Testimonials of Later in Life Moms

Motherhood Later… Than Sooner has positively impacted thousands of later in life moms across the globe…here is what lthey saying:


Stories of Midlife Older Moms Parenting Later in Life“Having the resource of Motherhood Later…than Sooner (MLTS) has been a tremendous help as I struggled to find myself in the whirlwind of life choices. Seeing other “older” and successful mothers in the MLTS profiles and blog reminds me that my path is shared by many women – each working to balance her life.” Maureen Van Walleghan

“Motherhood Later…Than Sooner came into my life at the perfect time. My son was a toddler, as were the children of some of the other moms I’ve met, and I now have a support network. Thanks to Motherhood Later, I am in frequent contact with other moms through local gatherings, seminars, and social networking. This organization has enhanced my life and my parenting skills. I am so grateful to have found Motherhood Later because it has given me a sense of “togetherness” that I may not have been able to find with younger moms.” Cara Meyers

“I am a Fifty-something mother of 2 wonderful children! I remarried later in life, thinking my dream of being a mother would never come true. With the support of my husband and help from modern medicine I became a mom at 45, and again at 50! I found my local MLTS group very soon after it was organized, and my gratitude to these women is undying. They are my best friends, the ones I can count on and share experiences with. They understand the irony of hot-flashes combined with diapering a two year old. They know that the calluses on my knees are from playing dollies on the floor… nothing more exciting… THEY GET IT! I could go on and on, but will pause here… thank you Robin for MLTS!” Jennifer Foster

“I was absolutely thrilled when I came across your web site. When my daughter started Kindergarten, a woman came up to me and asked if she was ‘mine.’ I happily replied Yes. She told me that she too was a grandmother! I tried to smile politely and explain I was the MOTHER, not grandmother, and to lighten up an uneasy, I said I had started later in life. Yet she replied, ‘I can tell.’ I think it is absolutely wonderful to embrace life and see it through the eyes of a child – at any age! How lucky are we that there is a large percentage of women who truly are wonderful mothers, thanks in many ways to the “age” factor.” Michele



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