7 Heartwarming Stories to Make You Believe in Love Again – By Lauren Hansen

FEB 2014-HANSENIf these tales do not make you feel good inside, you need to seek professional help.

1. A husband’s eternal gift
Every Valentine’s Day, John gave Sue a bouquet of flowers and a note that always said the same five words: “My love for you grows.” He did this for all the 46 years they were married. Then, sadly, John died. And as Valentine’s Day rolled around, Sue knew not to expect anything.

2. The war-torn couple reunited after 60 years
They were the Romeo and Juliet of Soviet Russia: Boris, the strapping, young communist soldier, and Anna, the daughter of a man who defied Stalin. Their relationship blossomed when Boris was on leave from the front during World War II.

3. The couple who died holding hands
Norma and Gordon Yeager were both in their 90’s and had been married 72 years when they were hospitalized following a car accident. While in a shared room in intensive care, the couple laid side-by-side, though not really responsive, holding hands.

4. True dedication
Taylor Morris always set out to conquer the most challenging tasks, which is one of the reasons the 23-year-old made it into the Navy’s Special Operations division. But in May 2012, during his first deployment to Afghanistan, Morris stepped on an IED and lost both of his legs, his left arm from the bicep down, and his right hand. His girlfriend, Danielle Kelly, remains by his side.

5. A pretend couple becomes the real deal
As two attractive young employees of the De Vere Dunston Hall hotel, Amanda Semmence and Kieron Dudle were asked by the manager to model for the hotel’s brochure. He called them a “perfect couple,” and sure enough the pair looked the part, despite being total strangers, dressed as bride and groom and smiling for the camera at every blushing stage of a wedding.

6. A lifetime together
Jim and Moira met as 5-year-olds at school in Britain in 1929. They have been together pretty much ever since. Two years after that first encounter, Moira was sent to a nearby all-girls school — the first of only three separations they would have.

7. The perfect wedding announcement
The New York Times weddings announcements can cause even the most sentimental of readers to gag on occasion. But the coverage of senior citizens Ada Laurie Bryant and Robert Mitchell Haire’s wedding in Hockessin, Del., managed to charm the cynicism out of most journalists’ copy.

Lauren Hansen is the multimedia editor at TheWeek.com. A graduate of Kenyon College and Northwestern University, she started her career in arts publishing and has since worked at media outlets that include the BBC and Frontline. She knows a thing or two about pretty pictures and cute puppies, both of which she tweets about @mylaurenhansen.

This article is reprinted with permission and originally appeared here.