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Motherhood Later…Than Sooner’s free newsletter, Baby Bloomer, expands the world of midlife parenting by focusing on unique topics that relate specifically to the needs of moms age 35+, 40+ and over. A mom is a mom no matter what her age, but there are issues that affect older new moms in ways not often addressed by mainstream mass media. The wealth of parenting information available tends to neglect issues relating to midlife moms, which is where Baby Bloomer comes in. The articles, information, news links, and testimonials in Baby Bloomer allow later in life moms to relate to common interests and concerns on every level. Each issue also features a later in life mother or father whose story is sure to inspire.  Having a child later in life invites its own experiences, and we endeavor to tell it like it is.

(NOTE: The newsletter is presently on hiatus……as of 2020.)


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