bubblefangOn February 12th, an off-Broadway classic, the Gazillion Bubble Show, celebrated its 10th year of entertaining kids of all ages in New York City. Last week, my 9-year-old daughter and I were lucky enough to discover the magic of this unbubblievable show for ourselves, and we weren’t disappointed.

The performers of the show are all part of the Yang family, who have created a bubble dynasty founded by Fan Yang—the world’s foremost bubble master. The Yangs have developed their own bubble solution formulas which allow them to create the most amazing bubble creations. Our entertainer and artist for the show was Fan Yang’s son, Deni Yang, who has been performing since the age of 4, and whose infectious enthusiasm for the art of bubble making immediately won us—and the entire audience—over. Not only did Fan use his fingers as bubble wands, but he created bubbles inside of bubbles, colored bubbles, smoke filled bubbles, square bubbles, and even a bubble that engulfed 6 children from the audience all at the same time.

One of my favorite parts of the show occurred when Fan pulled a little girl from the audience onto the stage and told her (and the rest of us) a story about his niece who had never seen snow; as he related how he had told her to use her imagination to visualize it, the entire stage became filled with bubbles pouring down from the sky like snowflakes, and floating into the audience as well. Soon everyone was swimming in a sea of bubbles—and poking his/her fingers up into the air to pop them.

But bubbles aren’t the only thing filling the stage in this show, there are also strobe lights, smoke machines, and dynamic music. Most exciting for my daughter were the smoke-filled bubbles that Fan created and fanned out into the audience; popping these bubbles created a puff of remaining smoke wafting in the air. Everything about this show is a visual treat—and the stunning combination of bubbles and science put smiles on everyone’s faces—both kids and adults alike.

One thing to note is that the best seats for direct bubble-interaction are in the front few rows (we were in the fifth row, and we popped plenty of bubbles). However, if you don’t make it close to the stage, for an extra $20, you do have the opportunity to get a photo of yourself taken inside of a real bubble. My daughter and I didn’t spend the extra money, but those around us who did pay for the experience seemed very happy with it—and their photo souvenir.


New World Stages Theatre is located at 340 West 50th Street

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Friday at 7pm; Saturday at 11am/ 2pm/ 4:30pm; Sunday at 12noon/ 3pm
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Tickets are $55-$75 and $99.50 (VIP package) and can be purchased at
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Running time is 60+ minutes (no intermission)
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