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My Grown-Up Egg Donor Offspring by Shelley Smith

October 3, 2017

My egg donor offspring are grown now.  They are 22 years old and when I look back to the moment of their births, it is so fresh in my mind that it seems like it was just a little while ago, not the span of twenty plus years.

So many years ago, when I was going through the egg donation process it was very new.  People did not have the choices and details and information about egg donors which is so readily available today.  I did not consider my donor’s height or body type or intelligence.  I did not have access to genetic testing or psychological evaluation or gender selection.   All I knew was that when I sat in the room with her, I fell in love.  I looked at my egg donor’s face and the universe was whispering to me “She is the one”.  I knew I could carry her spirit with me and feel blessed.  After all my struggles to conceive she was the answer to my prayers.  She was the fireman who was going to save me from a burning building.

I have never let go of the comfort of the connection I felt.  From the moment, … Continue reading..

Travel with a Teen Boy to Providence and Newport by Robin Gorman Newman

September 23, 2017

For weeks I’ve been attempting to write this post.

So many I know, including myself, have felt slammed since summer ended.  It always feels somewhat abrupt, particularly when my community pool closes, and we continue to get weather in the 80s. But this year, for some reason, especially so.

A contributing factor may be that my son began high school, which is feeling bittersweet for me and a big transition for him.  I am told that high school flies by, yet to me, each school term has come ‘n gone speedily, though it doesn’t always feel like it during standardized test time.

So, here we are nearing October, and it’s back to business and life as usual….with gusto to spare!

But, when I think about our summer trip, it brings a smile to my face.

We were looking for a low key vacation — a short road trip — with activities offering ample teen boy appeal.

We found it in Rhode Island.

Just 3.5 hours from our home, it offers attractions and scenic beauty, combined with great seafood and quaint towns to explore.

We stayed four nights in Providence (Renaissance Providence Hotel), and two nights in Newport (Marriott).

Providence initially … Continue reading..

“Later Mom Goes Later Teacher; Gets dissed” by Pamela Francis

September 23, 2017

When I signed on to be the 4th Grade Afterschool teacher at an urban elementary school in Los Angeles, in addition to my job as the 5th Grade Teaching Partner at same school, I had visions of holding sway over a roomful of –

I stop here because I realize, slowly, that I don’t know what my vision was when I said I’d take this gig. While “visions of sugar-checks danced in her head” might readily apply, I was more talking about what my vision may have been for the classroom…
and the kids…
and the paper…
and the glue…
and the scissors…
and the scraps…
and the…

I know that I intended to bring Personal Touch Creations Studio to the afterschool program as its Enrichment Activity, and that PTC Studio was my Therapeutic Spiritual Arts & Crafts Social Hangout for People of All Ages Who Get Really Zen’d Out When They Make Stuff By Hand Preferably While Listening to Some Really Cool Music …

…but beyond that… I had to really go back and remember how I saw this thing playing out in a take-no-prisoners charter school in South Central L.A., as opposed to the super genteel, Post … Continue reading..

“ONE NIGHT ONLY” Show/Date Night by Andrea Santo Felcone

September 21, 2017

It’s “date night” and the stakes are high. You’ve gone through the trouble to arrange babysitting, made yourself up, and now you want a special night on the town with your special someone. Ah, but what to do? This past Saturday, my husband and I spent our date night thoroughly enjoying “ONE NIGHT ONLY (running as long as we can)”–the new show from Monica Bill Barnes & Company.

One Night Only

I had done my homework, and from what I’d read about the performers of this unique contemporary dance group, Monica Bill Barnes & Company sounded insanely interesting. Long-time creative partners, Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass are perhaps best known for The Museum Workout–a choreographed workout/museum tour through the hallowed halls of The Met. (I know I used the word “workout,” but these women are seriously FUN, as evidenced by their Museum Workout wardrobe of sequin dresses and sneakers to accompany their sweat.) So, although we had no idea what to expect from “ONE NIGHT ONLY”–in the interest of full disclosure–I was already predisposed to like Barnes and Bass from the start.

We arrived at the WP Theater (Women’s Project Theater) a little early and were delighted by the warmth and … Continue reading..

