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Bots don’t eat yogurt by Pamela Francis

November 16, 2021

Like many of you I have become broadband’s bitch, much to my chagrin and resistance, which I hear-tell is futile according to all villains past present and future. So as such I am in the throes of how do I take back control of my family’s life now that virtually everything we do (pun intended and woefully unavoidable) is tied to internet access.

I confessed to my 11-yr old (Junie) that I had once promoted the vagaries of having a tech savvy minion inhouse.  His older brother, my Malachi, has worn that hat since the day I realized I could no longer run wires from the back of my tv to the cable box without his assist. He may have been 13 at the time. As things got decidedly more wiry, even as they got wire less, I didn’t even bother trying to learn or figure out what a _(blank)__ was or how to get a _(blank)__ to connect to the _(blank)__. I just called on Mallie. His career as family Tech Support took off and we even played with the idea of having him apply to Apple where we heard he could make $18 an hour remotely helping … Continue reading..

Trevor: The Musical: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

November 11, 2021

Endearing and engaging are just two of the words that come to mind for the new show, Trevor: The Musical, that just opened at Stage 42 in NYC.

Heading the 19 member company is 13 year old very likeable, charismatic Holden William Hagelberger from Sugarland, Texas, who plays “Trevor” and was discovered in a wide search including a national virtual casting call resulting in over 1300 submissions.

Trevor, who wears his admiration for idol Diana Ross both on his sleeve and walls, struggles to fit in. He’s a non-jock who has not found his peeps, short of Walter (played effectively by Aryan Simhadri), who hangs out with him in his bedroom doing offbeat science experiments including examining sperm under a microscope and lusting after models on tractors in a catalog his mother received.  Trevor has an eye for the men but conceals his preference. When Trevor’s parents find a page from the catalog under his bed featuring a beefy guy, they attempt to have a conversation with Trevor about their suspicions, but it never goes anywhere. Given that the show is set in 1981, the fact that Trevor is flamboyantly gay is an especially tough potential nut to swallow for … Continue reading..

I’m Not a Grandma……by Marina Topsis

November 8, 2021

It happened again. While waiting for the Halloween parade to start at my two boys’ school, another parent turned to me and asked if I was there for my grandchildren. I responded saying the boys are my kids. No apology. The month before I reminded my six year old to behave while he was getting his haircut and the stylist chimed in, “Listen to your grandma.”

Even as newborns the “grandma” inference would come up. I found myself compelled to share my miraculous journey to motherhood; having met my husband in our forties,  putting parenting on hold to care for my ailing mother, and finally making the decision to seek the help of who we call a miracle worker, Dr. Miguel Damien, the best IVF specialist in New Jersey.

At work, my successful pregnancies inspired other older aspiring parents to seek him out and they, as well, were blessed. What is it about older woman with children that makes people automatically assume they’re our grandchildren?  AMA bias exists.

I became familiar with the term Advanced Maternal Age during my two pregnancies, having my boys at 54 and 55 years of age. Even before the pregnancies our journey to parenthood was … Continue reading..

“Rapunzel Alone” Audio Play–Review by Andrea Santo Felcone

October 19, 2021

Prior to listening to this fully-produced, stand-alone audio theater recording of “Rapunzel Alone” by playwright Mike Kenny, I assumed it would be a re-telling of the Rapunzel tale—a ‘fractured fairytale’ of sorts–with the usual ingredients: a tower, a witch, and a handsome prince climbing his way up Rapunzel’s extremely long locks. While that would have been fine, this production is so much more. More clever and more subtle than what I was imagining ahead of listening. This is really something else entirely, with much more sophistication and depth.Rapunzel Alone

Before we dive in, I need to tell you something interesting, especially for those Motherhood Later friends who live on the West Coast: This audio recording–which is available for FREE now at, is being released in advance of the world premiere production of “Rapunzel Alone” that will be presented live-in-performance next spring. So, two pieces of “Rapunzel Alone” art: an audio version and live performances. (How fun is that?) The live performances, presented by 24th Street Theatre in association with the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts (, will take place March 12 through March 19 at The Wallis (Beverly Hills, Ca.), followed by a six-week run, March … Continue reading..

