4 Great Gift Ideas for Young Adults Ideal for Any Occasion

Holiday season may be over, but gift shopping and giving doesn’t just end in December.

For those special young adults in your life, you’ll likely want to buy them birthday gifts, just-because rewards, graduation presents and/or housewarming goodies throughout the year.

With this in mind, here are four gift ideas for the young adult(s) in your life, regardless of the occasion:

1. A Subscription Box

No matter what your favorite young adult is into, you can find a subscription box that suits their interests. As a bonus, this is the type of gift that keeps on giving, as you typically buy these boxes in three-, six- or 12-month increments. In other words, the recipient will enjoy receiving them for months to come. 

For ideas and inspiration, check out My Subscription Addiction, which offers any number of themed boxes devoted to beauty, food, craft, clothing, technology and pet products. For instance, MunchPak offers three different subscription packages featuring an assortment of newfangled snacks, along with some classic favorites.

2. New Furniture and Décor

If you recently visited the apartment of a young adult in your life and found it to be lacking comfortable furniture, you might consider gifting him or her with some new pieces. Many people who decorate their first place rely on hand-me-downs from their parents or thrift stores.

And while this is great in the short term, new items can help make a place look more complete and homier. For instance, a new, plush pillow-top mattress will help them to get a better night’s sleep. If your budget allows it, you might also consider treating him or her to a new bed frame and/or other needed bedroom accessories.

3. Tech-Inspired Gifts

Most young adults love technology and gadgets. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of digital devices out there, meaning you can find a wide variety of items that fit every interest level and price point. These range from the relatively inexpensive Skullcandy earbuds and headphones to the pricier Apple Watch, as well as everything in-between, including a Polaroid Snap camera, Amazon Echo and/or a fun and funky cell phone case.

4. A Themed Goodie Bag

There’s something great about getting a festive gift bag filled with an assortment of fun and needed items. If you’re shopping for someone who loves to cook but hasn’t treated herself or himself to many kitchen essentials, fill the bag with measuring cups and spoons, small and large spatulas, a whisk, small pot and frying pan. 

The coffee lover in your life will adore a bag that contains a Starbucks gift card, new mug, pound of coffee and/or a Chemex coffee maker and some paper filters. Meantime, a goodie bag filled with microwave popcorn, boxes of candy and a DVD or two is perfect for a film buff, while sports fans will appreciate receiving a beanie featuring his or her favorite team’s logo, T-shirt with a player’s name and number, and tickets to an upcoming game.

Shopping for Young Adults is Definitely Doable

As you can see, gift shopping for young adults doesn’t have to be difficult. By thinking about outside the box about their wants, needs and special interests, as well as looking for things they are unlikely to buy for themselves, you can surprise them with great gifts year round.