Random thoughts I’ve had but just couldn’t turn it into a blogpost. Until now. by Pamela Francis

I’m always wanting to post. I come onto the site, and I troll around, reading Andrea Felcone…, checking out the guest blogger…, taking in Robin’s show-going and galavanting : ) …and I think to myself… I don’t really have anything to say. I have to be careful with that, though, because I recall how I unceremoniously left my career as a screenwriter after seeing The Matrix (the 1st one) and walking away from that viewing thinking I don’t have anything to say that is as compelling and creative as what the Wachowski brothers (fun fact: now brother and “sister”) said — not to mention the Way they said it.

Having “nothing to say” is no reason to not write, however.  And not being able to scrape together a cohesive post with clearly defined opening, meat, and conclusion is no reason to, either.  I can just bullet-and-blurb my way through some of the random topics my thoughts land on and flit away from every day.

Like so (as my grandmother used to say).

Bullet: How I know my meditation practice is actually working

Blurb: I used to think that if you don’t sit through the entire length of the meditation session then it meant you were either too much of a novice at it, or that you were simply too resistant to the power of healing. But now, after 41 yrs of dabbling at it (my mom introduced chanting and meditation to me at the age of 9), and 5 yrs of a solid, I-show-up-to-this-every-day-sometimes-multiple-times-a-day-without-fail practice, I recognize that when I jump up from a meditation session before it’s over, it’s because the “medicine” took! Real fast. And I have achieved the objective: 1. a sense of peace, 2. the feeling of being totally re-charged, and 3. their immediate follow-up: let’s Get This life!

Bullet: How I know my vitamins are actually working

Blurb: I grew up on Flintstones Chewables, those chalky, colorful little figurines of Fred, Dino, BamBam, et.al., to get me through those killer New York winters and a sketchy nutritional life.  And as a 2-time pregnant woman, I know the value of those gosh darn prenatal vites.  My lustrous hair and shiny coat — I mean, luminous skin — always served as the tell-tale signs that nausea be damned, I should keep at this vitamin-scarfing thing.  Then there was that stint as a cleansing enthusiast I went through while doing the Purification Rundown for 3 weeks at Celebrity Centre International (I was on Tom Cruise’s team of learning and literacy coaches for his and Nicole Kidman’s 2 children and lucked into a freebie valued at 2 grand), which entailed being on a fistful of vitamins, minerals and supplements every day until I could no longer really afford to keep up with that.

Now, as a person hovering over the senior citizen discount age, I am back on the stuff, and I can tell you that the Women’s Alive 50+s I take are doing the trick.  How else could I have survived that recent fall on my face after a 200-lb 4th grader sent me sprawling, by accident, during classroom cleanup duty?  Or even the way I’ve sidestepped the opening salvo of cold and flu season with nary a sniffle while my scholastic comrades in arms (most of them 15 – 25 yrs younger than I) are falling down all around me…?

Yes, siree… Because of Vitamins I can still touch the same keyboards and doorknobs as the gross little buggers I roll with, and even Take A Fall At 50! and get up to teach another day ; )

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  1. One Response to “Random thoughts I’ve had but just couldn’t turn it into a blogpost. Until now. by Pamela Francis”

  2. I love your “random thoughts”! We have much in common. I always look forward to your posts, too; and I grew up with those same Flintstone vitamins–although, if memory serves, one of the lead females–Betty, I think–was absent from the line-up and that always bothered me (and my sister). And while not long into it, I have started a meditation practice. Keep writing! Love your stuff!

    By Andrea Santo Felcone on Nov 29, 2017