LATER MOM TESTIMONIAL – by Nancy Ann Morton, MLTS Chapter Head – Greenville, SC

I joined MLTS over 2 years ago because I wanted to feel normal- not old and crazy to have kids later in life. I had my first daughter at age 36 and my second at age 40. The unconditional love, acceptance, and enthusiasm I have found in my local chapter of 55 mamas have changed my life for the better. Being a transplant from New England, I found a sense of family and everything else I could ever want in MLTS!

One of my favorite things to do in MLTS is to host outings and events. It’s a great way to share my interests while at the same time ensuring I will be in good company. It always feels like a grand reunion whenever we get together. My daughters and husband have also been blessed by this group as we make sure there are social opportunities for them as well.

I have found that MLTS has not only helped me get over my discomfort in large groups, but it has helped me become a better wife, mother, and “self.” At one point I couldn’t imagine myself hosting a group of 10 or more people in my house but now I find myself taking a turn as the local chapter head. What a change for me!

I can’t thank Cindy Moore Laursen enough for starting our chapter here in Greenville, South Carolina. I no longer feel shy when I’m around moms with kids the same age as mine – even if they are 20 years younger than me. And, I laugh when some people confuse me as the “grandma.” I have a sense of belonging now and that stuff doesn’t bother me anymore. Well, maybe not as much as it used to anyway!


Nancy Ann