Martha Stewart I’m Not

It is Turkey Day. Seth and Marc are home, and we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television. It is a mellow day. Until a week ago, we didn’t know if we’d have any particular plans.

I don’t love turkey, so for me, it would be no huge loss if we didn’t eat it. But, there is something to be said for tradition….especially family tradition. And, I am feeling a bit of a loss in that department.

I lost my mom close to 10 years ago (hard to believe), and making Thanksgiving was her thing. I recall the great smells that would come from the kitchen. She had a way of putting her own stamp on the food. She made a mean stuffing….not from bread or a mix….but matzoh, vegetables, spices. And, her pumpkin bread with chocolate chips would have you talking (and dieting) for weeks. But, it was all worth it. Years later, Marc sometimes bakes some loaves from her recipe, and I love it.

While I now have my own family, I miss the Thanksgivings past. My sister and the kids are never available because they travel for tennis. Yes….believe it or not….there are tournaments on the major holidays. My dad and Marc’s mom are around…but quite honestly….I don’t love entertaining. We have done it here before, and I find it a lot of work, and not a lot of fun. All the set up, clean up, etc. Just not my thing.

Every year, I say we should start a new tradition and get together with close friends….even if we meet in a diner. But, that has yet to come to pass.

When Marc’s brother called a week ago to invite us this year to his home, I was pleasantly surprised. Not that he hasn’t invited us in the past, but we didn’t know he planned to entertain. I am glad to have a destination….but all the happier for Seth. I like the idea of him being with some extended family and/or people other than us. We don’t have a lot of family to begin with, and Seth is an only child. But, regardless, it somehow feels more festive to be with a group. And, certainly a lot easier just to be reponsible for picking up dessert.

In a “perfect” world I’d be more of a Martha Stewart, but I know that will never happen.

I’d probably be happy eating a turkey pot pie, but I don’t think Seth or Marc would go for that.

What do you do to celebrate, and what does the holiday mean to you?