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THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG: Ticket Giveaway & Discount

October 10, 2018





The New York Times





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* Photos by Matthew Murphy.


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One Minute to Zen: From Hot Mess to Mindful Mom in One Minute or Less by Ali Katz (Book Excerpt)

October 5, 2018

Chapter 8: Make it a Family Affair

Model, Model, Model!


“The Golden Rule of Parenting; do unto your children as you wish your parents had done unto you.” —Louise Hart


People are constantly asking me how to get their kids to meditate. My very first question to them is, do you meditate? Children are great at imitating us. They are the mirror for every bad word we’ve ever said! So let’s give them every positive example that we can.

Our kids pay much more attention to what we do than what we say. We can preach to them all day long but trust me, they are watching our actions and words.

If we talk to our kids about how important it is to eat healthy, and we are chomping on chips all day long, think they will listen?

If we tell our kids not to curse, but bad words are flying out of our mouth all day long, think they will listen?

If we tell our kids how important it is to take deep breaths when they are stressed, and they see us do it, think they will listen?

Yes! Maybe I got you on the last one.… Continue reading..

Pajama Program’s Third Annual Pajama Walk by Andrea Santo Felcone

October 3, 2018

This past Saturday, my family and I had the pleasure to attend the Pajama Program’s Third Annual Pajama Walk and Family Festival.

Pajama Program Walk

Singer Laurie Berkner, Pajama Program’s Founder: Genevieve Piturro, and Executive Director: Jamie Dyce. Photo credit: Herby Joseph.

It was a gorgeous day (finally no rain!) perfect for walking to support the Pajama Program with the other participants in the Pajama Walk. We arrived in time to see a crowd of participants—a colorful and comfortable-looking bunch wearing anything and everything from Care Bear pajama onesies, to caped Batman nightwear to winged Dinosaur onesies (and that was just the adults)! Corporate teams were present including Target and CBS. Other notable pajamas: the Ralph Lauren navy number a young man was sporting as well as the fur-lined cuffs of a silk robe on a petite, young woman. It was people watching at its finest but with a bigger purpose: All were gathered to support and bring awareness to the Pajama Program—a non-profit with the mission of bringing new pajamas and books to children in need.


Pajama Program Walk

Photo credit: Herby Joseph.

The Pajama Program started in 2001 when founder Genevieve Piturro walked into an emergency shelter with a bag of books to … Continue reading..

How to Rekindle Your Marriage When the Kids Leave Home, by Melissa T. Shultz, author, From Mom to Me Again (Book Excerpt)

September 28, 2018

Marriage and partnerships are hard work, and over many years, issues between two people, even in the best relationships, can get swept under the rug for a variety of reasons. The thing is, once the kids leave, it’s harder to avoid what you’ve been putting off talking about, even if it’s just small stuff that’s become exaggerated over time, like leaving toothpaste stuck to the sink. One of the hallmarks of happy couples is that they treat one another with kindness. When you’re kind, your partner feels loved, respected, and appreciated. Being overly critical keeps you from seeing the good and can erode the love connection.

I asked husband-and-wife psychotherapists, relationship counselors, and authors Linda and Charlie Bloom, who have been married since 1972, if you can learn to be more kind and loving toward your partner. Their short answer was yes. Hold that thought. The longer answer is you should probably figure out what the underlying reasons are for not being kind in the first place, so you don’t fall back into the same pattern of behavior. People who are unkind to their partner, says Charlie Bloom, “often treat themselves in unkind ways as well and project this … Continue reading..

A Tennessee Williams Revival: “A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur” Theater Review by Andrea Santo Felcone

September 27, 2018

A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur

Kristine Nielsen (Bodey) and Jean Lichty (Dotty). Photo Credit: Joan Marcus.

