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The Whites of Seth’s Eyes

December 11, 2007

Over the summer, due to all the swimming in our community pool, Seth’s eyes often got irritated due to the chlorine. Since then he’s been fine, until yesterday.

Sunday morning, he awoke with two red eyes. Out of the blue. We quickly called the doctor….getting a doctor on a Sunday is no easy feat. She said it’s probably an allergy. He should take Benadryl and use Visine. What does he sleep with, she asked?

His favorite teddy is always by his side, along with a host of other animals….subject to change on any given day. Piggy, bunny, woofy dog, etc. She said they could be carrying irritants. Teddy, a dust mite culprit?! Beloved teddy?? I guess it’s not entirely shocking since teddy seldom gets a bath. Frankly, it slips my mind to do it, but it does make sense.

That said, we gave teddy a good soaking. But, Seth’s left eye was still quite red today. We kept him home from school and made a doctor’s appointment. Luckily he wasn’t symptomatic, so he didn’t have discomfort. He was just restless all day, missing his friends in pre-K.

We had to wait all day til our doctor appointment, and then sat … Continue reading..

Eight Nights of Hanukkah…and Gifts?

December 4, 2007

Hanukkah starts officially tonight, but in Seth’s head it began weeks ago. They have had discussions in his Pre-K class about the upcoming holidays, and he’s fixated on them. This is the first year that he has such an acute awareness that it’s almost overwhelming.

He is asking questions like why don’t we celebrate Christmas? How does the Menorah work? (He’s always been mechanically inclined.) Where is our Christmas tree? etc…..etc.

Last year, a friend gave us a children’s book about Hanukkah, so we’ll read that tonight for sure. And, I raced out this afternoon to scoop up the remaining jelly donuts at Dunkin Donuts. Who knew they were such a hot commodity? I tried to get them last night, but they had totally sold out, and the cashier asked me if everyone was buying them for Hanukkah? In fact, today, when I waited in line at the Dunkin store, the man in front of me ordered a cup of coffee and a jelly donut. Of all the donuts, he had to get jelly?! (one less for me) To be honest, I don’t even like jelly donuts, but it’s tradition.

Seth last night asked if we’re going to have potato … Continue reading..

Martha Stewart I’m Not

November 22, 2007

It is Turkey Day. Seth and Marc are home, and we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television. It is a mellow day. Until a week ago, we didn’t know if we’d have any particular plans.

I don’t love turkey, so for me, it would be no huge loss if we didn’t eat it. But, there is something to be said for tradition….especially family tradition. And, I am feeling a bit of a loss in that department.

I lost my mom close to 10 years ago (hard to believe), and making Thanksgiving was her thing. I recall the great smells that would come from the kitchen. She had a way of putting her own stamp on the food. She made a mean stuffing….not from bread or a mix….but matzoh, vegetables, spices. And, her pumpkin bread with chocolate chips would have you talking (and dieting) for weeks. But, it was all worth it. Years later, Marc sometimes bakes some loaves from her recipe, and I love it.

While I now have my own family, I miss the Thanksgivings past. My sister and the kids are never available because they travel for tennis. Yes….believe it or not….there are tournaments on the … Continue reading..

I Survived Projectile Vomiting

November 22, 2007

(originally appeared on WorkIt Mom Entrepreneur Mom blog)

Had to republish this here because it was a monumental, rite-of-passage motherhood experience for me!

I Survived Projectile Vomiting

Not my projectile vomiting, but baby’s.

I think I’ve just entered a new level of work-at-home motherhood. If you told me a few years back that my workday would be interrupted by a baby throwing up all day long, I would have thought you were crazy. Little did I know.

Yesterday was a day like any other weekday – babysitter arrived on time, I settled in to work. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Baby had just thrown up her breakfast.

Quick gear shift from work mode into mommy mode.More...

Was it something I fed her? Were those grapes going bad? Did I give her too many grapes last night? I don’t know why I focused in on the grapes as the culprit, but that was my first thought. We wiped her off, changed her shirt, I comforted her for a while, then went back to the other room to work.

