Ahhh Baby – by Lisa Kelly


Miss Ava is ten days old now and such a blessing to all.  We are having issues with breastfeeding so I have to pump every 2.5 hours to get a mere ounce or two of “liquid gold”.  She gets supplemental formula that isn’t real easy on her tummy but is still a happy baby.  Everyone comments on how alert and smiley she is.  It makes my heart explode in my chest to know that I, at my age, could produce something so beautiful and peaceful.

I was filled with reservations about having a c-section but my doctor did do a last minute ultrasound to see if anything had changed.  This time she actually showed me the screen so I could see the cord around Ava’s neck.  I took a deep breath, readjusted my mindset and off to the OR we went.  My brain was so overwhelmed by the deep freeze temperature that I barely flinched during the spinal.  I asked why so cold and was told it was to keep bacteria growth down.  It must have been 50 at most in there.  They had a huge drape up so I couldn’t see anything but my husband on one side and my anesthesiologist on the other.  I had no awareness of what was going on other than one moment of incredible pain under my ribs.  When I yelped loudly they explained they were pushing her down so they could get to her.  All of the sudden my doctor said “Yup, there’s the cord around her neck!”  I remember asking “You are already in there??” and she answered “She’s out.  Say hi to mom!!” and this little alien looking thing with a cheese covered head and big blinking eyes appeared ever so briefly over the drape.  She and daddy were then whisked off to the nursery for measurements and other checks while I laid there with tears streaming.  Holy crap.  It was done.  I was a mom again.

The rest of my hospital stay was non-eventful other than a fit of itching in my legs like no other, a brutal encounter with the night shift who messed up my IV and blood draw and a flurry of visitors to look at our new addition.  Thank you to everyone for the words of encouragement and advice leading up to her birthday.  Now if only we could get this pesky breastfeeding thing down!

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  2. So, so happy for you Lisa! She is simply beautiful! Wishing you many special moments with your sweet baby girl!!

    By Cara Potapshyn Meyers on Sep 19, 2012

  3. So happy for you!! I know the breastfeeding can be challenging, it was for us, but stick with it. It does get better. I hope you have support from La Leche League or a lactation consultant.

    By allison on Sep 19, 2012

  4. She’s beautiful! Just look at those bright red lips. And hey! She had a perfectly shaped head from the get go, by the looks of things. That’s one of the hidden benefits of C-Section, huh?

    My milk supply took a big dip in the second month after my LO’s birth, and I can recommend two things that absolutely saved the supply. First, get yourself a bottle of fenugreek tablets, and take one or two of them 3 times a day with meals. Second, if you like decaf beverages, get yourself some organic Mother’s Milk Teabags. They have an herbal blend designed to support your supply. Good luck, mama. You did good!

    By Heather on Sep 23, 2012

  5. Welcoming her to the world!!

    By Robin Gorman Newman on Sep 25, 2012