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Useful Apps for Tech-Savvy Moms

July 2, 2018

Today, it’s pretty hard to escape technology. Computers and smart devices are to be found everywhere – our television sets are smart, so are the appliances, not to mention our phones. Speaking of smartphones – you hardly see a kid or teenager without one in their hands. Before you argue that they shouldn’t have them, know that science considers them overall beneficial – they help kids find new friends online and consolidate their real-life relationships and express themselves in a medium that’s always at hand. But it doesn’t make it any easier to keep up with them. But fear not, there are apps that can help tech-savvy moms to keep up.


“Cozi Family Organizer” is considered by many a must-have app for families, a fact confirmed by its three-time “Mom’s Choice Award” win. And it does exactly what its name suggests: it helps keep your family organized. The list of its features seems endless: it synchronizes the family members’ calendars, helps you set reminders and takes care of appointments, organize activities and set up meetings, lessons, and practices, it synchronizes to-do lists and shopping lists so none of the kids’ favorite snacks get forgotten when shopping, and it … Continue reading..

Storytelling By Mothers by Maureen Eich VanWalleghan

June 30, 2018

Today, I watched First They Killed My Father, from director Angelina Jolie shot from the perspective of a five-year-old child experiencing personally the decimation of her family in Cambodia during the rise of the Khmer Rouge. Last night’s selection found me watching Bridget Jones’s Baby directed by Sharon Maguire. These two movies couldn’t be further apart, but here they are together bouncing around in my brain transforming into a blog post for Motherhood Later.

Silence surrounds me: my husband is working and my daughter is away visiting her cousin for two weeks. Sitting in pj’s digesting Jolie’s film, I realize that my pajamas house this artist when I’m without armor, which is often required when I want to absorb my rising thoughts and massage them into coherent written paragraphs.

It’s in these in-between moments of utter aloneness that I find my voice and can pause to connect it to paper. Per the usual sacrifice, I’d like to note that I’m choosing not to go to the laundromat and a set of cascading micro-decisions that began with watching Jolie’s movie this morning will now culminate into how my time is structured for the next few days. As I ponder my … Continue reading..

A True Story, When My Children Were Forcibly Taken Away From Me by Wendy Sue Noah

June 27, 2018

It started out harmless, so it seemed. My children’s father, Jerry (name changed), came home from the hospital with very high blood pressure and was feeling fatigued. We just had our fifth child, and due to the fact that I was finally standing up to him, for myself and our children, our marriage was hanging on by strings. But my marriage was not my primary concern, as I was no longer going to sit back and let him abuse us, like he had over the last decade.

“Honey, I really need peace and quiet, to rest some. That’s what the doctor told me to do. And after giving birth, I’m sure you can use some down time, as well. I’m going to bring our children to my sister’s house. She has already told me that she will watch over them for a week or two,” states Jerry matter-of-factly.

This was not a request, mind you. When Jerry executes an order or demand, then that is it. Living with this Drill Sergeant, I knew better than to argue with him. Especially since this “time off” sounded reasonable, for both of us. There was only one major concern that I had, and … Continue reading..

“The Property” Show Review by Andrea Santo Felcone

June 26, 2018

The framework of the play, “The Property,” is intriguing. A woman is struggling to give her teenage son a leg up in society so she reaches out to her ex-husband (a wealthy businessman) to find a job for her floundering son. (The ex-husband had abandoned her son when he was very young—so no love is lost between the two.) The woman is currently married to her second husband (a completely different personality type than her first; the second husband is an unassuming bookseller) when she decides to rent out the cottage on their property for a little extra income. Tensions arise when the woman finds herself attracted to the renter (a teacher who returns her affections). In this web of characters the stage is set for all kinds of interesting drama: tensions between mother and son, wife and ex-husband, wife to attractive stranger, current husband to ex-husband, etc.) The intrigue between these characters could have been very rich, however, the play fails to carry those tensions, mainly due to its problematic writing, especially its stiff dialogue and somewhat unlikeable characters.

The Property

Rachel Botchan and Sam Tsoutsouvas. Photo by Hunter Canning / @huntercanning.

The first thing you will notice (other than the … Continue reading..

