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The Adornment of Maternal Attire by Nancy Carolyn Kwant

March 28, 2019

You first became a part of my wardrobe when my structure stretched to accommodate your growing body.

I would shop at thrift stores for larger shirts and skirts not having the money to waste on a growth spurt that would only last for a couple of weeks.

I remember starting with one outfit in the morning and by noon, having to run to the second-hand maternity store to buy a bigger size.

No matter how much belly balm I rubbed in, a monkey scratch dance would alleviate my expanding skin only momentarily.

There is nothing sexy about compression socks not to mention the difficulty of trying to put them on with a burgeoning belly, orange dish gloves, and ole Portuguese lady swollen ankles.

In labor, the bandanna I fashioned to keep the hair out of my face eventually fell to the side as my head writhed deep into a pillow and my short brown locks twisted and knotted.

In between contractions, I slept and a brief look of peace would sweep my face.

An operating theatre of bright lights, blue masked strangers, a curtain hung between me and my belly, and my anticipated expression  of “girl” or “boy?”

When I … Continue reading..

No Place Like Home by Sharon O’Donnell

March 24, 2019

My husband and I have lived in the same house for 29 years now. We almost moved to a bigger house outside the city limits back in 1998 but decided against it. I even wrote an article about this housing decision for one of my regular columns for our local newspaper, and I came across a copy of it a few weeks ago. I had to laugh when I read about our oldest son, then 6, telling us that if we moved he would keep coming back to visit the people who moved into our house. I’d forgotten about that.

Our oldest is now 27 and living in DC with a steady girlfriend, our middle one is 24 and engaged to his long-time girlfriend, and our youngest is 18 and a senior in high school who will be going off to college three hours away in August.  This is the empty nest they told me about. It had seemed so far away. Since my oldest and youngest sons are nine years apart, I’ve had at least one child at home since 1991, and the realization of how much my life and routine will be changing has hit me harder than … Continue reading..

“Chick Flick: The Musical” Show Review by Andrea Santo Felcone

March 20, 2019

Last Saturday, I grabbed a friend and we headed over to the lovely Westside Theatre, to see the Off-Broadway production of “Chick Flick: The Musical”. A show–you guessed it–about those well-known romantic, often funny, sometimes sappy, cinematic gems. Those movies that have helped many of us regroup from a bad break-up, or live vicariously through its main characters (during a dating dry spell). Perhaps we’ve shared a cry and a laugh with the leading men and women of such classics as “When Harry Met Sally”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, and “The Notebook”, etc. Who hasn’t had their spirits lifted by watching, when, against all odds, the couple is reunited—often in the pouring rain, or falling snow, (precipitation is usually involved), but still, they are finally reunited?

So, a musical featuring four female leads, celebrating female friendship, all around the central theme of “chick flicks”? It sounded delicious, just like a tiny bit of fluffy cotton candy, the kind that evaporates in your mouth in mere moments. The premise: Four female friends meet up one night to share snacks (many snacks) and wine (even more wine) while drowning their “bad day sorrows” in a “chick flick” (or two). They come together to … Continue reading..

ACTUALLY, WE’RE F**KED: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

March 15, 2019

ACTUALLY, WE’RE F**KED, a new play by Matt Williams, is receiving its world-premiere production at Cherry Lane Theatre.

From defecation to periods to circumcision to religion….the show opens with a steady stream of highly opinionated millennial banter as two 30-something couples gather to eat, drink…and not quite be merry.  The world is going to pot and is achingly overpopulated, in their universal opinions, thus the notion of one day potentially becoming parents is not remotely on their respective radars .  So, it’s as if a bomb drops when Rachel (Marin Lee) unexpectedly announces that she is expecting.  This is especially a shocker, we later learn, because her husband cannot father a child.

Attorney Rachel is married to teacher/fitness/health buff Nick (Ben Rappaport), and it is in their well-adorned apartment where all the action takes place. Interior Decorator Molly (Keren Lugo) and Banker Frank (Gabriel Sloyer) are married, but ambitious Frank appears to have a thing for career-driven Rachel….or at least he once did.  This isn’t a real shocker since he seems mismatched with the maternal, spiritually-minded Molly who is busy redoing Rachel’s bathroom and stressing over tile color choices.

Each of the characters, for different reasons, has a key … Continue reading..