When “A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur” begins, Dorothea “Dotty” (Jean Lichty), a fit, aging Blanche DuBois-type, is running through her Sunday morning calisthenics. She is trying to busy herself while waiting impatiently for a phone call from her romantic interest–Ralph Ellis. Dotty, played with a deep Southern accent—is also scolding her roommate, Bodey (Kristine Nielsen). Bodey, a stout woman of German-ancestry (Dorothea’s physical antithesis), is not wearing her hearing aid and thus not listening for Dotty’s all-important phone call. (In truth, Ellis never called.) Bodey, for her part, is busy frying up chickens and boiling deviled eggs for a Sunday picnic in Creve Coeur, a lakeside spot in St. Louis.

Bodey is clearly not in favor of Ellis, (the principal of the school where Dotty teaches), especially as Dotty reveals that she has gone so far as to have had an intimate encounter with him in his car. Bodey doesn’t have to remind Dotty that in the day and age they inhabit (the mid-late 1930s) such behavior can have dire consequences for a single woman’s reputation and future. But, nevermind that, there is a desperation to Dotty, as … Continue reading..

Family Weekend with a Teen Boy to Harrisburg, PA by Robin Gorman Newman

September 18, 2018

We have been to Hershey, Pennsylvania twice and enjoyed, so when we were offered the opportunity to go on a press road trip to Harrisburg, a neighboring town, my family and I jumped on it.  We knew there were some activities up the alley of my teenage son, Seth.

We had briefly been there previously, but did not have much time to explore.  This time, we stayed two nights, and had two activity packed and fun days exploring the area.

We arrived on a Friday night…made a pit stop at Hershey Tanger Outlets (Seth is a fan of Under Armour) and enjoyed dinner at The Mill in Hershey (good food and quaint atmosphere).

The next day, we were off ‘n running after breakfast at our hotel.

We were slated to take a ride on the Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat but unfortunately due to weather-related water conditions, the boat wasn’t running.  So, we decided to head downtown to the iconic Midtown Scholar Bookstore, The Millworks & Artist Studios – Restaurant + Artist Studios + Brewery and Broad Street Market.  All are within short walking distance of each other and are unique destinations.

Midtown Scholar Bookstore is a historical … Continue reading..

Family Trip To Niagara Falls With a Teen by Robin Gorman Newman

September 18, 2018

To this day, I can remember my family trip to Niagara Falls as a kid.  We rode the iconic Maid of the Mist where we all got soaked and had a great time.

Life has a way of coming full circle, and my son, 15, decided that this would be the summer of Canada.  So, recalling my fond childhood vacation memories, we booked a trip to Niagara Falls, and added in Niagara on the Lake, and Toronto (which I blogged about here).

We opted to stay on the Canadian side of the Falls, as friends had told us that was the place to be.  We chose the Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa and had a great view of the Falls from our room, which was especially cool to watch at night when brightly illuminated.  It felt almost like a meditative experience.

But, watching from our window was not enough. We wanted to of course get up close ‘n personal.  So, my husband, Marc, my son, Seth, and I went for the gusto and booked tickets for both Maid of the Mist and the Hornblower Fireworks Cruise.

The Maid of the Mist was an absolute drenching hoot!  They give you … Continue reading..

The Letting Go Hand by Nancy Carolyn Kwant

September 13, 2018

We hold hands, my girl and I, as we walk up the road to school.  In her free hand is her Dora lunch box and in mine is the dog’s leash.  I have come to savor these early morning walks.

Kindergarten has started.  Gone are the days of strolling leisurely through the cove, building fairy houses of debris washed ashore, fighting off pirates on the rocks, or drinking tea and nibbling on freshly baked coffee cake while Jack, our Flat Coat Retriever, head resting on paws, waits for a crumb to fall.

As much as we prepared for this, our morning schedule has been



and rudely interrupted.


I’m trying to grow accustomed to it but every fiber of my being is fighting against it.

Monday through Friday life suddenly feels very…,well, scheduled.

Wake by seven

Ten to fifteen minutes for breakfast

Overpack lunch with healthy choices.

Sign all necessary paperwork.

Put paperwork into THE purple folder in the “Return to School” slot.

While this flurry of activity is happening, my daughter says,

“Mama, come sit with me?”

“Mama, let’s tell a story.”

I stop dead in my tracks and in my head, it is screaming,

“SIT?  TELL … Continue reading..