Mom Theatre Blogger: Bright Colors and Bold Patterns: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman


(photo credit: Russ Rowland)

Weddings drudge up a host of emotions.  And, many singles have had the experience of being invited to a friend’s nuptials, only to feel like the odd unattached person out.  That’s never easy.

Enter Drew Droege who takes us on a laugh-ridden, yet bittersweet roller coaster ride of clever pop cultural references and emotion in his tour de force performance in Bright Colors and Bold Patterns, an 80 minute one man show that he also penned.

It’s the eve before the wedding of Josh and Brennan in Palm Springs. Gerry (Droege) arrives, frenetically chatting up a storm, drinking and snorting coke, as he unleashes his often hysterical judgements and observations on love, life and more. The wedding invitation says “Please refrain from wearing bright colors or bold patterns”…and this sends him into a manic tirade as he feels the request lacks gay fashion sensitivity and suggests boring beige.

Bright Colors And Bold Patterns features fanciful set design by Dara Wishingrad.  Complete with rattan chairs and tropical potted plants, it had me craving a poolside margarita and sunbathing opportunity, but I would not have been able to withstand the company of barb-slinging partier Gerry for too long.  He speaks to other characters who we learn about but never meet and draws impressive laughs.  But, as funny as Droege is, both as an actor and playwright, his constant frenzy feels somewhat one note.  He is actually very affecting in the select more quiet moments when we learn his character’s real debacle is not what to wear to the wedding, but how he feels now that gay weddings are legal.  He wonders….is he now supposed to be inspired to tie the knot?!  This is a big, confusing wake-up call for Gerry.  As sociable as he is, commanding the center of attention via his amusing banter, in reality he is a lonely, middle-aged gay man struggling to grow up and find himself.

We empathize with Gerry, and as comedically skilled as Droege is, the show, however entertaining, ultimately feels like a played out 80 minute sketch.

Bright Colors And Bold Patterns was originally presented at VS Theatre in Los Angeles and directed by Molly Prather. It was remounted at Celebration Theatre in Los Angeles and transferred to the Barrow Street Theatre in 2016.

Directed by actor Michael Urie (who recently starred in Torch Song Trilogy), Bright Colors And Bold Patterns plays a limited engagement at SoHo Playhouse.  Droege will play his last performance on 1/7, and Jeff Hiller will step in on 1/17 (after the show takes a brief hiatus), then playing an extended run through 2/25.



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    By Rochelle Jewel Shapiro on Dec 20, 2017