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What does full-term mean?

August 21, 2007

According to my “Pregnancy Journal,” 77 more days to go until due date. I do understand that “77” means “anywhere between 63 and 91 days”, of course, with the doctor’s permission. It is interesting that although many books say a normal full-term is between 38 and 42 weeks, I have yet to hear about a doctor who is “cool” about waiting 2 weeks, whereas I hear more about doctors who are ready to induce if one is but a day overdue. I wonder if it has to do with the AMA (advanced maternal age), or a simple sampling error (after all, I’m not talking about hundreds of such cases), or selective memory on my part. All in all, I should probably ask my doctor at some point: do you believe that a full-term pregnancy is between 38 and 42 weeks?

Our group met and had lunch last week to wish V who is due this week good luck. She did look like she was ready for her baby. I try to imagine her showing up to our meeting in a few weeks, with her baby outside her. I am very excited. I can’t wait!… Continue reading..

40 Something Birthday Quandry

August 9, 2007

My birthday is Saturday, and I don’t know how to celebrate. We leave on vacation on Sunday, so there is much to do to prepare, but I don’t want to lose sight of my special day.

Growing up, I was always super sensitive about my birthdays. I recall one year my parents gave me presents in advance of my official day, and I got all upset because they came early.

This year for some reason, while I want to celebrate, I don’t feel so hung up on having to do something super special. I originally thought I might go into Manhattan, shop around, and meet up with my husband and Seth for dinner. But, now I’m thinking, that maybe I’ll just chill with them at our community pool and eat out some place local that I either love or have been wanting to try.

I was chatting with a mom friend about it today who said her husband has a 50th birthday approaching, and she wondered what to do. I’m not as yet at that milestone, but it got me thinking about how I’d want to celebrate when my time comes. Would I want to host a splashy affair, or … Continue reading..

Hypochondriac and pregnant

August 6, 2007

It’s been about a month or so, I have had strange soreness in my groin area, on and off, nothing serious. I attributed it to the extra weight I have been schlepping along: no big deal. Until last Friday. The pain was sudden and breathtaking, I could barely walk, and with a limp at that. I got scared.

I had to take Human Gross Anatomy as a part of my graduate training. It’s amazing how much information is retained after all these years. I visualized the cadaver we had to dissect, focusing on the groin area, and pinpointed the part that was most painful: inguinal ligament. Gasp! OMG, am I having an inguinal hernia? An image of an inguinal hernia (the man looked like he had three sets of genitals), branded in my brain simply because it looked so awfully painful, flashed in front of my eyes. I took a closer look at myself in front of a mirror. My thighs indeed looked weird, like overstuffed sausages. The pain felt like it was spreading through my thighs. Maybe the nerves are damaged…. What if I cannot walk anymore? What if……??!!

While I was madly writing my own medical drama, my … Continue reading..

Hold that Vacation Thought….

August 3, 2007

Seth’s last day of summer camp is today. Where does time go? June and July totally flew, and before you know it, he’ll be in pre-K in September.

We leave in a week for what has become our annual family trip upstate NY. We vacation with my dad, my sister, her husband and her two kids. It’s a special bonding time for Seth and his cousins who he seldom gets to see since they are on the competitive tennis circuit.

Our vacation spot offers a fun kiddie camp. In past years, it’s been up for grabs whether Seth would go into the camp or not. If he elects not to, it changes the whole dynamic of the trip for Marc (my husband) and I. I like to use, at least some of the time away, as an opportunity to stir up my creative juices. It’s such a beautiful place, and I try to hide in one of the many secluded thatched huts perched high on a cliff around the lake, and disappear into my own thoughts. Something I seldom get to do at home, with all the clutter of every day busy life. I bring books I’ve been longing to … Continue reading..

Are we ready?

July 27, 2007

My friend came for a visit. She took a tour of our place and commented how modern, clean, and well-kept it was. Then she declared that the place was not ready at all for a baby. She pointed out what could be done to make our place baby-ready: the bookshelves and the desk in the master bedroom have to go to make room for baby stuff….no, you can’t have the baby in the room at the other end of the hallway, are you crazy? You will regret the several extra steps you will have to take to take care of the baby in the middle of the night…. the CD case and the 1000 CDs contained within have to go, unless you are happy to let the baby play with them as toys…of course, the baby will LOVE to teethe on them…the audio system has to go, or get a cabinet that has doors that can be locked!…(but where are all these stuff going to go? The basement and make it hands-off for babies? That’s absurd!)….since the grand piano cannot move, you might as well make peace with the fact that the finish will be smudged all over with grease … Continue reading..

Separation Anxiety

July 25, 2007

I think baby is finally developing separation anxiety – just as I’m getting ready to leave town for 4 days.

Today, I went to a morning meeting and she usually couldn’t care less, playing with the babysitter and barely saying “bye.” But this morning she started to fuss and cry. I’ve read that you aren’t supposed to make a big deal about departures so I smiled, said “bye bye, I’ll be back soon” and hurried out the door. I could hear her fussing as I walked down the driveway to get in my car.

It will be interesting to see how she reacts tonight when I go to the airport. She’ll be with her dad so chances are things will go smoothly. But what about tomorrow when she wakes up and it is the babysitter greeting her instead of me? What then?

Maybe I’m having just a wee bit of separation anxiety myself!… Continue reading..

Never Ending Vacation

July 25, 2007

You’ll be glad to know that we had a blast at Hershey!

Yes, it was tiring, in terms of the territory to cover. But, it was worth it. We all had a really good time, and didn’t OD on the chocolate. I have to say, it is my favorite theme park to date. We have yet to visit Disney with Seth, and some of the smaller ones, but Hershey is definitely on my list in terms of deserving a return visit.

And, being in the Amish country was a nice change of pace. We were on constant look out for corn fields, horse ‘n buggies, cow grazing…and Seth’s favorite, tractors. Buying a tractor is now on his list for “What Mom & Dad Should Buy Me.”

There is a lot to be said for a vacation. While I was having withdrawal a bit from my computer, it was a welcome relief to get a break from it, though I do get email on my Treo phone.

We all slept in the same room in the hotel, and took turns sharing a bed with Seth. There was something sweet about it, and he actually slept later than he does at home, … Continue reading..

Going to the Store

July 24, 2007

I still seem to use going to the store as a way to kill time rather than just hanging around the house with the baby. She does fine, but I get restless. Right now, she is content watching her animal video – she brought it to me and made a little sound that sounded like a demand to watch it. She’s fine but I’m antsy to do something.

It is only 2:20pm and hubby isn’t home for another 2+ hours. So I have “going to the store” on the agenda. Sure, we need a little more formula, but the real reason is to break the monotony. Not that baby is boring – not in the least. But a lot of the time I still can’t dial down my brain enough to just be here, at home, unable to do a lot of work once the babysitter is gone.

We need to get out. If the weather was nicer, I’d put her in the jogging stroller and take a nice walk. But it is cold and rainy again. So supermarket, here we come!… Continue reading..