September eZine Giveaway – Washy Wonder

Washy WonderSave Money and the Environment with the Washy Wonder Bag Saver System

Save, clean and re-use almost any size plastic bag using the Washy Wonder bag saver system and a dishwasher.

The system consists of two small paddle shaped pieces that slide over the prongs used to hold dishes on a dishwasher’s rack. With the Washy Wonder installed, a plastic bag slides over the paddles which hold the bag open so spray from the dishwasher can clean and sanitize the bags inside and out.

The Washy Wonder holds everything from snack size to sandwich size to gallon size plastic bags. The paddles are constructed with specially slotted ends that will fit over both straight and angled dishwasher rack prongs and are made from non-toxic food grade polypropylene.

Four winners! Each will win a Washy Wonder.