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Vermont Vacation

April 20, 2009

We just got back last night from our Vermont vacation, and had both a lovely and tiring time.

It was the longest car ride we have taken with Seth, and while at times he grew restless, for the most part, he was surprisingly pretty tolerant. Of course, we made many a bathroom stop, but that was the least of it.

Vermont is lovely. Marc & I used to go there prior to Seth. Our favorite B&B was the Village Country Inn, which has since sadly closed.

Vermont felt very different this time around. While being there brought back memories of our time as a couple, it was the first time we experienced the state as a family. And, it lent itself to an entirely new perspective.

We were away four nights, and for two of the nights, we were joined by another family. Seth is friends with their son, so it was a fun get together for all of us.

We visited places like the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. What could be bad with either? Seth made himself a “friend for life” red teddy bear. He hand-picked it and helped to stuff … Continue reading..


April 11, 2009

In ample time for Mother’s Day, I am excited to announce that has launched a Shop featuring cool, exclusive stuff for 35+ moms and others. I’d like to personally invite you to check it out, and tell friends and family.

Proceeds going toward helping support the efforts of, including our website, free monthly email newsletter, communities, event planning….etc.

On another note…if you’re in NY, starting April 22nd, running for 8 consecutive weeks, we’re hosting a workshop series featuring Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. addressing the subject of Enlightened Parenting. is a supporter of the event, and we’re happy to have them on board. The site is your free online guide to Long Island family resources from pregnancy through the teen years. You may visit to register for the weekly e-newsletter, find coupons & discounts, events and more!

You may attend the entire workshop series, or pay as you go. There will be door prizes, light refreshments, and freebie samples for all.

We are also on the verge of lauching a tele-class series…so stay tuned for details.… Continue reading..

School Break Crunch

April 7, 2009

Today was so sweet.

I went to Seth’s Kindergarten class and read two books to the students. Seth was totally excited to have me there. He sat on my lap while I read and helped turn the pages of the books. I chose one book re: conserving energy, in keeping with Earth Day. And, the other was a title after Seth’s own heart re: firetrucks and other vehicles doing their job and then turning in at the end of a busy work day. It was truly a tender moment that I’d love to capture. I did capture it in my heart and hope to preserve it there.

I find moments like this especially heartfelt and vital to my mom sanity because starting tomorrow, Seth will be off for the next week and a half from school, and I’m already feeling parenting pressure. What a difference a day can make. One day school, the next day, fulltime mommyhood. Keeping him busy and content 24/7 is no easy feat.

We are going away for part of the time to Vermont, but until then, my husband is still working late at present due to tax season, which has proven so taxing for all … Continue reading..

Gal Pals Day Out

April 2, 2009

Had such a fun and relaxing day yesterday….just have to share.

A friend of mine bought a new house in the country, and she was excited to have me come visit. So, she, I and a mutual friend of ours, drove upstate after Seth left for school, and we spent a leisurely afternoon and evening at her home.

It was a lovely day on many levels.

I feel like I’m racing the clock on a daily basis, so to allow myself the opportunity for a day away from my computer (though I did have my Blackberry), was a treat. Since she is spending only sporadic time at the house right now, it’s not fully furnished, and there was something to be said for the sparseness of it. The energy felt free-flowing. And, the views from her oversized windows were impressive. Corn fields. A pond. Mountains. Canadian geese. Ok…..the geese pooped all over her deck on the pond, so the serene picture wasn’t perfect, but then, what in life is?!

One of my friends who came is adept at decorating, planning out home spaces, etc., so she went to work immediately offering advice on what might be done. It was cool … Continue reading..

Guest Post — By Jennifer Covello

March 30, 2009

Your Child has AD/HD… Now What?

“Your son is having some trouble in our class. We’d like to speak to you about it”

I’ll never forget that day or those words as I entered my son, Christopher’s pre-school to pick him up for the day. His teacher and the center director were both there.

You know how it is. You’ve worked all day and you just want to pick up your child from daycare, head home, and ready yourself for your other full-time job as parent. This was not to happen that day. I spent the next twenty minutes hearing about how Christopher could not focus on a task, could not keep his hands to himself, interrupted the teacher, and walked about freely. With each “wrong-doing”, I felt myself shrinking.

Then, I heard those fateful words. “We think you should consider having him evaluated.”

My son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) at the age of five. I remember all too well the experts at All Kinds of Minds Institute in New York City revealing to me my son’s strengths and his weaknesses. And while I was glad to have an ‘answer’, I knew that our journey was only … Continue reading..

God of Carnage — Play I Recommend

March 24, 2009

I don’t typically blog about a play I’ve seen, but I feel compelled in this instant.

I adore theatre, but with tickets prices so high these days, I try to be selective about what I see. This time I’m happy to say I picked right!!

My husband and I hired a sitter and went to see GOD OF CARNAGE on Broadway this past Saturday night.

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, and as a mom, I could so fully relate.

The premise is that two married couples meet in the home of one of them to discuss a delicate situation involving their 11 year old children. One boy left the other with a swollen lip and broken teeth after a playground brawl.

What starts out is a somewhat awkward, though mild-mannered discussion between seemingly sophisticated adults re: how best to handle the matter. They contemplated when/whether to get the boys together for an apology, why the incident happened to begin with, etc. etc. As the banter progresses, gradually the protective layers (clothing & otherwise) of each couple wears away, and they let loose on each other.

It’s a riveting and riotous take on parenting, marital relations, society … Continue reading..

A Circus Weekend

March 23, 2009

We had a busy weekend. Marc worked yesterday, and I took Seth and a friend of his to see Race to Witch Mountain.
While it was a Disney film, it was a bit “darker” than I had expected. Full of action and intrigue, Seth loved it. His friend had moments of being a little bit scared, but she was a trooper, and got through it with flying colors.
Today, Marc and I took Seth to the circus. The older he gets, the more he seems to enjoy it, and today, he really loved it. Marc and I enjoyed it too, and the stands were packed. I don’t remember ever seeing it so crowded.
It was Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey presenting Zing Zang Zoom.
A catchy name and theme song, this performance offers magic and circus spectacular.
There were dazzling trapeze acts, female human cannonballs flying through the air at top speed, awe-inspiring high wire acts….etc.
Seth particularly loved the acts with animals. Dogs, Asian elephants, Bengal tigers, Arabian and Friesian horses, and even zebras, caught his full attention, and he couldn’t get enough.
For Seth, it was truly ‘The Greatest Show on Earth,” and we were glad to … Continue reading..

Guest Post — By Debbie Zipp

March 17, 2009

A look back by a “later” mom ……

The empty nest is suddenly approaching. How will I feel? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? The answer is in the Teddy Bear Store.

My daughter just turned 21. My son is 16 1/2. I am 54. Hmmmm. Are they old or am I? I guess it depends on your point of view. But no matter what my age the empty nest syndrome is quickly approaching.
I have had to start thinking about the empty house in my future. How will I feel when their bedrooms are empty and devoid of the sounds of life of the ones so precious to me, no matter how annoying a few of those sounds are?. . . Their faces won’t be readily available to kiss, or their bodies always there to hug everyday. Or when I no longer HAVE to get up or stay awake for them, or work my day around pickups???..the list is endless. How will my heart feel when I am no longer needed in that way?? And of course there is also how I will feel about the empty nest when
Continue reading..