Guest Post — By Terry Starr

Odd Oldie Out

Being the oldest mom in pre-school could at times feel a little like “odd oldie out” and only got tougher entering kindergarten/elementary. This was not something I realized at the time, but there were definitely some pre-conceived notions. Couple this with the fact that I worked full-time and let’s just say it took me 5 solid years to find a group of women that I adore and respect. Even today, I am the oldest mom in my wonderful circle of friends and still take a bit of a ribbing at every ‘girl’s night out birthday celebration’…but, I truly believe in the adage, “You’re as young as you feel” because ironically today people constantly mistake me for at least a decade younger.

Having kids later in life certainly has its advantages. My hubby and I were in a pretty stable (financial) position when we had our kids (I was 37 with the first and 41 with the second). Ahh, of course, these days I can’t claim anything stable [given our economic climate]. It was a little tougher physically to have our kids this late, but for me, focusing on first establishing my career and then having a family has worked out well. My only word to the wise is that it can be difficult for women to have children as late as I did. And that’s a scary thought. In my case, I didn’t meet the right man until I was 35 years old…and so the story goes.

Terry Starr, 50, is Co-Founder,, a site/community whose mission is to provide advice, support and solutions for mothers contemplating a comeback career. She is pictured here with her 13 year old daughter Danielle.