DoorDash… so responsive, so intuitive, so… unAmerican LOL by Pamela Francis

In my Bloggiversary post of October 2016 I may have mentioned some things that had changed dramatically in my life over a year’s time and would call for “a complete overhaul of my bio”.  I may have dropped several bomblets, including one little tidbit that I had gone from “Momtrepreneur” to DoorDash driver.  I’m ready to expound on that last one now.

So having run away from the Antebellum South back to my beloved California, two minor children in tow, sans spouse, I set about making myself indispensable again to my west coast clients.  My primary home-launched business, Admin on-the-go!, a mobile executive assistance service for small businesses, creatives and executives, was back in the saddle with a vengeance and keeping me hopping from January through about May, which was great for my pocket and my self esteem until some power struggles and personality clashes began to rear their uncomfortable little heads.  Without mentioning any names I can tell you that between the Beverly Hills Wealth Manager I was contracted with and his on again off again Recognizably Famous Significant Other, it felt like Heaven to take a big fat break from being my own boss and get behind the wheel of my rental vehicle to — yes — deliver food to rich people throughout Southern California.

Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Venice Beach, San Diego… if my GPS knew how to get there, I was game.  And so I discovered yet another internet-driven, smart-phone-operated way to stay my own boss and keep my kids close.  DOORDASH.  It’s like Uber, but without the stumble-drunk pervert passenger hurling insults at you from the back seat of YOUR car.

I want to say something complimentary about this company, who is by no means the only one doing this business model, but is the one I’ve chosen to drive for: they hire; they need you; they listen; they pay.  I have found the company to be quite… dare I say… “un-American” in all the ways that we like and appreciate.  What do I mean by this?  I’ll go tongue-in-cheek while you go grain-of-salt for a minute, but hear this…

They Hire.  DoorDash’s El Segundo-based office hires across the board, irrespective of race, class or gender.  That’s right; you do not have to be what this society has come to expect in its delivery personnel (humbly Spanish-speaking or of Asian descent, male, and blue collaresque) in order to play.  THAT is delightfully unAmerican.

They need you.  DoorDash seems to truly recognize the value of reliable and safe people willing and able to scurry all over the greater Los Angeles area making sure (lazy? rich? spoiled?) hungry people get fed without having to venture out into the teeming streets and clogged freeway arteries of our dear city. Recognizing the value of people who do humble things..?  Delightfully unAmerican.

They listen.  Maybe it’s because I’ve worked for myself for over a decade now, but damn if I’ve ever encountered a company that invites feedback and input and then actually ACTS ON IT with near lightning speed the way this company does.  DoorDash has actually made me a fan of surveys and a believer that one’s voice matters.  I can tell you that whenever I’ve offered information, advice, suggestions or opinions about how the company could better do something for its Drivers… it happened.  Fast.  Delightfully unAmerican.

They pay.  on the same day every week.  in full.  to your bank account.  in the dollar amount you were expecting.  while keeping you abreast of that dollar amount every step of the way leading up to its deposit.


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