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This past winter, I attended a Trade Show Convention. As I was perusing the isles, a particular booth caught my eye. Jewelry! But not flashy, sparkly jewelry. This jewelry was colorful, beautiful and casual. Beaded bracelets, earrings and necklaces with a hint of “bling” to them for both women and girls. I made a beeline!

I engaged in conversation with the husband and wife owners of this creative line of jewelry called Snazzy Beads. We bonded through our lengthy conversation and continue to correspond. I was enamored with their products as much as I was enamored with this couple. Real, hardworking, down-to-earth, and highly creative individuals. I promised them a personal Mother’s Day blog review to promote their product. To be honest, since the Trade Show, I have purchased items for myself and as gifts. I simply love these Snazzy Beads and can’t get enough of them! New items will also be added to their collection in the future.


The photo above shows a Mother/Daughter set of bracelets. Perfect as a gift for that special Mother and Daughter in your life! As I mentioned above, not too flashy, not too sparkly. These bracelets can be worn with a casual weekend outfit just as easily as on a summer night out at your favorite bistro. With their plethora of color selection, there are Snazzy Beads for every type of color attire you own!

They also have Snazzy Beads for American Girl dolls which match the girl’s line of bracelets! For girls who own these dolls, a matching set of bracelets would make a very impressive gift!

The information for this company gets even better. As described below, these beads are specially crafted with a special polymer so that they will not break, chip, fade, or lose their gorgeous color! To make this company even more special, they work with a local group of individuals who are physically challenged. These individuals help string the beads onto the necklaces or bracelets. What an altruistic gesture! I felt humbled when I learned of this. Here is why I am so passionate about this incredible company: 

What are they made of?

Our beads are made from a low-fire polymer art clay. We custom mix our pigments to make beautiful colors that will not fade or wash off. The colors and patterns are permanently fused within the beads.

How are they made?

We create our beads using an ancient Venetian glass technique known as millefiori or “a thousand flowers”. Each Snazzy Bead is hand crafted by first combining many different canes of colored clay. The canes form logs of complex patterns. The logs are repeatedly manipulated and reduced until reaching the desired size. Thin slices from the logs are placed on solid clay cores and then hand rolled to form individual beads. After curing in low fire ovens, these little works of art are ready to enjoy.

Where are they made?

All of our jewelry is DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA. It is our goal to keep as much of our business linked to our local community as possible. We partner with a local not for profit organization that employs people with disabilities to string, assemble and package all of our jewelry. You can learn more about their mission statement at

Our new Garden District, Beachcomber and Scrimshaw Collections are all Made in USA by our own artisans.

Easy On, Easy Off!

All of our bracelets and necklaces are strung on a high quality elastic cord. No clasps to fuss with. Just pop it over your head or slip on to your wrist and you’re ready to go. Our jewelry is so light weight and comfortable, you’ll forget it’s on.

The Rest of the Story…

At Snazzy Beads, we care about your health and understand many people have sensitive skin. Our accent beads and findings use only materials that are nickel and lead free.

Great for Gift Giving!

Because our bracelets and necklaces stretch, they fit just about everyone. Perfect for gift giving. There’s no need to worry about “Will it fit?”.


To see the entire line of Snazzy Beads for both women and girls, visit I guarantee you will be as impressed as I am! I think it is time to put in my next order…


               Happy Mother’s Day to All Our Readers!!


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  2. These are lovely! Especially the pink ones ;) And I love that they are made in the USA. Thanks for sharing!

    By Melissa Swedoski on May 8, 2013