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Flirting with God by Pamela Francis

January 30, 2018

A light, unexpected rain

(who am I kidding, it wasn’t unexpected. I’ve been a student of astrology for 40 years and I know what moon in Taurus plus Jupiter in Scorpio divided by sun in Aquarius equals)

fell in Los Angeles and the blue sky filled up with fluffy, white cloud formations that came together and breezed away creating all kinds of shapes and peep-holes around the ever present California sun.

As I climbed the stairs at the school where I teach,

(hands full of lunch salad, bottled water, left over sushi circles from this morning’s I-can’t-wait-til-lunch-I-want-to-eat-this-now binge-fest, and treats for my high performers in 5th grade math),

I dared to look up

(instead of at my feet to make sure I made it up those stairs)

at the sky overhead

(delightfully, our school is outdoors, as are most in Cali),

and there the sky winked at me through a diamond-shaped eye of sun and cloud.

I blushed

(as though that fine, gray-bearded gentleman who owns the Italian restaurant across the street from my house had just told me I looked beautiful today again),

and looked away, making eye contact with the top of the stairs.  This was … Continue reading..

Guest Post: Letter from a Good Enough Daughter by Sandra Butler, co-author with Nan Gefen, It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters

January 29, 2018

Dear Ma,

I miss you. There are so many things I want to tell you, so many conversations I didn’t know enough to have when you were still here. Sometimes I’ll put a picture of you on the side table and talk to you in my mind about what your granddaughters are doing in their lives, lives you never would have imagined for them. The one you feared would never be successful and able to make a living is thriving in work she loves. The other with a formal degree guaranteeing success has left the field she was trained for and moved into a more financially precarious world of caring for others. They live near one another now and after some awkward adjustments (you know how different they are!) have settled into a self-aware and accepting sisterhood. Neither of us ever would have imagined how their lives and their relationship have unfolded. All your fears were the wrong ones. Many of mine were too.

There’s a framed series of pictures of us dancing at your granddaughters wedding. We look so delighted with one another as we execute an enthusiastic jitterbug. She’s divorced now and remarried to a much better man. … Continue reading..

The Amazing Max: Show Review by Antonia Kasper

January 21, 2018

The Amazing Max isn’t just another kids’ magic show. It’s much more significant. Max Darwin is like a motivational speaker and comedian rolled into one who uses magic as its vehicle to make kids (and adults) feel good about themselves.  The message: Be you. Be proud to be you. And it’s okay to be different.  What makes The Amazing Max show magical is that he lets the kids shine!

There was a fun 30 minute pre-show, with an adult assistant.  The kids who participated sat on a “magic carpet” in front of the stage and learned a few simple magic tricks. Before they headed back to their families in the audience, the kids were gifted with some fun magic giveaways.

Max exploded onto the stage with quick-witted banter and striking poses.  His glowing blonde hair and black cool attire added to his eccentric but kid-friendly persona. While the interactive show is recommended for 3-12 year olds, the audience, young and old, was completely engaged as high energy Max bounced around performing impressive tricks.

I was accompanied by my now “very mature” 9 year-old daughter, Shea, her 11 year-old friend, Lily and Lily’s mom, Leslie.  Leslie and I both sensed these … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: This One’s For the Girls: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

January 17, 2018

Lighthearted entertainment, but with an empowering message, this Valentine to women through the past 100 + years, will have you dancing in your seat or cheering….or both.

The 90 minute jukebox musical features such tunes as  “I Want to See You Be Brave,” “I am Woman,” “Over There,” “I Wanna Be Loved By You,” and “You Don’t Own Me”….some better known than others, but many strongly resonating with the enthusiastic, largely female audience in attendance.

Under the direction of Tamara Kangas Erickson, the show stars Traci Bair (CIRQUE DREAMS, PANDORA’S BOX), Aneesa Folds (RAGTIME, SISTAS), Jana Robbins (Broadway’s GYPSY, THE TALE OF THE ALLERGIST’S WIFE, CRIMES OF THE HEART), and Haley Swindal (Broadway’s JEKYLL & HYDE, THE SECRET GARDEN at Lincoln Center), with music direction by Zachary Ryan.

The talented and versatile cast of four play a multitude of roles and keep things moving.  The evening I saw the show, there was a technical song glitch, but the gals proved theatrical troopers.

Robbins, with a notable vibrato, plays Janet, the show’s narrator who is an academic relating stories reflecting women’s history and all they have lived through….from famous figures to others. Ranging from war time experiences to dating to the … Continue reading..