Before There Was Google by Andrea Santo Felcone

September 15, 2017

Before there was Google, there was Mom diving into encyclopedias to research every detail of the Statue of Liberty. She had promised our local PTA she would create a replica of this famous statue as the centerpiece for my 8th grade dance. Mom remained undaunted when they decided they needed a life-sized (well, human-sized) replica, in fact. A native New Yorker and a natural creative talent, Mom would seem a likely choice for this task. Ironically though, and like many other native New Yorkers, Mom had never seen the Statue of Liberty in person. This was pre-internet, so trips were planned to the library and PTA committee discussions followed. Mom was careful to recreate every detail–for the standards of that exacting PTA—a suburban PTA determined to prove they could pull off a legitimate “New York, New York”-themed dance. (Which, in fact, they did—mainly due to the showstopper Mom created.)

Mom’s statue was housed temporarily in our garage–before and after the dance–welcoming our car into its oil-stained space—“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” wasn’t a far cry from the truth, as our drained family slid out of the Buick after a day’s outing … Continue reading..

Trouble by Elizabeth Dodson

September 13, 2017

Before having a baby, I read articles with titles like “How a Baby Ruined My Marriage” or “Marriage Survival Tips Post-Baby”.  I knew having a baby would be challenging and stressful, but I figured we had already been through so much as a couple, and we were always able to work through things,  We both had such a strong desire to grow and develop as individuals that we would find our way through challenges.  I felt like knowing it was going to be hard made me prepared; it was all going to be okay.

When I gave birth, I was on such a natural high that I felt completely in love with everyone and everything.  Life was beautiful.  My fiancé, Nic, was amazing.  I had just had the most awesome experience of a lifetime. I was holding the most precious human in the world, and life couldn’t get better.  Nothing could upset me or anger me.  It was a little irritating that Nic watched football and did whatever he was up to on his iPhone right up until just a few moments before I finished nursing Hunter, when he suddenly fell asleep.  It was slightly annoying that he washed my … Continue reading..

Guest Post: A Back-to-School Success Plan for Future-Focused Parents by Katherine Ludwig

September 11, 2017

For many families, going back to school means an end to summer slack and a return to tighter schedules, homework haranguing, high achievement expectations, and much less free time.

If you’re like most parents, you may already be gearing up for serious lectures about grades, study habits, college readiness, and that running rhetorical question: Do you want to end up flipping burgers for the rest of your life? Or maybe if your kid is already highly driven, you’re getting ready to assist in every possible way—financial and otherwise—to assure his highest achievement, whether it’s hiring tutors or running him around to a litany of extracurricular activities, and yourself ragged in the process.

In either case, you may think you’re paving the way for your kid’s future success, but you’re actually not. In fact, parents who are overly focused on the traditional markers of school success—academic excellence and college-application-padding at the expense of everything else—are actually doing kids a disservice.

Also, burger flipping literally won’t be an option for many people in the very near future thanks to advances in cheap robotics. By the time today’s young people enter college or the workforce, the nature of work will be radically different … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: HELLO, DOLLY!: Review by Jane Waldman

September 6, 2017

Not many actresses would agree to share the role of Dolly Levi with Tony Award winner Bette Midler, who is dazzling Broadway audiences in the latest revival of  HELLO, DOLLY!  But two-time Tony Award winner, Donna Murphy, has proven that she is more than up to the challenge.  Murphy alternates with Midler on Tuesday nights and is filling in for her during Midler’s planned vacations.  If you were concerned that getting tickets on a Tuesday meant you would not experience as good a performance as Midler’s, never fear.  Murphy, in the role of a lifetime, does not disappoint.

Donna Murphy has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand from her surprise entrance in the opening number, “Call On Dolly,” until the final curtain call. She delivers an exuberant performance throughout that is contagious to both the excellent supporting cast and her gleeful audiences.  In her emotional, show stopping number “Before the Parade Passes By,” Murphy expresses her fear of returning to society after the death of her husband, Ephraim. This is an especially emotional scene for Murphy, who recently lost her husband, actor Shawn Eliott to cancer.

David Hyde Pierce, who audiences know best as Niles Crane … Continue reading..