Meet Motherhood Later Chapter Head Chris Thompson In Los Angeles

Many are surprised to learn that our first child was conceived through IVF after 25 years of marriage. While some perceive it as late, Sarah is our miracle girl and the sunshine of our lives.  We also have two identical twin boys, Ryland and Dylan, born December 22, 2009.  My husband and I always wanted three children, and while it seemed it was not in the cards for us, funny how things sometimes work out.  Although life is crazy, we have the family I’ve always dreamed of.

I feel very fortunate to be a SAHM. I’ve seen my children’s every first. I never thought I’d be one of those moms who gets all mushy over the little things, but every milestone has been an incredible experience. Before Sarah, I had a working life, I owned my own business for many years. I had a Gourmet, Coffee and Gift store, as well as a Concierge service that catered to the Entertainment Industry for 14 years. I sold in 2003 to focus on becoming pregnant.

Having a group like Motherhood Later is so important to me. I need to have a connection with women like myself, who know the joys and tribulations of being an older mommy; who share the same ideas of raising children; who may have the answers if I don’t or are there just to chat. It’s great to have a support system and the opportunity to socialize.