Chapters of our Later in Life Mothers Organization

Our midlife moms group at present has chapters in the following areas listed below. There are always new ones being launched, so be sure to check back periodically, and don’t hesitate to write if you’d like to see our older mom or dad group in your town. We want to hear from you.  Each chapter plans their own events, and they can range from everything including moms night outs, moms luncheons, casual park outings, mommy & me get togethers, family functions, etc.

midlife moms group older moms group

Greenville, SC

St. Louis, MO

Houston, TX

Jefferson City, MO

Los Angeles, CA

New York City/Long Island

Westchester, NY

New Jersey – Northern

East Alabama

Fredericksburg, VA

Raleigh, NC

Antelope Valley, CA

Huntsville, AL

Sarasota, FL

Kent, United Kingdom

New South Wales, Australia


Lagos, Nigeria

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Note: Each chapter operates autonomously, and Motherhood Later defers to the judgment of chapter heads. By joining Motherhood Later, you agree that Motherhood Later, its founder and organizers shall have no liability arising from acts of its individual members.