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Guest Post: Motherhood Reimagined by Sarah Kowalski (Book Excerpt)

October 19, 2017

I’m not sure I want to have a baby if I have to do it alone,” I said. I could remember how badly I’d wanted children when I was younger, but my rational adult mind dreamed up every reason under the sun to avoid motherhood. “I’m afraid I’ll end up single forever if I have a baby alone. Who wants to date a woman who already has kids?” I implored. This fear of remaining single forever loomed over me. … I was afraid of scaring men off if I showed that I was committed to having a child.

[Yet,] I began to envision life as a single mom. Most of my hobbies and lifestyle choices would be sacrificed to a baby. Worse yet, I knew I’d be raising a baby without any family support. My parents, who lived more than a five-hour drive away, were both approaching eighty. Even if they wanted to help, I knew it would be hard for them to contribute in any substantial way. And my sister, who lived in Santa Cruz, wasn’t crazy about babies.  I couldn’t envision her offering to babysit. This notion produced melodramatic visions of me completely isolated, never leaving the … Continue reading..

Guest Post: How to Parent Without a Father by Emma Johnson, author, The Kickass Single Mom

October 17, 2017

In the United States, the majority of fathers who live separately from their children are not actively involved. The issue of fatherlessness in the United States, as well as worldwide, is an incredibly large, complex, and devastating issue. The fallout from fathers not being frequently and closely involved with their children is devastating for those children who do not get to know their dads, and often, their paternal extended families, and, for the mothers who are then fully responsible for caring for their children without a co-parent or regular breaks. It is important, too, to recognize that fatherlessness is devastating for the fathers who do not have the pride of fulfilling their parenting duties, nor the joy that is singular to the knowing and raising of a child.

If your children’s father is alive, but not part of your lives, there may not be anything you can do to change that, and I recognize in you a heartbreak for both your children and yourself. You worry about your children’s self doubt in the absence of a dad, whether the scary statistics about fatherless children will manifest in your kids. You may find yourself full of resentment at the abandonment, the … Continue reading..

College Tours Part 3 by Sharon O’Donnell

October 14, 2017

In the past month, I’ve gone on 2 college tours with my youngest son — son #3 — with several more coming up in the next month. Son #3 is six and nine years younger than his two other brothers who are already college graduates with one working as a CPA in DC and one in grad school to his Masters of Accounting. Actually, he has a late summer birthday, so I started him a year later than most, meaning he’s seven and ten years behind his brothers in school.  And yes, I’ve really been having some deja vu feelings going through the college tour process for the first time.

A few things I’ve learned from the college application process with my older sons that benefit son #3:

1. Take an SAT/ACT prep course in the August  before your junior year. This way your child can study/prep for it without also having to study for tests, etc. for school classes, and this means much less stress. Also, when you visit college campuses, you will already have a benchmark test score to know which colleges are realistic and which are reach/dream schools.

2. There is a college out there for everyone Continue reading..

What Parents Can Learn From NFL Coaches by Erika Katz

October 12, 2017

Did you ever wonder why your kids listen to their coaches and not to you? It’s because their coaches hold them accountable! Show up on time, or get benched!

My son had just turned fourteen, and I asked him to pick up his shoes from the den no less than three times only to be ignored until I threatened to throw out his beloved high-tops. The next day at his varsity basketball game, his coach asked him to pick up balls, cones, and even some of the other players’ shoes. He had them in his hand in three seconds!  That made me wonder- what were the coaches doing that I was not!

I started to read coaching books by successful NFL coaches. What I learned changed the way I parented and unified my family in ways I never thought possible. Next, I interviewed 20 NFL Head Coaches and Hall of Fame players and developed a parenting style I call Coach Parenting. Here is a quiz and some tips from the book that will transform your family into a championship team!

Quiz –

Assuming The Role Of Head Coach

“I think the style that works best depends on your personality. Continue reading..

