Bloomin’ Mom Shares: Another Chance – By Heather Boser, Chapter Head, Raleigh, NC

Heather Boser My husband and I met in 1996 and have been married since 1999. We have the kind of easy going marriage – best friends. You know, the kind that when we first met, we thought we knew each other in some other life. We were very happy, just the two of us – living in South Florida. Add a cute little dog in 2003. Careers were moving along. Life was status quo.

About six years into our marriage, we decided to start a family, and life took us on an unexpected and wild journey of ups and downs. Over the next five years, we experienced such heart-wrenching losses that we thought after each one, we’d not try again. It was just too much. And, as much hurt and pain that brought to our hearts, it also brought us closer than we even thought possible. There is something to be said about getting to “the belly of the whale” with someone you love and somehow finding your way through. My life lesson takeaways? Keep searching for the light, take one step at a time, trust the journey, life really is good.

We decided to move from South Florida to Raleigh, NC for a fresh start. Even though life tossed some more challenges when we got here, things eventually fell into place. We bought a house and were overjoyed when we found out we were expecting.

Because of our history, we were heavily monitored the entire pregnancy. I honestly didn’t mind, as each passing day of monitoring helped me to feel more secure. At age 40, we had our beautiful, healthy baby. When our doctor announced, “It’s a girl!!!” I could hardly see her though all my tears of joy. We are (and continue to be) so grateful and humbled by the whole experience. She is a precious gift and has changed our outlook on life. We can’t even put into words the love we feel for this little girl (as I’m sure you all understand).
Seeking a social group with moms my own age, I was pleased to find Motherhood Later. As the head of the new Motherhood Later Than Sooner chapter in Raleigh, North Carolina, I look forward to meeting other local 35+ moms.