Melissa Couch Salim

Melissa is a former television anchor, reporter, producer, and Founder, Baby Buzz Adoption Group, whose mission is to advocate for aspiring parents challenged by the process.  She spent over 20 years in the medical litigation arena as a successful entrepreneur and is a long time wellness proponent.  She is a producer/co-host of 3 WOMEN PRESENT, a monthly virtual series featuring conversation with inspiring women experts and authors who are game changers in their respective arenas.  Melissa heads the Houston chapter of, is a moderator in MOMS OVER 40 TELL ALL on Clubhouse, and co-hosts the Motherhood Later bi-monthly Zoom chat with later moms worldwide.  She lives in Houston with her husband and young daughter, Olivia.  And….she is an award-winning competitive ballroom dancer, promoting by example her commitment to fitness, nutrition and healthy aging.