A Visit to Gulliver’s Gate by Robin Gorman Newman

Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages, and that might be said of experiences as well.

Gulliver’s Gate, a miniature world experience new to Times Square, offers an interactive display representing regions of the world and iconic landmarks, as well as moving trains, planes, ships, wagons and people of the past and present. Scenes depicted from the world include New York City, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Russia and Asia. Landmarks include world wonders such as the Hoover Dam, the Parthenon, the Colosseum, the Pyramids, the Panama Canal, the Great Wall of China and many more. The attraction also incorporates a full-body scanner and 3D printer to enable visitors to make miniature versions of themselves that can be taken home as a souvenir, or left behind as a permanent “model citizen” of Gulliver’s Gate.

Housed in a 49,000 square foot space, Gulliver’s Gate is a $40-million-dollar project that is an impressive work in progress, and it’s expected to draw well over one million annual visitors.  It will feature 50 nations within 300 built-to-scale models of scenes from around the universe, and when we were there, they were in the process of building a dedicated airport section.

I found it to be quite a transportive experience.  A wonderful way to catch the travel bug and get a sense of the world and places you might like to visit.  And, a trip down memory lane for my son and I of destinations we have already enjoyed.

My 14 year old son was totally in his element from a tech perspective.  He loved that you could push buttons to make things move, and he was enthralled by the details of some of the scenes, particularly those involving emergency vehicles or a crash.


There are more than 1,000 miniature trains, 12,000 wagons, 10,000 cars and trucks.  And, there are approximately 100,000 people in the entire exhibit.

What is so fascinating is where and how the models were made, each with such a high level of authenticity.

  • New York – Made in Brooklyn, New York, by 16 model makers, 358 days to create
  • Latin America – Made in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by 15 model makers, 58 days to create
  • Middle East – Made in Jerusalem, Israel, by 19 model makers, 124 days to create
  • Asia – Made in Beijing, China, by 29 model makers, 178 days to create
  • Europe – Made in Rimini, Italy, by 10 model makers, 154 days to create
  • Russia – Made in Grand Maket, St. Petersburg Russia, by 26 model makers, 158 days to create

NYC – Times Aquare


There was so much to take in.  We spent a solid couple of hours there, and as it grows and word spreads, it will definitely become a popular NYC go-to destination. There is also a gift shop with some interesting offerings.


We’d love to return as the exhibit becomes fully functioning and realized.

Whether you are a native New Yorker or tourist, you will feel like a world traveler (or wannabee) after spending time at Gulliver’s Gate.

Gulliver’s Gate is located at 216 West 44 Street in NYC.    Hours of operation are 9AM-10PM daily.  Last entry is 8:30PM.


$25 April 6th through May 9th (all ages)
From May 9th on:
$36 for adults at door; $32 online
$28 children (ages 3-12) and seniors (ages 65+); $24 online

Body Scanner


$44 to scan yourself and create a 3-d model, and become a model citizen (i.e. be placed in the attraction)



Visit www.gulliversgate.com.







Note: We received a press tour, but our opinions are our own.