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Perspective Matters Part II by Conlee Ricketts

Last week Perspective Matters Part I gave two points I plan on sharing with a group of future teachers that are currently in their student teaching phase. This week I am sharing two more. When I say “perspective matters” I mean that it matters in the sense that it is simply more information. It is not to say that any one perspective is more valuable or more correct than any other. Having as much information as possible, even differing opinions about a situation, is the best approach I have found before entering into any discussion centered on someone else’s child.

I use my three different perspectives to filter a great deal of my experiences through. My perspectives again are the following:

A teacher without children/ 15 years

A teacher with a child/8 years

A stay at home mom/3 years

I have no idea if these new young teachers in training are anything like I was, but when I was 23 and fresh in the classroom I was terrified of talking with parents. Instinctively I knew that parents will want to protect their child and how was I, this young “girl”, going to deliver difficult news to them if I had … Continue reading..

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