Hold on Tight—by Jamie Levine

Once again, I’m feeling spent. I just finished an exhausting semester of student teaching, as well a time-consuming online class and a round of midterms—along with a simultaneous bout of hellish migraines. But, like most mothers, last week’s tragedy at Sandy Hook has made me appreciate all that I have—namely my daughter.

The other night, during our daily evening cuddling session, Jayda and I grabbed each other in an extra-secure hug, and held onto each other for quite awhile. Then, Jayda solemnly stared at me with her big blue eyes and said, “Mommy—I don’t ever want to let go of you.” When I hugged her even tighter in response, she continued, “even when you’re old and a grandma—I’m going to hold on tight.” “Me, too, Jayda. I’m never going to let go,” I responded. And I never intend to.

Moms: Hold on tight to your little ones. Appreciate them and give them lots of love. Life is fleeting, and we need to enjoy the sweet, short moments rather than dwell on the big, stressful ones. It’s not always easy—but I, for one, certainly intend to try.

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  2. Well put Jamie!

    By Robin Gorman Newman on Dec 18, 2012