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Guest Blog — by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro

January 31, 2009

My father wanted a boy. Unfortunately, he had three daughters instead. When I, the third daughter, was born, he said, “Another girl!” He lost his voice for six weeks.

Maybe it was better than what he might have said if he could speak. They waited seven years to try again, because they thought that seven was the magic number that would change their chemistry and their luck so that they could finally produce a son. And it worked, probably coincidentally. But my mother was forty-two by then and in 1954, that was considered quite late for motherhood. But my oldest sister was sixteen. Rumors shot around the neighborhood that my brother wss really her illegitimate child. My big sister was mortified.

And my mother had her consequences as well.

“What a young grandmother,” people would say to her.
“No, I’m just an old mother,” she’d tell them sadly.
And then people would snicker crudely. “By your age you should know how not to get knocked up,” a man in a hardware store whom she didn’t even know said.

My mother would sit up in her grave and applaud if she knew how many women today are having children over forty … Continue reading..

Future Later Mom Empty Nester

January 28, 2009

I am so tired of this winter. Are you?

And, Seth’s school bus is stressing me out.

The bus aide gave me the evil eye the other day when we weren’t standing outside awaiting their arrival. It’s cold out there in the morning. Can’t we wait just inside our doorway, and Seth can scamper out when they arrive?

Today the bus was two hours late. There was a school opening delay due to the weather yet again.

I ask you….are we done with snow yet this season? I hate the ice and mess. Don’t like driving or walking on it. It’s just not my thing. A sno-bunny I’m not.

So, why do I live in a place like New York? Sometimes I wonder. Though, there’s a lot good to be said about it, but the weather wouldn’t be high on my list.

Seth said a funny thing the other day.

He announced how a little girl in his class wants to marry him, and he might want to marry her one day. Not now, of course. They’re 5. (though I often say he’s 5 going on 15) And, he went on to say that when he gets married, he’d like … Continue reading..

Kids Rock Band I Love

January 21, 2009

Wanted to give a shoutout to our favorite kids rock band that just released their first DVD shot in NY. We had attended the concert a while back where they filmed it. Was total fun!
They are Princess Katie & Racer Steve, and the DVD is called Princess Katie & Racer Steve Live! Revved Up & Ready to Rock!. You can check them out at
Their music is hip. Their shows are fun and engaging.
We just saw them in concert in NY at a local JCC, and had a great time. And, they will be touring, so keep an eye out for dates in a town near you.
Princess Katie & Racer Steve’s critically acclaimed albums, ‘Songs for the Coolest Kids,’ and ‘Fast & Feisty,’ offer contemporary takes on popular music sounds ranging from jazz and swing to neo-Latin and electric rock ‘n’ roll to rap, West Indian, folk, country, and 12-bar blues. Princess Katie & Racer Steve use cool music, hip lyrics and zany skits to bring home messages about cultural acceptance, winning, losing, sharing, bullying, making friends, kindness, fairness, sibling appreciation, world peace, and just plain having fun being a kid.
PS — If you’re … Continue reading..

A Sandwich Generation Weekend

January 20, 2009

I’ve blogged on this subject before. While I hate to be a broken record, I feel the need to share again.

My dad is 90, and my son is turning 6 next month.

It was a long, snowy weekend here in NY, since yesterday was a school holiday. My dad stayed with us since his aide went home, and he just returned to his house 1/2 hour ago via a car service dedicated to the elderly. I’m glad that he didn’t have to drive himself in the snow, even though he prides himself on being independent car-wise.

It was a tension-filled weekend for me, and I felt like I was snappy. I hate being that way, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m thrilled that my son and dad got to spend quality time (they sleep in the same room…my dad in a rollaway bed), but my dad did nothing but complain the whole weekend about how he feels.

His life has become a rollercoaster of making doctor rounds. At times it feels like he’s in search of a magic pill to relieve all his ailments.

I find myself telling him that as a 40 something mom, I don’t feel as … Continue reading..