Summer Highlights by Sharon O’Donnell

October 7, 2017

So it’s October, and I haven’t even posted anything from this summer. Wow, does time truly fly.  So here are some highlights:

Two oldest sons and husband crossing bridge on a 4 day backpacking adventure in Grand Canyon. I stayed home to be with high school sophomore still in school. Plus , I don’t backpack.


My youngest working on home repairs in West Virginia on the Appalachian Service Project with our church


California trip with my middle son, youngest son, and middle son’s girlfriend of almost 8 years. Loved it! San Francisco and central coast. This is at the Rocky Point Restaurant in between Big Sur and Carmel on the Pacific Coast Highway.


My three sons in DC in late July when we moved my oldest up there after getting a job transfer there. Miss him so much but glad he is enjoying the area and going to Nationals baseball games (even though he will always be a Red Sox fan).


So has been very eventful, and I’ve also been busy doing some songwriting — lyrics only — for a 16-year-old local artist named Brooke Hatala. Check out her website at  — and scroll down … Continue reading..

My Grown-Up Egg Donor Offspring by Shelley Smith

October 3, 2017

My egg donor offspring are grown now.  They are 22 years old and when I look back to the moment of their births, it is so fresh in my mind that it seems like it was just a little while ago, not the span of twenty plus years.

So many years ago, when I was going through the egg donation process it was very new.  People did not have the choices and details and information about egg donors which is so readily available today.  I did not consider my donor’s height or body type or intelligence.  I did not have access to genetic testing or psychological evaluation or gender selection.   All I knew was that when I sat in the room with her, I fell in love.  I looked at my egg donor’s face and the universe was whispering to me “She is the one”.  I knew I could carry her spirit with me and feel blessed.  After all my struggles to conceive she was the answer to my prayers.  She was the fireman who was going to save me from a burning building.

I have never let go of the comfort of the connection I felt.  From the moment, … Continue reading..

Travel with a Teen Boy to Providence and Newport by Robin Gorman Newman

September 23, 2017

For weeks I’ve been attempting to write this post.

So many I know, including myself, have felt slammed since summer ended.  It always feels somewhat abrupt, particularly when my community pool closes, and we continue to get weather in the 80s. But this year, for some reason, especially so.

A contributing factor may be that my son began high school, which is feeling bittersweet for me and a big transition for him.  I am told that high school flies by, yet to me, each school term has come ‘n gone speedily, though it doesn’t always feel like it during standardized test time.

So, here we are nearing October, and it’s back to business and life as usual….with gusto to spare!

But, when I think about our summer trip, it brings a smile to my face.

We were looking for a low key vacation — a short road trip — with activities offering ample teen boy appeal.

We found it in Rhode Island.

Just 3.5 hours from our home, it offers attractions and scenic beauty, combined with great seafood and quaint towns to explore.

We stayed four nights in Providence (Renaissance Providence Hotel), and two nights in Newport (Marriott).

Providence initially … Continue reading..

“Later Mom Goes Later Teacher; Gets dissed” by Pamela Francis

September 23, 2017

When I signed on to be the 4th Grade Afterschool teacher at an urban elementary school in Los Angeles, in addition to my job as the 5th Grade Teaching Partner at same school, I had visions of holding sway over a roomful of –

I stop here because I realize, slowly, that I don’t know what my vision was when I said I’d take this gig. While “visions of sugar-checks danced in her head” might readily apply, I was more talking about what my vision may have been for the classroom…
and the kids…
and the paper…
and the glue…
and the scissors…
and the scraps…
and the…

I know that I intended to bring Personal Touch Creations Studio to the afterschool program as its Enrichment Activity, and that PTC Studio was my Therapeutic Spiritual Arts & Crafts Social Hangout for People of All Ages Who Get Really Zen’d Out When They Make Stuff By Hand Preferably While Listening to Some Really Cool Music …

…but beyond that… I had to really go back and remember how I saw this thing playing out in a take-no-prisoners charter school in South Central L.A., as opposed to the super genteel, Post … Continue reading..