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Guest Blog Post: In-Charge Parenting: In a P.C. Nation by Dr. Domenick Maglio (Book Excerpt)

January 24, 2017

In-Charge Parenting coverA Measured Level of Fear in Establishing Power

(Excerpt from In-Charge Parenting: In a P.C. Nation)

Parents who do not take the time to teach their children how to become independently responsible are robbing the child of the tools necessary for success. Waiting for one’s child to develop skills, habits, and responsibilities on his own in the short run may appear to display concern, but in reality, it is a shortsighted means of appeasement and pampering. A child needs parents to be in charge to establish the family environment in such a way as to give the child the training needed to face the world head-on without the parents. Imagine a baby bird not prepared by the mother attempting to take off from a perch high up in a tree. This is not a pretty sight, nor is a child without training leaving the family. Either extreme of having too much fear of one’s parent or having no fear of the parent leaves the child unprepared for life. A child who has to look over his shoulder in a fearful way means the child has suffered abuse. This child is unable to be sufficiently relaxed to be himself. On the … Continue reading..

My Time in the “Hundred Acre Wood” (In Which a Mother of One Becomes Mother to Two” by Andrea Santo Felcone

January 23, 2017


felconepieceBefore I gave birth to my second son, I wondered if I would be able to treat two children fairly or love them with the same intensity. I had had my first son for a long time before my second came into the picture. We were a three-person family for almost seven years. Everything about that time felt precious. There was a lot of time for flashcards. Now, if a flashcard mistakenly found its way into my little one’s Pokémon deck; he’d shrug, figure he couldn’t get much for it on the open market, and toss it. But with my firstborn, we had countless flashcard hours.

Around that same time, I’d read an article about how parents generally see the differences between their children, and not the similarities. I promised myself that wouldn’t be my focus. In my ideal world, my children were going to love being brothers. They would respect their differences and delight in their common ground. I would work hard to ensure the best possible sibling relationship. After all, there were so many years between them—I didn’t want anything else coming between.

Well, now that I’m the Mom to two boys, I do find myself contemplating … Continue reading..

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL PARAMOUR: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

January 22, 2017

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL’s first show created specifically for Broadway, impresses on the spectacle level but hits considerable flat notes in the musical department.

PARAMOUR tries ambitiously to blend Broadway with over the top acrobatics, literally, and neither Broadway lovers nor Cirque du Soleil devotees are likely to be entirely pleased, though there are some really stunning high flying, dancing and racing sequences and stunts that provide a theatrical adrenaline rush.

The story is nothing original or remotely engaging — songwriter/pianist boy meets girl – a young, aspiring crooner/actress, girl meets director – a famous/powerful one, and she winds up in a battle of her heart and head.

Photo: PARAMOUR on Broadway - A Cirque du Soleil Musical; Cast: Indigo: Ruby Lewis A.J.: Jeremy Kushnier Joey: Ryan Vona B-Roll video shoot photographed: Monday, May 2, 2016; 10:30 AM at the Lyric Theatre/Broadway, New York; Photograph: © 2016 RICHARD TERMINE PHOTO CREDIT - RICHARD TERMINE

When A.J. discovers Indigo singing in a cabaret, he’s on a quest to create a blockbuster motion picture, and he’s decided she’s the starring vehicle to clinch his egotistical mission. Unexpectedly, he finds himself like a puppy dog in love doing battle over a beautiful prize bone. Not to mention the fact that it makes for buzz-worthy newspaper headlines to announce an engagement to the cinematic ingenue up ‘n comer who has quickly become his muse.

Will ambition or love ultimately win out?  You can probably guess, but on the road to lasting

Continue reading..

“Hey, at least you’re not a tax professional” by Pamela Francis

January 20, 2017

Being a mom used to be tantamount to one of those jobs where you have to be right all the time.  Remember those types of jobs…?  You know, like a nightly news anchor, or a train conductor, or… like… the Presidency…?

Don’t go there.

Oh the stress!  Oh the pressure of having to be right.  Because how can any self-respecting authority figure hold their head up high if they get a reputation for not knowing what the h, e, double hockey sticks they’re talking about more than 85% of the time?

Perfectionistas, you may relax.  We now know by all the heretofore unseen number of typos and misprints on everything from business copy, to storefront signage, to the crawl on CNN (GASP!) that the days of having to be right within your alleged expertise are dead and gone.  That is, unless you’re a Tax Professional.