Westchester School Break Staycation with My Teen Son & Birthday Party Package Giveaway by Robin Gorman Newman

January 15, 2018

As a change of pace for my son’s December school break, we decided to make our staycation in Westchester versus the usual NYC.  And, the good news is, we’d love to return.

Finding activities to engage a teen boy is not always the easiest, but my research turned up some “keepers.”

(The Lounge)

We spent four nights at the lovely, elegant and welcoming Ritz-Carlton White Plains.  From the moment we entered, we felt well taken care of.  While  we had a longer wait time than expected for our room, the hotel explained they were extremely busy this holiday season, and they were very gracious and accommodating during our stay.  They truly endeavor to make your visit personal, calling you by name, and attending readily to needs.  I noted that there seemed to be some regulars checking in when we arrived, and each was warmly received.

Our one bedroom suite, with a king bed, was extremely spacious, with an excellent street view of the busy downtown adorned with festive holiday lights.  My son loved having his own separate area with a pullout sofa, television and half bath.  We were able to request a mini frig, and as a Marriott Rewards … Continue reading..


January 15, 2018

On the eve before the day reserved to memorialize Dr. Martin Luther, King Jr. it was fitting to explore the intersections of race, culture, history, art, media and technology in the 25th anniversary production of Ping Chong + Company’s community-specific series. No fanfare, glitz or dazzle needed, just the raw stories of 7 young people (Edwin Aguila, Monica Victoria Tatacoya Castaneda, Syl (Andrea) Egerton, Mohammed Murtaza, De-Andra Pryce, Porscha Polkahantis Rippy and Rafael Rosario) ages 18-22, as they discover their inner strength and maneuver through the difficulties of growing up as immigrants, individuals and New Yorkers.

The audience mirrored the actors, an eclectic mix of wild-eyed, beautiful and intriguing people; engaged and ready to hear stories similar to their own. Where, I respect and enjoy a great narrative, especially for the coming of age generation, the stories were not that out of the ordinary. Perhaps, that is the real truth of the immigrant story, today the struggles may involve cell phones or in the case of Rafael Rosario, the desire for a cell phone; not much has changed.

The one hour, 10 minute “seated opera for the spoken word” with no intermission, was not overtly political, but did touch upon … Continue reading..

In Real Life, Incorporated by Andrea Santo Felcone

January 15, 2018

gamingIf left to his own devices—and by this I mean, digital devices, my teenage son might very likely spend the entire day on his Xbox—with short breaks for reality. I’m not sure why this behavior surprises me; he’s of the generation that has labeled reality, as in, “I’ll meet you ‘IRL’ (in real life).” I’m left to wonder if there’s an entrepreneurial aspect to this in the not-too-distant future….

In Real Life, Inc., “How may I help you?”

Frazzled Mom: “Oh, thank goodness, a real person. I’m beside myself. I took my teenage son to a restaurant, and when the waitress asked what he’d like, my son pointed to the words on the menu, (“hamburger and fries”), and told her to “click here.” CLICK HERE?! His gaming is so out of control he doesn’t know how to order from a real menu anymore?!”

IRL: “No worries. You’ve come to the right place. Are you familiar with our “WELCOME BACK TO REALITY®” packages? We have the “Gentle Nudge™” for the child who has just started to lose himself to Virtual Reality, or the “The Swift Kick™,” for more serious situations.”

Mom: “I only just learned about “IRL, Inc.” from a … Continue reading..

“The Snow Queen” Show Delivers Warmth by Andrea Santo Felcone

January 9, 2018

There’s something beautiful about leaning into things, rather than resisting them. This winter has been bitterly cold. The type of weather that is likely to keep a person inside, hibernating. But, resist those urges–lean into winter–and treat yourself and your family to Blessed Unrest’s “The Snow Queen” at the New Ohio Theatre, in New York City.

The Snow Queen

Photo Credit: (c) Maria Baranova. Todd Grace and Tatyana Kot

Written by Matt Opatrny, directed by Jessica Burr, and developed by Blessed Unrest in a year-long New Victory LabWorks residency, “The Snow Queen” will warm you with its creativity and heart. Adapted from the original fairy tale of the same name, written by Hans Christian Andersen, Blessed Unrest’s “The Snow Queen” is performed by a small, highly-skilled ensemble. Most cast members serve more than one role, a few sing (Celli Pitt/“Grandma” has an amazing voice), and there is an element of interpretive dance throughout. There is no shortage of talent in this production.   

The most popular (loosely based) adaptation of “The Snow Queen” (in recent memory) was Disney’s movie, “Frozen”. Blessed Unrest’s “The Snow Queen” and Disney’s “Frozen” are very different, although they do share one main thread: a central message of strong female Continue reading..