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Gust Blog Post: What Matters Most Is the Meaning You Attach to Experiences by Lisa Ferentz, author, Finding Your Ruby Slippers

March 17, 2017

(Excerpt from Finding Your Ruby Slippers: Transformative Life Lessons from the Therapist’s Couch)


Many things have happened throughout your life. Some of those situations have felt “wonderful” and others have felt “terrible.” Like most people you probably believe that life events and personal interactions are either “good” or “bad” and then respond to them accordingly. You might feel delighted, lucky, or grateful when “good” things happen, and angry, scared, cheated, or victimized when “bad” things occur.

But what if these events and experiences were mostly “neutral?” What if the way in which you reacted to them was rooted more in the meaning that you consciously or unconsciously attached to them rather than the experiences themselves? I realize this can initially feel like a radical idea. Surely there must be some life events that by everyone’s standards are just plain “bad” or “tragic” or “wonderful.”

And yet as a therapist I’ve witnessed people reacting in ways that seem to directly contradict how the world would think about and label certain experiences. It’s not uncommon for 10 people to witness or participate in the exact same experience and react in 10 different ways. It has made me realize that it’s not … Continue reading..

Motherhood Milestones by Andrea Santo Felcone

March 15, 2017

I have this candle that has tried to define me. It was given to my parents by what I assume was a well-meaning Aunt, as a present (for me) on the day I was born. I think she was my Mother’s Aunt through marriage, or maybe just through time and osmosis. I remember visiting her and discovering she had saved every sticker from every piece of fruit she’d ever eaten, and adhered the stickers to her kitchen cabinets in an interesting “mosaic”. Yet even with this “hobby,” this Aunt found the time to give my parents the hefty, pink, satin-ribboned, “Milestone Marker Birthday Candle”. milestone candle

If I wasn’t sure I was a “late bloomer” beforehand, staring at my “Milestone Marker Birthday Candle” every year–solidified that for me. This candle, created in the 1950s, has a number line (from 1 – 21 years) featuring pictures next to the years identified as “milestone years”. For example, at the age of 6, I was supposed to ride around on my training-wheel-free bicycle. And at 15, the double-hearts with the arrow running through–could only mean I would find “true love”. And at 18, there’s the graduation cap (self-explanatory). And, of course: at 21, there is … Continue reading..

Guest Blog Post: Frazzled, Frumpy, Fat, and Fatigued by Cindy Dupuie, CN, Functional Medicine Nutritionist

March 15, 2017

You’re nearing fifty, heading into uncharted territory of perimenopause and menopause. You’re feeling a bit depressed and/or anxious, you have no energy, you’re struggling with your weight, you’re losing hair, you would rather sleep than have sex, you have brain fog, and all of a sudden you’re suffering from IBS or acid reflux. In short, the vital, vibrant, charming, clear-headed, beautiful woman you used to know has been hijacked. A lady armed with the 4 F’s (Frazzled, Frumpy, Fat, and Fatigued) has moved in and taken over your body and mind.

You’ve gone to your doctor and were told that this is all part of the natural aging process. After spending ten to fifteen minutes with you, your doctor whips out his/her Rx pad and prescribes a sleep aid and an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication to relieve your symptoms. Or he/she may have completed a series of tests and declared that everything is normal and sent you on your way. But you know what you’re feeling is anything but normal or good.

If you were given medication, you may have felt some relief, but that’s not getting closer to what’s really going on and why you’re still not feeling yourself. … Continue reading..

SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

March 10, 2017

With smarts, sass (literally) and sensitivity, playwright Joshua Harmon (Bad Jews) tackles the subject of singlehood and tugs at you winningly with humor and heart.

Jordan and his crew of 20 somethings are inseparable, whether partying on the dance floor or crying on each other’s shoulders, until one by one, each of his BFFs meet their bashert, and he is left wondering what if he is destined to live a future alone. as a single gay man.

At age 29, he’s already feeling his biological clock….not to have kids….but, thanks perhaps to his close  relationship with his beloved, widowed grandmother (the delightful Barbara Barrie) who he visits frequently, he is acutely aware of how growing into old age is peferable with a mate.  She constantly inquires about his social life, only too aware of his challenges, and reminisces lovingly of Pop-Pop, Jordan’s grandfather.

Jordan had come to lean the most heavily on his reliable gal pals, until the last is about to walk down the aisle, and he has a a gut-wrenching meltdown.