New Year….New You?

January 5, 2009

How was your new year’s eve?

We chilled at home.

I’m been fighting this marathon cold and today, after being convinced by two friends, finally got myself to the ENT doctor. Turns out I need to be on antibiotic for five days. I’m so grateful I bit the bullet and went.

How often as moms do we treat ourselves as invincible? I somehow thought, as lingering as this cold has been, that it would ultimately go away. But, one of my friends reminded me that in a perfect world, that would be true, but sometimes we need a little help.

These words hit home for me.

We all need help at times, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for it or even paying for it. Do you allow yourself to ask for it? Whether it’s from a mate, friend, family member, stranger…etc.

There’s a lot of talk about practicing self care and how important it is. And, I totally agree. But, sometimes self care isn’t just about doing for ourselves. Part of that is giving ourselves permission to reach out. Seek out connections that have meaning to us. To hire poeple (if we can afford to) to help simplify our … Continue reading..

Hanukkah..and Holiday Time

December 23, 2008

We celebrate Hanukkah, and Seth is obsessed with the fact that it’s eight nights.

Now that he is learning numbers and counting in school, he can keep track, and each day after school asks if he’s getting another present.

We did buy a few for him…not big ones….but it’s the idea that he is waiting with baited breath for them that concerns me.

I know he’s just 5, and who wouldn’t want to get presents. But, how much is overkill? And, he got from grandpa, grandma and his cousins. Is it possible for him to even appreciate them all?

Today, we’re actually going to give him a Chia pet. It’s kind-of a quirky present, but I like the idea that it’s not yet another toy. It’s a cool plant that he can be reponsible for.

Yesterday they had a holiday party at his Kindergarten class. It was so cute and heartfelt. You could see the teachers really love the kids and were so joyous about celebrating with them and the parents that attended. It was quite touching.

He’s off from school starting tomorrow, and we have many plans on tap for the school break.

I’m taking him to some kids … Continue reading..

Snow Day

December 19, 2008

I was totally unprepared for today.

I live in New York and had heard the forecasts re: the impending snow storm.

I ran all over town yesterday doing errands….the drug store…bank….supermarket, etc., so we’d be well stocked with necessities, mostly for Seth.

Then the phone rang at 6AM this morning. I jumped out of my skin because I don’t wake up that early, and we don’t get calls that early, so I thought G-d forbid, had something happened to my senior dad, or my mother-in-law, who broke her wrist just a week ago?

Luckily, neither was the case. It was a recorded message from the school district announcing that today was a snow day and that the children would not be attending kindergarten. It hadn’t started snowing at that point, but this was in anticipation of what was to come.

So…now what? I thought. I didn’t plan any at-home activities for Seth and I. And, I wasn’t about to go driving around in the snow. I’m not comfortable with that. They never plow the streets well or quickly in my neighborhood.

So, what to do with a busy 5 year old boy who every 5 minutes asks, “What are we … Continue reading..

Vacation Reflection

December 11, 2008

Amazing how much I love my bed when I return from vacation.

We recently got new mattresses, and it’s been a bigger adjustment than I anticipated. But, now that I’m getting used to it, I hate to leave it.

The older I get, the more I crave my beloved creature comforts. And, sleeping on a great bed that I’m accustomed to is one of them. Not to mention my pillow and egyptian cotton sheets.

I think back to my younger days when I lived in a college dorm, spent a summer with a family living in Nice, and took many a trip to Europe, staying in affordable (if not downright cheap) hotels in my 20s, and not thinking twice about the bed. It was all about the cost.

And, taking long plane rides didn’t bother me. Now, I find I get restless even on a short flight. And, feel somewhat confined in the seats…feeling the need to stretch.

And of course, traveling with a five year old is a whole different experience. My son loves flying, and now that he’s learning to read, he took tremendous pleasure in attempting to decipher and spell out phonetically the many technical words on … Continue reading..