A Circus Weekend

We had a busy weekend. Marc worked yesterday, and I took Seth and a friend of his to see Race to Witch Mountain.
While it was a Disney film, it was a bit “darker” than I had expected. Full of action and intrigue, Seth loved it. His friend had moments of being a little bit scared, but she was a trooper, and got through it with flying colors.
Today, Marc and I took Seth to the circus. The older he gets, the more he seems to enjoy it, and today, he really loved it. Marc and I enjoyed it too, and the stands were packed. I don’t remember ever seeing it so crowded.
It was Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey presenting Zing Zang Zoom.
A catchy name and theme song, this performance offers magic and circus spectacular.
There were dazzling trapeze acts, female human cannonballs flying through the air at top speed, awe-inspiring high wire acts….etc.
Seth particularly loved the acts with animals. Dogs, Asian elephants, Bengal tigers, Arabian and Friesian horses, and even zebras, caught his full attention, and he couldn’t get enough.
For Seth, it was truly ‘The Greatest Show on Earth,” and we were glad to share the experience with him.
Check it out at http://www.ringling.com/.