NATURAL SHOCKS: Show Review by Jennie Yuen

We meet Angela, played by Pascale Armand, as she prepares to hunker down in her basement (set design by Lee Savage) as a tornado nears. She is an expert in the insurance industry and professes her love for probability. Angela gets very anxious as the storm approaches and reveals that she recently brought a gun for protection. She shares how her mother died of cancer and never liked her husband. She recalls how he was a very sweet man when they first met, but their relationship has taken a turn, and he has left the house given the news of the impending tornado. Natural Shocks

Directed deftly by May Adrales, Armand (Tony nominated for her role in Eclipsed) turns in a winning performance in this powerful one woman play. While Adrales commands our attention, the 75 minutes (no intermission) grows wearisome as she delivers what feels like a stream of consciousness monologue covering a host of topics ranging from her love of dice to her affair to a black walnut pound cake recipe her mom is famous for….all while reflecting on the unpredictability of life.

There is a big surprise reveal which I will not divulge here…suffice it to say that it packs a metaphorical and emotional punch that we don’t see coming. The topic of domestic abuse then takes centerstage, and one can only hope that this further inspires a constructive, proactive dialogue.

Lighting is by Amith Chandrashaker, and sound and original music is by Nathan A. Roberts and Charles Coes.

Natural Shocks began performances on October 28 at WP Theater (2162 Broadway) and runs through November 25. Visit:


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