’t look at celebrity gossip websites like I used to, I don’t text friends—I just work. Then at 3, I close the computer, pick my daughter up at school and it’s Mom Time.

What inspired you to write about parenting?  Well, there’s so much rich material!  I just loved the universality of it, how we’re all in the same club and have similar experiences. I love when strangers who are fellow parents joke with you when your kid is doing something embarrassing. I remember when my daughter was a toddler and had a Category 5 meltdown in an airport, a lady walked by, gave me a sympathetic look and said, “It gets better.” Then she kept walking, and said over her shoulder, “And worse.” Which I loved.

And even just personally, I have kept a journal since my daughter was born, and I try and just jot a few things down every week or so. Because you really do forget everything.

What advice would you offer to multi-tasking overwhelmed moms?  Before I wrote my book (How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids), I was sort of amazed at how I never articulated what I needed. I would get mad at my husband for not helping out with childcare and household work, but I rarely said, ‘this is what I need you to do.’ Instead I would just fume at him, or rage that I was “doing everything around here.”

Also, this is obvious, but take some time to yourself, even if it’s 20 minutes to take a walk! I have so many friends who are stay at home moms whose husbands say, ‘I need the weekend to recharge, sorry.’ But then the moms are never off the clock. If they were in a union, they’d get at least a half an hour break for a full work day. Try to leave the premises, if possible—if I try to take a bath, my daughter joins me and announces that we’re taking ‘me time’ together.

Do you think it’s tough for women to balance parenting, a personal life and professional pursuits?  And, if so, how do you achieve balance?  Who do you turn to for support?   I do. Again, it’s really hard to cultivate a sense of entitlement — that you, too, need a personal life, and time with friends, and pursuits that sustain you. I am adamant about having a family meeting on Saturday mornings (as boring and un-sexy as that is) and negotiating time trade-offs with my husband. I book a fitness class and pre-pay it. I make a plan with a friend and get it on the calendar. And I make sure, when I have free time, to do things for myself, as hard as that can be — to make sure it isn’t ‘contaminated,’ as one social scientist termed it, by a mother’s impulse to do something useful for others, like pick up some new socks for the kid.



Jumping off of the pages of Facebook and on to stages across the country, there’s no one making moms feel as uncomfortably normal as Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the hilarious oh-so-real women behind #IMomSoHard. With over 675,000 Facebook fans and more than 55 million views of their Facebook web series, Jen and Kristen’s blend of honesty and humor resonates with moms and dads alike.

Two best friends and moms – Jen and Kristin talk the good, the bad, and the ugly funny about motherhood.  With a lifetime of teaching, performing, and writing comedy, they share hilarious, and sometimes too true, stories that have struck a nerve with so many parents. Their live performance reflects the casual conversations about motherhood that have made their series so popular.

 Catch them in person on Wednesday, July 19th, 8pm at Town Hall, 123 West 43 Street in NYC.

Tickets can be purchased online at ‪ or via or by phone at ‪1-800-653-8000 or ‪866-448-7849. Tickets start are $49.75 (plus applicable service charges). This show is for age 18 and over.


TICKET GIVEAWAY: is giving away two pair of tickets.  To enter, write  Put I MOM SO HARD in the Subject Line, and please share why you would like to see the show.  Winners will be notified via email.  Preference will be given to those who share this post via social media by 5/12 — so please advise if you have done so.