Adjusting To The School Schedule By: Lori Loesch


Adjusting to a new school schedule is always the same.  Everyone is displaced, trying to find a comfortable spot, in a new grade, a new school, with new students.  

We’re in the third week of school.  There have been a few changes.  A few things we let go.  It’s sad to see things change, yet it’s usually a good thing, if it’s the right change.  Having Faith join cheerleading was an exciting change.  The traveling was a hurdle, but I was ready to run and jump as best I could.  Driving or riding long distances is not something that I’m comfortable with.  

I had a feeling Cheerleading wasn’t top priority on Faith’s list of things to do.  When we brought the cheerleading uniform home, she never took it out of the bag.  It sat in the bag, on the table, until she had to put it on.  She didn’t wear the white sneakers around the house to get used to them.  I had a feeling…She’s not that into cheerleading.  

I wanted to look at this decision in a positive way.  Sometimes school is enough.  Wolfing down food – doing homework in the car – coming home late on a school night, is a lot to do and only kids and parents that love the sport will rise to the occasion.  

Faith wants to be a computer animator.  She has made video’s on U Tube and has even made an Animal Jam music video.  I’m impressed!  I don’t know what is involved in putting together a music video, but her little charter, I think it’s a wolf…no, maybe it’s a fox, dances along with the beat of the music.  I know, I’m her mom!  Seriously though, she’s ten, and putting an animal dancing to music, with the words and art, behind it, on U Tube, Is really cool! 

After a full day at school, I feel it’s great to come home and relax and do what she really wants to do.  What Faith really wants to do is be a computer animator.  I think she’s well on her way.  I’d like her to do something in the line of exercise, bike ride, or join me when I stretch/exercise.  I do really easy exercises that I learned at Physical Therapy.  We will keep adjusting to this new schedule.

I want to give Faith the freedom to do what she enjoys doing, when it comes to extracurricular activities. Sometimes school is enough.  Not everyone is cut out to do sports, and that’s just fine.  

There are two ways I can look at not being in cheerleading;  One, it’s quitting.  Two, it’s a learning experience.  She has learned a great deal, in the short time she was in cheerleading.  Not only pertaining to the sport, but also as a team player.  She said that she didn’t want to let the girls down and who would lift Rebecca, if she didn’t do it?  This was a proud moment for me.  She was thinking of others.  



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