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The Tooth Fairy’s getting older!

February 1, 2008

My little one Melanie lost her first tooth the other day. It was a monumental right-of-passage moment in our family being that she is the youngest and last to go through everything. First there was crying because now she’d look different which then gave way to sheer excitement about the Tooth Fairy. We discussed the benevolence of said Fairy, how she gets in the house and if she had red or blonde hair. Was she in fact the same Tooth Fairy mommy and daddy had as kids? I told Melanie about the day when she was six months old and we discovered that tooth newly broken through her swollen gums.

Kelly, older and wiser at eight, reminded Melanie that she was lucky because it was Tuesday and the Tooth Fairy doesn’t come on Sundays or Mondays. Apparently I had missed one or two teeth-retrieving nights along the way and we gave poor Kelly a lame excuse that those were the Fairy’s nights off.

Melanie and I wrote a note on pretty paper, carefully put the tiny root-less baby tooth in a Ziplock bag and tucked it under her pillow. After a very hectic day and a glass of wine with … Continue reading..

Where There’s a Will

January 23, 2008

It’s not something I like to think about or talk about. And, I don’t embrace writing about it. But, I wanted to share with you a couple of discussions that recently came up with mom friends, both of whom are 40 something, like myself.

We were out to dinner with a family that has a three year old, and the subject of camp came up. As you know from my previous blog post, my husband and I have been visiting various summer camps and debating where to send Seth this year. Thankfully, we have made a decision on that front, and now it’s just a question of how long we are sending him for.

In taking about it with these friends, they said that they, too, have signed their son up for camp, and there is the option that most camps offer of having him bused. It is not in their town, and would probably be about a 20 minutes bus ride, depending on how many children also have to be picked up/dropped off.

I recalled when Seth first got on the bus to go to nursery school. He was 3.5. I cried after he left, but he had a … Continue reading..

Me….a Granny??

January 21, 2008

I never thought it would happen to me, but it did. I’ve heard others speak of it, but I figured I would never fit the bill, especially at this time in my life.

I was wrong.

Yesterday I was at our neighborhood diner with my husband, a friend and her two kids, and my son. I had taken him potty, and we were rushing to exit the bathroom. As we washed our hands, a woman entered the bathroom, saw us, and asked if I was the mom or grandmom?

I was stunned. Livid. Totally caught off guard. And, suddenly quite self-conscious. I stole a fast glance in the bathroom mirror before we exited, examining the age of my face. Ok…..I don’t look 22. I admit it. I have a couple of frown lines. I certainly feel more tired than I did when I was younger. But, could someone truly mistake me for a grandmother? I could be a grandmom at 47, that is true, but I only became a mom at 42. And, some become first time moms even later than that. It is a personal choice.

I looked at the woman, with a look of horror on my face, … Continue reading..

Sick Days

January 18, 2008

Seth’s pre-K called yesterday. I know whenever the phone rings, and it’s the school nurse, that it’s not good news. Seth had a 101 fever she said, and was very uncomfortable. I had to come pick him up right away.

I have to admit…I lost it at that moment. In my time of frustration, I said to her, “You know…this isn’t mom’s taxi service. I’m in the middle of some things now. I will get there as soon as I can.”

Well…she didn’t seem to like that response, and the next call I got was from the school social worker. I explained that I would definitely get there within the hour. That I don’t live around the corner, and I work part time from home, and can’t just drop everything and run over there this very second. She seemed to understand a bit more, though really, she wanted me there pronto too.

Now…I could see if Seth had, G-d forbid, some awful, contagious disease. And, believe me, I understand that you don’t want whatever it is to spread throughout the entire school. That said, I drove him directly to the doctor who squeezed us in before the after school rush. … Continue reading..

Mommy dates

January 13, 2008

With three kids, I make a point every now and then to carve out special “mommy-only” time separately with each child, like a little emotional litmus test to see how everyone’s doing. It helps them be heard over the din of noise through family dinners homework and rushing here and there driving to after-school activities.

Sunday I took all three on separate “dates” for an hour or so at their designated special place.

Five year old Melanie’s favorite place is a diner in Syosset, Long Island where, like the show Cheers…everyone knows her name. Melanie carried her beloved dingy white blanket lovingly in her arms, climbed up on the stool and ordered her usual: a tiny dish of pickles, side of bacon, toasted bagel with butter. I wondered if I should be worrying already about her arteries. But we ate the fattening food and talked to the Greek man who cooked everything in front of us a la Benihana. There is no kitchen in back. The grill is right behind the counter. “I don’t want to be a lawyer,” she informed him after he suggested that profession because she is so talkative and smart. “I’m going to be a … Continue reading..

Mind Games

January 11, 2008

If I don’t write this blog post now, I may forget what I wanted to write about.

Just kidding……but really I’m serious. My memory isn’t what it used to be, and apparently I’m not alone. In the new course catalog I received this week from the Open Center in NY, one of the classes being offered is called Carved in Sand: When Attention Fails and Memory Fades in Midlife. The description goes on to say, “Anyone older than 40 knows that forgetfulness can be unnerving, frustrating and sometimes terrifying…..” It is taught by an investigative journalist who has probed this subject for years and shares what the experts have to say.

Another class in the same catalog is called Brain Gym. Certainly an intriguing title. It’s enough that I get myself to the gym for my body (not often enough). Do I have to create an exercise regime for my mind now too?

This is all too much to think about. But, I have found it harder to remember little things. I’ve always been someone who writes things down, and now I’ve even taken to emailing notes to myself from my cell phone when I’m out….so it’s in my face … Continue reading..

Camp Confusion

January 11, 2008

We are in the midst of winter here in New York, yet we’re shopping around for summer camp for Seth.

It’s hard to even think that far ahead when I’m trekking around in my winter coat. Why do these camps book up so early? Is it that we parents play into the convincing sell that some of them present to get us to quake in our snowboots that our child might be shutout if we don’t secure a spot?

Last year Seth went to the Samuel Field Y camp, and it served him well. No bells ‘n whistles, but it was his first camp experience, and he enjoyed.

He has aged out of that camp, so we need to explore other options. Unfortunately, as affordable as the Y was is as pricey as most other camps are. Camps are a big ticket item and therefore a big decision.

We’ve thus far toured three….and plan to attend an open house of a fourth this weekend. I had in mind that that would likely be the one with go with…but tonight…after speaking with a friend at the gym, I’m now thinking that might not be an obvious decision. She said that you … Continue reading..

The Scoop on San Antonio

January 10, 2008

I promised I’d blog more on San Antonio, since a bunch of moms have expressed curiousity about it as a family travel destination, so here goes.

Let me start by saying I would highly recommend it.

From what I hear, places like Orlando get super crowded, especially during school breaks. Many don’t realize that San Antonio also has a lot of offerings for kids as well.

If you have a busy boy, like I do, you’ll be all the busier. Looking back on our trip, we did so much, it’s hard to believe….and we were only there five full days.

Here’s a quick breakdown….

(2) boat rides on the River Walk
Trolley rides around town.
Horse ‘n buggy ride at night, with the carriage all lit festive.
Lunch at the top of Tower of the Americas….great view.
Lunch at Rainforest Cafe….cool place. Could never get in in NY, so this was fun. Though, my son got scared during the simulated tropical rain storm.
Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe….my son is a little rocker, so he had a blast watching the videos and checking out the celebrity guitars on display. Good appetizers!
A visit to the Witte Museum — great … Continue reading..