Picture Perfect Shots of Your Kids

June 25, 2018

Snapping great photos of your kids can be tricky, and is likely to try your patience. Generally kids make for uncooperative models and tend to ignore most directions or do their utmost to assume unnatural poses.

The good news is that if you know what to do there are several ways that you can immediately start to snap better photos of your kids:

  • Try to capture candid shots

Seeing as getting kids to pose for photos is notoriously difficult – don’t bother. Instead try to capture candid shots while they’re distracted and their attention is occupied on something else or another activity. In the long run, you’re likely to take much better photos that really portray them as they are.

  • Get down to their eye level

Inexperienced photographers often make the mistake of standing and photographing kids – which gives a skewed perspective since your shot will be from your own eye level. Instead you should crouch down and put yourself at the children’s eye level, which will not only make your photos look better but make you look much more approachable.

  • Don’t focus too much on the smile

Although smiling photos of your kids look great, they are far … Continue reading..

The Perfect Parent is a Myth by Matt Coyne, author, MAN vs. BABY (Book Excerpt)

June 25, 2018

For most people, I think it’s the point at which you start ignoring advice and opinions and start trusting your instincts that you begin to feel like you are getting the hang of this parenting stuff.

But that doesn’t mean you suddenly have all the answers. Christ, it doesn’t even mean you necessarily understand the questions. You don’t overnight become the “perfect parent.” No one does. Because, despite what you may have heard, there’s no such thing.

Try to conjure an image of the perfect parent in your mind. (This person will most likely be a woman. Expectations of men are way, way lower.) Perhaps it’s a celebrity or a real person, a friend even, whom you see sharing their perfection on Facebook or Instagram. That person, no doubt, seems to glide through parenthood without a hair out of place. They spend their mornings weaving their children’s clothes out of hemp and dandelions, their afternoons making rice pudding out of breast milk. They are never unkempt, never tired, never frustrated, and always fucking baking.

And they are con artists. Look closer. Look into their eyes and you will see the lie. These are the calm swans whose feet are frantically … Continue reading..

This is Modern Art: Show Review by Sara Moss

June 21, 2018

Our community, though fairly accepting, still maintains bigotry under its surface, and art is not immune to this bigotry.

“This Is Modern Art,” produced by Blessed Unrest at Next Door @NYTW, is a true tale of a trio of graffiti writers, who tagged a low outside wall at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010, with the intent to disrupt the preconceived labels bestowed to graffiti as street art and not museum worthy.

Our protagonists are all men of color (Seven, Dose and JC), with the addition of Seven’s girlfriend, Selena who is a white, each wanting to take their stand against unfair power structures and confront corruption, and all are labeled many things: from rebels, insurrectionists, insurgents, to artists.

Seven (Shakur Tolliver) sees the newly designed art museum, as an elitist space where unconventional artists are not welcomed and wants to show people that there are real artists in the city, alive today, and making an impact in the present.  Like many artists, they are all also seeking “Fame”, as it is through fame that art is able to transform life; however, it is this concept that is the cause for frequent debate over the motivations of political art … Continue reading..

Sleep Deprivation: The Upside by Andrea Santo Felcone

June 20, 2018

This past weekend’s Father’s Day festivities included space for “nap time” for my husband…. He’s a great napper, wakes up refreshed, revived, and happy. He comes from a long line of nappers. I remember one time, fairly early into our married life, spending an afternoon at my in-laws, where my husband, father-in-law, and mother-in-law were all sound asleep. That’s when I formulated my theory: No one in that house has ever seen what it looks like at 3:00 p.m. on a Sunday. Not a one. Everyone was snoring away. Everyone that knows my husband’s family knows not to call their house at 3:00 p.m. on a Sunday (that’s kind of cute, but then so are they).alarm clock and coffee

I, however, can tell you what their house looks like at that hour because I’m a terrible napper. Horrible. The one time my husband tried to convince me of the benefits of napping, I woke up groggier than I started, (I’m terrible at re-entry). Not realizing how groggy I was, I went out and almost stepped into oncoming traffic. That was when the nap and I officially parted ways.

I guess I sleep too long, or not deeply enough, or maybe too deeply; who … Continue reading..