Cool Organizational Essentials from Erin Condren: Review by Robin Gorman Newman

September 27, 2021

When I was approached to blog about Erin Condren, it was a quick decision to have the opportunity to sample of their super fun products.

From their website….Erin Condren is a lifestyle brand known for creating fun and functional organization essentials for the home, office, and everything in between. From high-quality planners and notebooks to custom organizers, desk accessories, and more, each product is intentionally crafted to help customers achieve goals, reduce stress, and lead more joyful, meaningful lives through organization.

And, they just launched a beautiful, new collection celebrating National Latinx Heritage Month. The fourth in their new Heritage and Awareness Month series, featuring new planners, notebooks, accessories, and more by four Latinx artists (two from the Erin Condren design team!).  35% of net proceeds go to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) through October 15, 2021. HSF is a leading national nonprofit organization that empowers students to successfully complete a higher education.

And, aside from the colorful, striking Latinx collection, I was sent the following — all of which I really love, so wanted to share……


This colorful, tropical design by Erin Condren designer DM Smith illustrates the harmony, tranquility, and beauty … Continue reading..

JoyAmo Jewelry & Discount Offer: Personalized Gifts by Robin Gorman Newman

September 21, 2021

What gal doesn’t love new, fun jewelry?!

So, when JoyAmo Jewelry reached out to me, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get to know the company a bit and sample some of their lovely and reasonably priced creations.

I’ve always personally been a fan of personalized items, and when browsing through the JoyAmo Jewelry website, there was so much to pick from that it wasn’t an easy decision amongst all the the rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  I wound up choosing something for myself, my husband’s milestone birthday, and a special friend’s birthday.

As per their website, here’s some specifics……

  • Our fashionable and stylish jewelry is designed and handcrafted by expert artisans.
  • We have been producing and perfecting our jewelry to keep the highest standards.
  • Our jewelry are at the highest quality. All our jewels have absolutely no peeling or discoloration of the skin upon wearing it thanks to 60 years of experience in the manufacturing process.
  • We have a quality control team that examines each item after its production to make sure they are perfect.
  • Our customer service meets the highest standards and we are at your service for any questions or interest.
  • We provide free shipping with tracking
Continue reading..

Your Turn: How to Be an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims (Book Excerpt)

September 15, 2021

I’ll risk your eye-roll because this needs to sink in: Life is not about getting to some perfect destination that gives everyone else FOMO. When your death comes, and you’re sized up by your family, friends, God, and the universe, or whatever you believe in and wish happens at the end, the small moments of you just being you will form your final video. Whether you’re a good person or a bad person in the tiny little moments along the way is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. What we’re talking about here is your character.

That should feel like a relief. Because you actually have control over your character. But what is it? It’s the outward manifestation of your personality and behavioral traits, which others can observe and experience from interacting with you. You wouldn’t need to worry much about your character if you lived on an island alone. But we are a social species, so your character matters because it matters to others. Character can make or break you. You want to make your character good. 


Our son, Sawyer, was born in the early summer of 1999 and our daughter, Avery, was … Continue reading..

Make Your Mess Your Message by Shari Leid (Book Excerpt)

September 9, 2021

Excerpted from Make Your Mess Your Message by Shari Leid. Copyright © 2021 Shari Leid. Reprinted with permission from Shari Leid. Seattle, WA. All rights reserved.


Chapter 49

Tiffani’s Story: Acknowledging My Adoption Trauma

Born in Seoul, Korea

Fun fact: Tiffani’s adoptive parents were both very fair-skinned, both six feet tall, and both very Southern!

Tiffani and I share a special bond that stems from our life experiences. We were both abandoned by our birth families in South Korea, and we were later adopted through the same adoption agency in the 1970s. This was at a time when interracial and international adoptions were uncommon, and Korea was the first country to export their orphaned children for adoption. Speaking with Tiffani during our Zoom date was the first time I had ever spoken to another Korean adoptee about our adoption experiences.

Date 49 — What is the mess that became your message?

It is the “luck of the draw” what family you will end up with when you’re adopted — especially back in the 1970s when international adoption wasn’t the somewhat well-oiled machine that it is today. Tiffani was adopted at three and a half years of age, when she … Continue reading..