“All the things you got from our friendship, you get from Tony now. Which is great. But all the things I got, things I really … Continue reading..

Are We HAPPY Yet? Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life by Lisa Cypers Kamen (Book Excerpt & Giveaway)

March 10, 2017

Be your own best friend. The trick is learning to embrace “In-Joyment”. Your joy is already inside you. True happiness comes from within. When you treat yourself with the respect you deserve, you will attract the happiness you desire. The only way to cultivate the light that is within you is to treat yourself with honor, with grace, with kindness, with integrity, and with self-love. Then you cannot help but glow.

“If you contemplate the Golden Rule, it turns out to be
an injunction to live by grace rather than by what you think other people deserve.”

~ Deepak Chopra, M.D. ~

The funny thing about happiness is that it is not about control. It is about consciously turning on your own internal lights and shining them out into the world to illuminate what is positive and right within your immediate universe.

Happiness begins when you admit to yourself that you deserve happiness in whatever form makes the most sense to you. While you might think you understand happiness right now, it’s your commitment to the H-Factor that adds up to sustainable happiness and well-being. When we are mindful of the H-Factor, which we covered before Key #1, we … Continue reading..

Getting Motivated — with a little help from my friend by Zoe Richmond

March 9, 2017

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to go outside and play with my friends.  At my house, punishment was staying indoors.  But nowadays, it’s not that easy to get motivated and active.

I know staying healthy is important.  I can’t be a good mother if I am not healthy.  Not to mention, I want to pass along good habits to my children.  I have to set a good example.  I eat the broccoli so they will eat the broccoli and go on walks so they will drop the iPad and walk too.

It is a challenge to get outside when there is so much work that needs to be done indoors.  When I was 8, my girlfriend lived across the street.  She was the knock on the door, begging me to go outside and play.  Now, she lives three hours away.  But she could still be a motivating force?  Could she call or text me everyday and we could take a virtual walk?

Ann had a better idea.  She was “kicking her family into gear” and suggested downloading Playground Health.

It’s On!

Playground Health is a free app that makes tracking activity assessable for even the most lack … Continue reading..

Chatting with Lisa Ebersole, Creator/Star, 37 PROBLEMS: A NEW COMEDY SERIES ABOUT FERTILITY AND GROWING UP by Robin Gorman Newman

March 7, 2017

What was the motivation for creating your web series?  A couple years ago, two of my friends froze their eggs.  One had a very successful experience and the other found out she was nearly infertile.  I was in grad school at the time and babies were not on my radar, but I suddenly wondered if I should be maxing out my credit cards to freeze eggs?  Did I want to be a Mom?  Was it something I wanted badly enough to take steps to try and make it happen?  Could I have a baby on my own?  I always thought I’d want kids, “some day,” but some day was/is now.

When and where does it air?  All 9 episodes are live at and on Vimeo.  You can binge watch!

What is it about?  Amanda (played by me) is a struggling 37 year-old screenwriter who’s all about her career, finds out she has one egg left. Suddenly she has to get a guy to fertilize the egg, freeze the egg, or do nothing and live a different life than she imagined. (It’s a comedy, we promise.)  37 Problems is a series about fertility, ambivalence around motherhood, career, and what … Continue reading..

My Son’s 14th Birthday NYC Staycation by Robin Gorman Newman

March 5, 2017

My son turned 14 on February 24th.

Not only is he looking more mature, but I’m witnessing a maturity in behavior and demeanor, and it’s impressive.

I also see an ignited interest in socializing, which is both heartening and bittersweet.  An increased desire to hang with friends, as I always hoped he’d want to do, but now that it’s here, I’m feeling the shift and subtle separation.

Travel, and our many NYC staycations over the years, have become a mother/son tradition and a bonding experience I treasure.  We explore, we see shows, we meet friends, we chill in comfortable hotel lounges, but most of all, we make memories.

We have celebrated holidays or just visited on a whim during school breaks.  This trip was celebratory because it was his birthday…his second year as a teen….and we made the most of it despite my recovering from some health challenges

The weather was unseasonably warm which was great for roaming, but not as ideal on the hotel front.



We spent four nights at West House Hotel.

The boutique hotel, with a residential feel, is in an excellent midtown location on West 55th Street, and overall, we enjoyed the stay.  My primary … Continue reading..