A Repeat Visit to Gulliver’s Gate with My Teen Son by Robin Gorman Newman

When Gulliver’s Gate first opened, my son and I paid a visit and were highly impressed.

Ever since, we had been longing to return, as it’s the kind of attraction that is ever-evolving and doesn’t grow old.

During his recent school break, we jumped on the opportunity, and it did not disappoint the second time around.  This time we brought friends along, who echoed our sentiments.

(NYC – Times Square)

Gulliver’s Gate, the world’s most technically advanced and interactive miniature experience, located in Times Square, takes visitors on a trip around the world as they check out the 49,000 square foot attraction that is home to over 300 built-to-scale miniature scenes of New York, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Russia, New England, the

(Jerusalem, Israel)

Middle East and Washington DC, as well many other regions from across the globe. Throughout each regional scene, there are hundreds of interactive aspects, including moving model trains and cars, as well as ships that sail and balloons that float through the air. Landmarks  depicted include world wonders such as the Hoover Dam, the Parthenon, the Colosseum, the Pyramids, the Panama Canal, the Great Wall of China and many more.

There are more than 1,000 miniature trains, 12,000 wagons, 10,000 cars and trucks. The smallest items designed and produced are vases for the bars and free standing coffee machines. There are approximately 100,000 people in the entire exhibit

The level of detail is truly astounding, and each scene feels so authentic!

Guests visiting are encouraged to become a part of the process, and are free to visit the Gulliver’s Gate control center and model shops to enjoy watching the model makers at work, as well as ask them any questions they may have on the model making process.

(3D Scanner)

In addition to the state-of-the-art models, Gulliver’s Gate offers all guests the opportunity to create miniature versions of themselves. After getting scanned in the attraction’s 3D scanner, guests have the option, for a fee, to become a permanent fixture as a “model citizen” of Gulliver’s Gate, and can also have miniature figurines of themselves created and delivered home as a souvenir.

We spent a couple of hours there, taking our time roaming around….but you could easily spend more.

An impressive airport section is in development, and we already got to see a miniature plane take off.

We would definitely return in the future….and this time around we decided to have miniatures made of ourselves…so we will for sure be back to see how we turned out.  My son, a volunteer Jr. Firefighter, elected to have his miniature placed at the 911 Memorial, and I opted for Venice, one of my favorite vacation spots and a trip we shared as a family that brings back fond memories.  Now, I can be found there for posterity, at Gullver’s Gate.

For additional information, visit, http://gulliversgate.com.




Note: We were provided with press passes, but our opinions are our own.