Lala-Oopsies: “Sew Magical Tale!” & Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power – Volume 1- DVD Review by Cara Potapshyn Meyers



Lala-Oopsies: “Sew Magical Tale!”

From the creators of Lalaoopsy comes a “Sew Magical Tale”! Now, for the very first time, journey beyond the rolling green hills of Lalaoopsy Land to a magical place never seen before where you’ll meet the Lala-Oopsies! On islands that float on strawberry milk rivers, surrounded by tall mushroom trees, live the whimsical Lala-Oopsies princess ballerinas, fairies and mermaids. Join them as they embark on a fantastical journey to save their precious homes when the strawberry milk, which powers Lala-Oopsies Land, suddenly stops flowing.

Princess Nutmeg is the Princess of Silly. She lives in her own topsy-turvy kingdom where everything’s all about fun. She loves dancing and making her friends smile. And though she’s sometimes a bit clumsy, she always tries to do her best.

Princess Anise is the Princess of Knick-knacks.  She is a girly-girl who rules over the kingdom of all things precious and pretty! She loves sharing stories about her endless collection of keepsakes, but throwing tea parties is what she loves best of all.

Princess Juniper is the Princess of Know-How. Creative and clever, she’s a little-miss-fix-it who can solve any problem that comes her way. Royally handy with her knitting needles, she’s able to make something out of nothing to save the day at a moment’s notice.



Princess Anise, Nutmeg, Saffron and Juniper

Little girls love this movie. It sends a strong message about working together and friendship. The whole DVD is positive, clean and kid friendly, and it will entertain little girls. I mean really, we have a combination of Lalaloopsy princesses, fairies and mermaids here. It’s a little girl’s dream.

My niece watched the DVD more than once, and she absolutely adores it, as did all the friends who watched it with her.

There is one thing that is kind of fun and mysterious in this movie. The fact that there is a storybook being read, and a butterfly seems to really fly outside and find the actual door to Lala-Oopsy Land, is intriguing to kids. My niece asked me if that means the land is real or imaginary. After the movie ends, ask your child if the Lala-Oopsies really exist (in Lalaloopsy world) and why they think so. Some kids think the land is imaginary because a character is reading about it in a fairytale style book. Others think it’s real because the butterfly sees the doorway. The exercise is a great way to get kids’ imaginations rolling and help them develop critical thinking skills. Watch it with your own Princess to find out!


2 Bonus Lalaoopsy Mini-Adventures: “Too Close For Comfort” and “A Ruff Rescue”.

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Price: $14.98

Running time: 44 mins

Rated: G

Lionsgate Home Entertainment



Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power – Volume 1

The number one boys live-action series returns for its 20th anniversary season with an all-new series, Power Rangers Megaforce currently airing on Nickelodeon. Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power – Volume 1 includes the first four episodes of Power Rangers Megaforce and is now available on DVD and Digital Download from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. New Rangers, Zords, enemies and battles make this anniversary season the most exciting yet! Featuring five new Power Rangers protecting our earth from the evil Warstar aliens to prevent a massive invasion, Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power – Volume 1 includes the “Power Rangers Morph Through 20 Years” featurette.

Power Rangers Megaforce Volume 1 DVD comes with 4 episodes: Mega Mission, He Blasted Me With Science, Going Viral, and Stranger Ranger. Episodes 2-4 include the show introduction clip before the episode. Power Rangers Megaforce starts with one of my son’s favorite episodes from the season. “Mega Mission” brings back classic concepts from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers “Day of the Dumpster” episode. Gosei and Tensou choose five teenagers to become the Mega Rangers. In the first four episodes of Power Rangers Megaforce, the Rangers work together as they face off against their first four villains with their new weapons and two Megazord formations: Sea and Land Megazords. My son gave this one two thumbs up!

Activity Sheets:


Price: $14.98

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Language:    English

Running time: 92 minutes   


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