A Day Without Faith By: Lori Loesch

My daughter Faith Ana, had the opportunity to spend the entire day with her best friend, at an amusement park.  These girls have been together since pre school.  They seem to know what the other is feeling.  They truly care about each other.  

The awesome, super parents spent eleven, or more hours, traveling, waiting in line, riding, swimming, searching for “that” game, playing, and a whole lot more!  Word is, that the girls got alone marvelously, with no arguing.  

It was an opportunity for me, as well.  Not for the reason you might think.  I missed my daughter, Faith.  We’re together quite a lot and that’s the way I like it.  I think she feels the same.  We have fun together, even if it’s just shopping for groceries.  We laugh and joke and talk.  

The dog, Max our German Shepherd, was out of sorts all day.  Especially when evening came and Faith still wasn’t home.  He was begging for biscuits, and wanted outside, then not.  I felt the same way all day.  By 10:00pm, I was in my element.  I sat down and watched a funny movie, with my husband.  It was a very nice few hours.  Then, even before the German Shepherd heard it, I heard the sound a car makes, as it drives up the driveway.  I sprang off the couch!  “She’s home!” I exclaimed!  I was so happy to have her home!  Words to explain are:  joy, love, happy,  glad.  I missed her so much, it was as though she was a new person in my eyes, like I was seeing her again, for the first time.  We sat down and she told me all about her day at the amusement park with her best friend, and her best friend’s parents.  They are cool parents and Faith likes them a lot!  They joke  and have a good time.  

I surely needed that time apart, as odd as that may sound.  Her absence did make my heart grow fonder.  As we talked, long into the night, interrupted only by yawns, we were two exciting people, experiencing something together that we can cherish forever.  

As it turns out, she was at a park that has been around since I was in grade school.  I remember going with my cousin’s church group.  The Haunted House seemed to keep her interest, she talked about the doors, and how the car, they were riding in, had to hit them and then the double doors flung open, banging the walls!  She couldn’t get over the fact that the attendant had to stop the car with his, of all things, foot!  “Why couldn’t they put a stopper on it?”  She wondered.  She concluded that they wanted to keep it original.  She didn’t think they had it computer controlled.  How could it be?  She’s so cute. I told her that in my day it was called the  “Fun House”, and imagine that…thinking you were going to have a fun time, only to get scared to death!  She kept her eyes closed, and sat closer to her friends mom.  I was grateful that the mom thought ahead and didn’t put them in a car with each other.  She split them up, Faith having the mom and her friend got her dad.  I love these two parents as well.  You can say, I trust them with my daughter, and that says, everything.  Faith said, “It was the best day ever!”







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