Another Trip to Urgent Care by Sharon O’Donnell

As the mom of 3 boys, I’ve been to the ER and Urgent Care after hours clinics more times than I can remember. Those that stand out though are:

the time my oldest son Billy broke his nose on a Scout camping trip when he got hit by a log at a campfire. Wild, yeah, I know.
the time Billy got a busted mouth when he was in first grade and needed lots of stitches
the time middle son David got shoved against a brick wall during a middle school basketball game, resulting in a swollen black eye and lacerations on his mouth and lips because his
braces went through his lip upon contact
the time David broke his arm right before we went to Disney World
the time David put his thumb in the lock on the sliding van door and it pulled the skin off
the time youngest son Jason fell and knocked a tooth loose and got a swollen lip
the time 4-year-old Jason tried to give himself an unnecessary Epi-Pen shot when he was sitting in the back of the car and I was driving,

And there were other times too — but these are just the highlights or lowlights as I should perhaps call them.

Last Saturday, I was going to write my blog after attending Jason’s baseball game, but alas, I never wrote it because we once again ended up at Urgent Care. In a pre-game warm-up, one of the pitchers threw the ball to Jason, and it hit him in the eye (Jason wasn’t looking right at that exact moment). Ouch. He is doing fine now, although the eye
is still dark underneath and the white of the eye has some bloody red in it due to broken blood vessels. Here’s a photo I took, but it really doesn’t do it justice since this is before the swelling
got worse:

We don’t have photos of many of our ER exploits, but we do have one of David after his basketball injuries (black eye and lacerated lips). We got this one out to compare it to the one of Jason.

But I think I won the contest of the worst eye photo after I was rear-ended by a van in 2004. The boys agree. What do you think?

I think it’s funny that I actually put on lipstick in this photo as if it would really matter. And yes, I remember my own trip to the ER too. I surely hope this has stopped being
a family event.

  1. 3 Responses to “Another Trip to Urgent Care by Sharon O’Donnell”

  2. Unreal Sharon…I too have been to the ER with my son. Scary stuff. Glad it’s not serious in the scheme of things.

    By Robin Gorman Newman on Sep 30, 2012

  3. Oh Sharon!! So sorry!! Oh my goodness!! My black eye story will at least give you a chuckle. When my 70 lb energetic 1 year old dog came galloping down the hallway to our bedroom, I quickly went to pick something up off the floor before he got to it, at the foot of my bed. As I started to lift my head and body up, my left eyebrow collided with my dog’s big, hard, boney head and I was crying in pain. My entire left side of my face blew up and turned black and blue. My family doctor told me to go to the ER because he was afraid I had fractured my skull. Well, my husband took me to the ER and I was taken to get x-rays and get examined by neurologists, etc. Meanwhile, my husband was no where to be found. More than an hour later, my husband came to see me and when I asked where he had been, he said some police, who had brought an accident victim in, were asked to sit down with my husband because the doctor’s didn’t believe my “dog story” and thought my husband had physically abused me! After my husband pulled out the “baby book” of pictures of our huge dog to show the police, they understood and let my husband go. But my husband forever has said to me not to put my head too close to our dog because he never wants to be questioned by the police regarding domestic abuse ever again!

    By Cara Meyers on Sep 30, 2012

  4. Sharon you are a good sport! I definitely think your blackeye wins hands down! I live that you put lipstick on for the photo. Moms with boys get used to going to Urgent care! My mom spent many a day or night there herself.

    By allison on Oct 1, 2012