I recently took on a new client at one of my businesses. has H&R Block on its roster!  Mind you, I’m partial to Jackson Hewitt and have a special place in my heart for TurboTax, whom Jackson Hewitt referred me to years ago to save me $300 in processing fees!  How’s THAT for Customer … Continue reading..

Why You Should Start Living Dangerously by Pamela Francis

January 13, 2017

Not sure if you’ve noticed but, longevity is highly overrated.  Maybe it was all that Breyer’s butter almond icecream and pork rinds, or maybe it was the Johnny Walker Black, but “some of us” indulged our way into a really challenging old age that includes not being able to do anything we used to or liked to do, and having complete strangers wipe us.  Now, now, don’t go just yet…  This article gets better because I’m about to outline for you how you can avoid all that with one simple change to your usual way of thinking…


Now most of us have been raised to 1. look both ways before we cross the street, 2. don’t talk to strangers, and 3. wear our seatbelts.  But having grown up in the ’70s before things like hitchhiking, and drinking and driving became illegal, and wearing a seatbelt was optional, I am a living — yes, still living — testament to the fact that none of those will necessarily kill you.  You should BE so lucky.

You CAN do things that are considered high risk, and still live to tell about it.  The bad news about this is, you WILL live … Continue reading..

I Would Like to Thank the Academy by Andrea Santo Felcone

January 12, 2017

momoscarsSometimes two thoughts that appear unrelated combine in my head. Like, say, when these two cozied up: “Mothering can be a thankless task” happened to partner with: “Gee, I wonder when the Oscars are on?” See, I really love a good Awards Show. There’s something about that red carpet, those celebrities, the glitz, the glam–the acceptance speeches–even the bad ones. Admittedly, I could watch an Awards Show about anything.

So, while daydreaming about Awards season (my Super Bowl) I was reminded how some–not all, but some–of my mothering tasks have taken on a “thankless” quality. Anyway, rather than waiting to be thanked and getting annoyed when I wasn’t…. What if? … There was an Awards Show to thank Moms for all those things that may go unnoticed. (Yes, Mother’s Day is lovely, but why wait until May?)

And, follow me here, what if, in this Awards Show, I were to win a category. (Hey, it’s my crazy daydream, so why not?) Let’s see how this would play out…. Cue the music as dishwashing-rubber gloves magically transform into elbow-length satin.… The camera pans around a room filled with exquisitely-dressed Moms all gathered–in an event that has magically organized Continue reading..

They’re Bored (again) by Andrea Santo Felcone

January 5, 2017


Ah, Winter Break, my old frenemy. The extra time with family is wonderful, but the extra holiday calories, makes one sluggish. Almost too sluggish to swat at those six dreaded words that started to rear their ugly head again. “I’m bored. What’s there to do?” Ugh. How I hate those words. Maybe because they remind me of my mother’s response: “You could empty the dishwasher.” Or maybe because they make me feel a bit like I’ve failed my children? Like I’ve let the digital devices win. (Screen time is the only time when they don’t complain of boredom.) Maybe I haven’t helped them navigate their way to a rich, creative, interior life—one that can sustain them through boredom? As for the video games: I held out for about as long as someone could. This is probably one of the least technologically-equipped homes around. We recently bought a “flat-screen” TV (I know they are just TVs now) and it felt like the Amish Rumspringa around here. And yet, when we limit “screen time,” within minutes: “I’m bored. What’s there to do?”

As a child, I remember playing in my backyard with one of my closest friends and a stick. We invented … Continue reading..

CATS: Ticket Giveaway & Discount Offer from

January 5, 2017










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CATS, the record-breaking musical spectacular by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER that has captivated audiences in over 30 countries and 15 languages, is back on Broadway! Based on T.S. Eliot’s “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats,” this wonderfully imaginative show features breathtaking music, including one of the most treasured songs in musical theater — “Memory.”  Winner of 7 Tony Awards® including BEST MUSICAL, CATS tells the story of one magical night when an extraordinary tribe of cats gathers to decide which cat will be reborn. Featuring beautiful dancers and singers and the original Tony-winning sets and costumes, this beloved hit is still Broadway’s most unforgettable event. Experience CATS for the first time as it begins a new life for a new generation, or let it thrill you once again!


*Offer valid for performances 1/4/17 – 3/10/17, … Continue reading..