Countdown to School and Scheduling by Robin Gorman Newman

This summer is zipping by.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the best….between my being plagued by various ailments…..and the unexpected passing of a friend/business associate.

In that sense, I won’t be sorry to see summer end, as I hope for a better rest of the year.  But, I’ve never been one to wish time away.  Instead I endeavor to be grateful for the good in my life, including the days when I feel most like myself….which hopefully will come more and more frequently.

Seth is finished with camp and starts school after Labor Day.

He’s been a trooper with his days off.  Most of the time, we haven’t had any special plans.  He has had a few play dates…and next week has his best friend sleeping over here for the first time, which should be total fun for him.  And, thankfully, it’s a child I enjoy as well.

I’ve purchased his school supplies.  We have to rent an alto sax for him…..he’s taking up an instrument in school.  Have to make a decision re: enrolling him in an after school program that he’s attended before.

A mom friend emailed me about what will be her son’s demanding schedule, largely sports-laden.  He will be on a traveling baseball team, swimming, playing basketball, going to Hebrew…and that’s just what she knows thus far.  I’m tired just hearing about it!

Seth is going to have a private Hebrew tutor, since Hebrew school wasn’t a huge success for him this past year.  We have chosen a young guy who we think will be great with him, and we look forward to them cultivating a relationship.

Other than Hebrew, we have yet to determine what else Seth will pursue.  I’m not big on over scheduling…..for his sake or that of our family.

He’s enjoyed private kickboxing lessons in the past, and it was a good outlet for him and his energy…not to mention building discipline and control.  We’ve proposed he take it up again. 

He’s become a good swimmer and enjoys the water.  Maybe swim lessons?  He’s had some before.

He’s taken tennis lessons and enjoyed.  Maybe more?

He had golf lessons this summer….gonna take a break. 

He’s been in Cub Scouts…didn’t love it.

He’s played on soccer and baseball teams….didn’t love or excel at them.

He dabbled at piano …….but didn’t like to practice outside the lesson.

I like the idea of exposing him to new experiences….but to what end? Would we be well-served to groom him as an avid sport player?  You can’t force interests, though you can guide.

In a few years, when he’s of age, I know he’d love to volunteer at a local animal shelter.  I’m in full support of that.

As a parent, how do you decide what to enroll your child in, and how much is advisable? 

I’m sure fourth grade will be more demanding than third was, and he’ll need time for homework, and get togethers with friends, and computer exploration time.

At this point, I’m keeping an open mind….and we’ll see what the universe presents and how things manifest. 



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  2. Oh thank you Robin for your article. I have thought I needed to struggle with the activity/schedule thing for my daughter but thankfully only kept it to myself. She is now in 7th grade and the only activity she’s done is violin lessons which only lasted a year. Even then I mader her purchase the violin and I’d pay for the lessons. She enjoyed them but like Seth never wanted to practice outside the lessons. She’s a healthy well adjusted child and thank goodness I don’t run myself ragged going here there and everywhere. Thanks for the support!!

    By Janice on Aug 28, 2012