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God of Carnage — Play I Recommend

March 24, 2009

I don’t typically blog about a play I’ve seen, but I feel compelled in this instant.

I adore theatre, but with tickets prices so high these days, I try to be selective about what I see. This time I’m happy to say I picked right!!

My husband and I hired a sitter and went to see GOD OF CARNAGE on Broadway this past Saturday night.

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, and as a mom, I could so fully relate.

The premise is that two married couples meet in the home of one of them to discuss a delicate situation involving their 11 year old children. One boy left the other with a swollen lip and broken teeth after a playground brawl.

What starts out is a somewhat awkward, though mild-mannered discussion between seemingly sophisticated adults re: how best to handle the matter. They contemplated when/whether to get the boys together for an apology, why the incident happened to begin with, etc. etc. As the banter progresses, gradually the protective layers (clothing & otherwise) of each couple wears away, and they let loose on each other.

It’s a riveting and riotous take on parenting, marital relations, society … Continue reading..

A Circus Weekend

March 23, 2009

We had a busy weekend. Marc worked yesterday, and I took Seth and a friend of his to see Race to Witch Mountain.
While it was a Disney film, it was a bit “darker” than I had expected. Full of action and intrigue, Seth loved it. His friend had moments of being a little bit scared, but she was a trooper, and got through it with flying colors.
Today, Marc and I took Seth to the circus. The older he gets, the more he seems to enjoy it, and today, he really loved it. Marc and I enjoyed it too, and the stands were packed. I don’t remember ever seeing it so crowded.
It was Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey presenting Zing Zang Zoom.
A catchy name and theme song, this performance offers magic and circus spectacular.
There were dazzling trapeze acts, female human cannonballs flying through the air at top speed, awe-inspiring high wire acts….etc.
Seth particularly loved the acts with animals. Dogs, Asian elephants, Bengal tigers, Arabian and Friesian horses, and even zebras, caught his full attention, and he couldn’t get enough.
For Seth, it was truly ‘The Greatest Show on Earth,” and we were glad to
Continue reading..

Guest Post — By Debbie Zipp

March 17, 2009

A look back by a “later” mom ……

The empty nest is suddenly approaching. How will I feel? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? The answer is in the Teddy Bear Store.

My daughter just turned 21. My son is 16 1/2. I am 54. Hmmmm. Are they old or am I? I guess it depends on your point of view. But no matter what my age the empty nest syndrome is quickly approaching.
I have had to start thinking about the empty house in my future. How will I feel when their bedrooms are empty and devoid of the sounds of life of the ones so precious to me, no matter how annoying a few of those sounds are?. . . Their faces won’t be readily available to kiss, or their bodies always there to hug everyday. Or when I no longer HAVE to get up or stay awake for them, or work my day around pickups???..the list is endless. How will my heart feel when I am no longer needed in that way?? And of course there is also how I will feel about the empty nest when
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Stir Crazy in the Suburbs

March 17, 2009

I am going totally stir crazy today.

Seth is home with strep throat, and I have a cold, and I’m miserable.

The sun is shining, though it’s not entirely warm as yet, but it feels like a tease.

I’m itching to go out. Anywhere….

My son is hopping or I should say bolting, from activity to activity. Nothing holds his attention for long. Not evena new toy, a belated gift for his birthday…a remote control car that does stunts. He loves it. To me, it makes way too much noise and is crashing into all the furniture. This is not a toy a mom would embrace.

My kitchen looks like a disaster zone, with fire trucks, ambulances, and other vehicles galore. Seth was creating an obstacle course for his stunt car.

The living room looks like a cyclone hit it. It did….Cyclone Seth. Train tracks strewn about. Legos. Diego’s explorer house. You name it.

I’m getting worn out just looking at all of it.

Calgon….take me away! I need a massage.

And, it’s tax season. My husband typically works very late on Tuesday nights.

I asked him please to work late on Saturday instead, and come home regular time today. … Continue reading..

Guest Post — By PTA Mom

March 17, 2009


Living in a suburb outside of New York City, most women I know didn’t get married in their twenties. I got married at 30, bought my first home not long after, traveled, got promoted (a few times), and then decided it was time to have kids.
Now, I never saw myself as the “stay at home” Mom type, but completely respected the choices that other people make. I had always focused on my career first— it was a career with long hours, business travel, and a healthy paycheck. But when child #3 came around (at age 38), I started rethinking my priorities. It may have been child #3, or it may have been that I missed going to the oldest child’s (age 5) school concerts that were during the day or that I didn’t get to have coffee with the other Moms after dropping the middle child (age 3) off at Nursery school or that I was envious of the kids afternoon trips to the park with the Nanny.

So I decided to get involved and fully embraced the idea that I could balance both being a Mom and working, but I would just have to
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Kissing Bandit

March 13, 2009

Today caught me by surprise.

I was on the phone long distance with a friend who is so wise…a former teacher…with a dedicated spiritual practice…when my call waiting kicked in. I quickly picked up, and it was the father of a girl in my son’s class who was over the top upset with the fact that he learned his daughter and my son had kissed in school.

I had no knowledge of the situation. Hadn’t heard a word about it. So I told him I’d have to call him back. I shared with my friend what transpired, and it led to an interesting discussion about people’s upbringings and belief systems. I will blog about that another time….but in a nutshell….part of what she shared is that people come to parenting with what they experienced when they were being brought up. Sure, they may have formed their own beliefs separate and distinct from those of their parents, but their foundation is that of their parents…for better or worse.

I called Seth’s teacher as fast as I could. She was at lunch break. I anxiously waited to hear from her so I could get the lowdown.

When she called back, she explained … Continue reading..

Guest Post — Is it Too Late? By Lee Silber

March 11, 2009


When you look at the list of old bands still on the road it makes you wonder, when are you too old to rock and roll?

Bruce Springsteen and his band performed at this year’s Super Bowl half-time show (and have a new album out) and he’s only five months away from turning 60. Other acts that are still successfully touring include the Eagles (all the key members are 60 or over), Jimmy Buffett is still going strong at age 62, and the Rolling Stones never stopped rockin’ even though Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are both 65. Does that make you feel old? Think about this, John Bonham and Ringo Starr’s sons are drummers with the latest versions of Led Zeppelin and the Who.

What does this mean for us? Well, for one thing, 60 really is the new 40 when it comes to age. Also, it’s never too late to do what you want to do. Many people were hanging onto a job they really didn’t like because it paid the bills. Then, all of a sudden that job is gone. Disaster, right? Not necessarily. This could be your … Continue reading..

Jo Bros Fan Here

March 8, 2009

I’m 48….going on 18…..going on 8.

I admit it. I like the Jonas Brothers.

Some of my mom friends don’t know who they are…which I find a little hard to believe. Do you?

But, if you’re the mother of a would-be 6 year old rocker boy, as I am, you surely do know them.

Tonight we went to see their new 3D movie, and I have to say, it was cool.

Joe Jonas is the heartthrob lead singer. Nick has a really interesting, unique voice. And, Kevin, I don’t know quite what to make of him. But, together they are a musical force with legions of fans I image worldwide…..including me and Seth.

I also like High School Musical.

And, I must admit, Miley Cyrus kinda appeals to me to.

And, I’m addicted to American Idol. My son came home one day this week from kindergarten and told me the kids in his class were talking about American Idol.

I feel like teeny bopper again. Wish I was one, chronically too. That would be fun.

I do appreciate keeping up with these pop cultural wunderkids thanks to my son.

Were it not for him, though I’d know of these performers, … Continue reading..