Keeping Your Family Lice Free (Sponsored Post)

March 14, 2019

Nothing makes a parent’s skin crawl faster than hearing the dreaded L-word: lice.

Head lice cases are on the rise in New York City. Parents are reporting their kids having lice two or more times per year compared to never getting lice in previous years.

Lice are highly contagious. Head-to-head contact with an already infested person is the most common way to get head lice. Head-to-head contact is common during play at school, at home and elsewhere, such as sports activities, the playground, slumber parties, and camps. Traditional over-the-counter treatments contain pesticides that are no longer effective. Lice have evolved into “super lice” and have developed resistance to those pesticides.

What to do if your kids are sent home with lice?

Anyone can get head lice. If your child gets lice, it has nothing to do with bad hygiene. In fact, quite the opposite: head lice prefer clean hair as it is easier for the louse to grab hold of hair that is not oily.

  1. Inspect your child’s head at home, especially if your child has an itchy scalp. Look for nits (eggs), nymphs and adult lice.
  2. Call the parents of your child’s friends and have them check for
Continue reading..

The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children by Ronald F. Ferguson and Tatsha Robertson (Book Excerpt)

March 13, 2019

The Navigational Voice in their Head

When he turned five, Sangu began a strange nightly ritual based on something his mother would tell him: “Before you say your bedtime prayers, I want you to go and look in the mirror in the bathroom, and ask yourself: ‘What have I accomplished today? Can I really feel confident that I’ve actually done something useful today?’ And if you feel confident that you’ve actually done something today, say your bedtime prayers, and go to bed.” Many nights, he’d need to head to the family’s small home library to read or study “until I felt I had met the threshold” by learning something new.

Even when Sangu was off to college, his mother’s words were always in his head, and to this day, they serve as a guiding force, an opportunity for personal growth not to be squandered.

“I’ve literally had days where I pray and I’m about to go to bed and I say, ‘I didn’t do anything productive today.’ And I won’t go to bed because I can’t go to bed when I had a day when I didn’t accomplish anything. So, I’ll go back and read something.”

That isn’t to say … Continue reading..

FIERCELY INDEPENDENT: Show Review by Jamie Levine

March 13, 2019

As a recently engaged single mom, I have no personal experience with a broken marriage that both parties are completely uncertain about how to repair. But I do know how distracting cell phones, computers, and the overwhelming presence of modern technology can be when it comes to trying to communicate with loved ones. So I found the premise of “Fiercely Independent,” a new original play by 3-time Tony Award Winner Kathleen Johnson (who also directed), engaging, and thoroughly enjoyed this dramatic Off-Broadway play.

In it, a 30-something couple, Julie (played by Caitlin Gallogly, best known as Princess Kenny on Comedy Central’s “South Park” and as Kim on “Silicon Valley” (HBO)) and Robert (played by Christopher M. Smith, who has select TV and theater credits, and is making his Off-Broadway debut here) find their 4-year marriage in crisis, and decide to spend 24 hours together in a hotel room with no television, cell phones, or Internet/computers, to see if they can resolve their issues. They also come to this rendezvous with a list of ground rules that both of them must follow (e.g., no drinking alcohol, must always be honest, etc.). The conversations, interactions, and revelations that transpire between the couple … Continue reading..

Motherhood’s Guilty Pleasures by Andrea Santo Felcone

February 25, 2019

vintage televisionThis won’t do much for the image of the stay-at-home mom, but the truth is the truth, so here goes. One of the very best parts of my day is emailing a friend to discuss all the juiciest bits of our favorite television shows. Emailing “Maggie” (not her real name, she has some modicum of pride, whereas, clearly, I do not) about the latest goings on in either Genoa City, or Port Charles, or at the famed Forrester Creations–these are some of the best parts of my day. Now, before the full confession, let me just say that I have never eaten a bon-bon while watching my “stories,” so let’s just dispel that myth right from the outset. I will admit to carving out a bit of time (most days) to watch my favorite soap opera. Yes, there, I’ve said it. Now, judge all you like, but if you are watching reality television, you owe a bit of debt to the original soap operas. (So, there’s that.)

I know there are thousands of better uses of my time. But you have to understand that soap operas hold three worlds for me: they are a nostalgic link to my childhood, a … Continue reading..