Driven to Distraction? Challenges of Being Behind the Wheel as a New Mom

When you have a little bundle of joy in your life, nothing is ever quite the same again. Most things are immeasurably better, while others are – different. One thing is certain, that tiny person will make their presence felt wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

American society is inextricably interwoven with its cars. We drive more miles and more often than anywhere else in the western world, yet it is not till you are faced with the car seat and the bags of supplies for the first time that the full enormity of getting behind the wheel with your baby in the back becomes clear. Don’t worry, it will soon be second nature. Here are some of the challenges you will need to overcome.

You Need More Space

For someone so small, a baby sure takes up a lot of space. It’s easy to laugh at the new moms and dads who literally seem to travel with a carful of kit just to drive into the local town or to visit doting grandparents. But you’ll find yourself doing exactly the same thing.

When you’ve got all that equipment to load and unload, it means multiple trips, so one thing you don’t want is to be leaving Baby unattended at either end any longer than you have to. This website sells personalized parking signs that can help you keep that prime spot reserved outside your front door. Keeping it personal means there is a better chance of neighbors paying attention and leaving your parking spot vacant for you.

You’ll Acquire Inspector Gadget Skills

How long does it take to move your seat back, reach behind you, find the right soft toy on the floor and return it to the screaming mass of anger strapped into the back seat? Exactly as long as it takes for the lights to change at the intersection. Because here’s the thing, your three month old knows that: “Mommy can’t reach it while she’s driving” is just an excuse, and given the right vocal persuasion, you will find a way.

Perfect Peace

Sometimes you will swear your car has magic powers when it comes to nap facilitation. Even the most determined non-sleeper will fall under its spell sooner or later – none can resist. Of course, that then leaves you with that tricky question when you arrive home and they are all sleep, peace and gorgeousness. Do you risk trying to move them and transforming them into a mass of pent-up, overtired grumpiness? It’s a tough call. If you’ve got that reserved space right outside the door and you can keep an eye on them while they continue to sleep, that can be the best solution. Some Moms prefer to just keep driving around the neighborhood and enjoying the quiet!

A Captive Audience

As they get older, you’ll understand that there are definite advantages to being in the car together. This is a time when there is no getting out of the room possible (for either of you) and it’s the perfect place to have a chat and a catch up. Cherish those moments – as the years go by, they get harder to grab!