Choosing “Fit” in the New Year – by Cara Potapshyn Meyers

Now that the Holiday Season is behind us, it is time to look at our lifestyle in a brand new way! As Moms, we already do so much for others. It is our turn to do more this year for ourselves! One of the ways we can do this is through regular exercise. Whether it is outdoor or indoor is of personal preference. Should the weather outside be unsuitable for outdoor play, bring out these wonderful DVDs by Acacia to add to your fitness routine!


  Exhale: Core Fusion 30-Day Sculpt

Exhale: Core Fusion 30-Day Sculpt makes fitness easy! This DVD features a complete five-week plan with 30 hand-picked segments from Exhale’s award-winning, best-selling DVD series. Designed by the top husband and wife fitness team and Core Fusion creators Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, each week includes six 20-minute workouts (plus a rest day) that mix sculpting and cardio moves for total fitness with segments from some of Core Fusion’s most popular programs including Lean & Toned, Boot Camp, Yoga- Energy Flow, and Cardio: Pure Intensity. Taught like one of Exhale’s nationally renowned celebrity-loved Core Fusion classes, the release brings the mind/body spa experience home with the structure of a personalized and customizable fitness plan that also includes motivation and nutrition tips.

Get a fit, firm, and fantastic physique, one day at a time with this complete five-week plan featuring 30 segments hand-picked from exhale’s popular programs. From toning and strength training to yoga and cardio, it’s all planned for you! Soon, you’ll lose weight and build strong legs, defined abs, cut arms, and lifted glutes. 

Workout Options: Each of the five weeks features six 20 min. workouts plus a day for rest. 

I love this DVD for it’s short workouts, variety of plans and customized routine! I can easily put the DVD in and workout for 20 minutes, knowing I did something significant for my body. There is never lack of boredom because you can choose between muscle enhancement, a cardio workout or yoga! All of this is in one DVD! Convenience just couldn’t get any better!

Bonus: Motivation and Nutrition Tips       Recommended equipment: light hand weights and a mat

Retail Price: $19.99 Approx. 180 min.

This DVD can be purchased through and


with Andrea Rogers

Developed by professional dancer, choreographer, and Pilates instructor Andrea Rogers, Xtend Barre combines the grace and flexibility of dance with the strength and sculpting of Pilates to give you a long, strong, and lean physique. 

The 55-minute program is divided into three segments, allowing viewers to customize their workout each day. The upper-body section creates defined shoulders, arms and a beautiful back. The barre segment employs flowing dance movements to lift and tighten trouble spots like the glutes, hips, and thighs. The core program targets the deep abdominal muscles to help chisel your midsection. Incorporating both toning and cardio elements, this unique barre workout lengthens and strengthens your entire body in an exciting new way. You’ll burn calories, build lean muscle, and feel terrific! It also includes a tutorial segment. Equipment needed: a chair and light hand weights. 

I used to adore ballet! When “Barre” classes came about in the gyms, I was in heaven! My passion for the art was combined with my desire to have fun being fit and healthy. Along came Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled! This wonderful DVD is perfect due to it’s ability to be customized. You can work out your upper body one day, enjoy the barre workout, which feels just like dance, on another, and target your “core” on a third day, to create a complete body workout! I must confess: I do more of the barre segment, but I don’t ignore the others because I know how important they are to being “balanced” with your fitness program.

Andrea Rogers is the creator and owner of the Xtend™ Workout, LLC and has been a professional dancer and choreographer since age 18. For over ten years, Andrea has been involved in teaching both dance and Pilates to numerous students across the US and Canada. In 2006, Andrea combined her passion for dance and fitness to create the Xtend workout, a no-nonsense technique that sculpts bodies into lean, strong, “dancer-like” physiques. The Xtend workout is a rapidly growing workout with franchises all over the U.S., Brazil, and Canada.

Approx. 55 minutes Suggested retail price: $16.99

Xtend Barre can be found through along with


Note: Thanks to Acacia Lifestyle for providing sample products.  Cara Potapshyn Meyers and assume no liability relative to products reviewed in this blog.

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