Adventures In Attachment Parenting: A New Year, A New Adventure by Allison Silver

Since August I have been thinking about doing something part-time that would allow me to use my knowledge of child development. I am definitely not ready to go back to school administration or even teaching on a part-time basis. And I don’t think I will be ready to do that for a long while as I am feeling very drawn to exploring homeschooling, when Charley gets older. I love being able to stay home with her but there’s a bit of a burning desire inside of me to do something more. I would love to be able to stay home with Charley and somehow put my knowledge of early childhood education, that I  spent so many years acquiring, to use.

 So, in August I started thinking about some possibilities. My first thought was to apply to be an adjunct instructor at one of the community colleges. But with grading papers, office hours, and commuting it would probably require more time then I really want to commit to. Plus, I would be at the school’s mercy when it came to class scheduling. In November a friend emailed me and asked me to consider working a few hours a month with her behavioral company. But I knew in my heart that a few hours would lead to several hours and before I knew it I would be over committed and working more than I really want.  I was also approached by a child development agency to offer a Saturday training for their staff so I will most likely set up a training with them. But I still wanted something more.

 A few weeks ago, at our local Waldorf Holiday Faire, I ran into a lady who was selling Barefoot Books. I had completely forgotten about these books. I loved them when I was teaching and used to use them all of the time. All of my students’ always loved as did the other teachers. I looked at her display and we started talking early childhood. We got quite caught up in discussing how we both loved these books  and used many of the materials in our respective classrooms. After we spoke for awhile  she suggested that I consider becoming an ambassador for Barefoot Books since I have first hand experience using them. I told her I would consider the idea and hastily put her business card in my pocket.

 After the Faire my husband asked me if I was going to call her? I wasn’t sure. Sure, I really like the books but do I really want to sell stuff? Aren’t all multi-level-marketing outfits the same? But I did agree to do a bit more research about the company. When I researched the company I realized that no in fact not all multi level marketing companies are the same. I was quite impressed with their core values which are: Imagine, Explore, Create, Connect, and Give Back. All of which I thoroughly agree with! Plus, I really do love their books! I shared my research with my hubby and he agreed that it looked like a highly reputable company and one that I would feel good about standing behind.

 Then one evening after Christmas my husband said, “You should do the book thing, just for a year. And see how you like it.”  Hmmm, really? Would I be any good at it? Would anyone actually buy anything from me? To which my husband replied, “You are a go-getter and you will never know if you don’t try.” So on January 1st I took the plunge and signed up and I am now an official Ambassador for Barefoot Books.

I’m actually quite excited about it! I really like the idea that not only do I get to share my knowledge of early childhood education with people but I also get to set up my own schedule and stay home with Charley! This really could be awesome! I will definitely keep you all posted on this latest adventure. And since this is my blog you know I gotta pitch my website! So I would love to invite all of you to check out Barefoot Books! And if you feel like it drop me a line and let me know what your new adventure for 2014 is I would love to hear all about it!




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