Knock knock. She threw up again. All over. This time, a bath was in order. We ran a bath … Continue reading..

odor…smell and synonyms

November 17, 2007

I always wanted to be a mother even as far back as when I was a little girl growing up on Long Island New York. But, I took my time. After working more than a decade in Manhattan for book publishing and public relations firms, my husband and I got married and had our three kids close together when I was 32, 34 and 36 years old. Through gaining and losing the “baby” weight, these numbers are far from my physical measurements. I quit the public relations profession for a while and hunkered down knee-deep in diapers and feeding cycles.

Now at 42, I’ve been fanning the flames of my career again working from home as a freelance writer and budding musician trying to keep up with life. It seems the older we are all getting and the more stuff we’re all doing, our home life is in a state of constant chaos—like running a mini business. I get a slight reprieve during the day with Robert 9, Kelly almost 8 and Melanie 5 ½ all attending public school in Syosset, New York (Long Island).
Except this past Friday, on my husband Tom and my 11-year wedding anniversary, and in … Continue reading..

Sold Out By Seth

November 11, 2007

From the mouths of babes…..they say. You’ve probably heard the expression. Well….Seth “sold me out” in school!

We attended a parent-teacher conference this week, and thankfully, got glowing reviews about Seth. His teacher is a delight, and she said he was as well. We talked about his behavior in class, play skills, listening, best buddy, etc….and it was all good.

The teacher made one somewhat surprising comment. She asked if there is anything different going on at home because Seth has said in school that he “misses his mom.” He even went so far as to ask his teacher if she misses her mom? This caught me offguard, and I couldn’t think of any particular reason he might say that. Then, the teacher clarified by saying that many of the children say that when they’re away from home. So, that made me feel better.

Next we got on the subject of some of the activities that Seth and I do together after school. I said he takes a music class, watches some tv, plays with his trucks & trains, and I try to get him to do arts and crafts projects, if we’re not going somewhere, like food shopping or … Continue reading..

To Donate or Not to Donate

November 4, 2007

When Seth was a baby, he and I attended a Mommy & Me program at a school in Great Neck called Open Door. We did it for two years, and it was a really positive experience. I can still think back to those days, when I carried him into the classroom in his convertible Graco carseat/carrier. I was a new mom with so many doubts, questions, etc.

Fast forward….Seth is now 4.5, and Open Door is holding a fundraising sale. I got an email requesting donations. Anything from costume jewelry to new clothing, to children’s books, household items, and toys… good condition.

We’ve been storing all of Seth’s old clothes, toys, baby supplies, and even his crib, in our basement, since his birth. We recently gave away some of the clothes to friends of Marc (my husband) with a young son. But, I find it challenging to part with things because there is such sentiment behind every article of clothing, stuffed animal, musical mobile, etc.

Yesterday, however, the spirit moved me, and I spent time going through boxes in the basement, and came up with a care package of books and baby toys for the Open Door sale. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading..

Trick or Treat

October 28, 2007

Halloween is almost here, and Seth has been totally psyched for weeks now. What’s not to like? Free candy…..and lots of it. Plus, this year, he’s going to be a Power Ranger. The Red one, to be exact. I must admit I don’t know the difference between all the Rangers, but to an ardent fan like Seth, being the Red one was a distinct choice. We actually wound up getting a hand-me-down costume from a friend whose now older son was a Power Ranger fan big time, especially during their hey day.

Seth asked me what I was going to be for Halloween. Since we’re not going to a party, I don’t plan an elaborate dress up. When I walk him around the neighborhood and local stores, I will wear my jackolantern earrings, to get into the spirit of the occasion. They have a kids costume parade in our town annually, and it’s quite a sight to see the little ones marching up and down the main drag all decked out.

One of my “hidden” talents, I’ve discovered over the years, is the art work I am able to create on pumpkins. I draw on them with oil pastel crayons, … Continue reading..