Back to the Routine by Sharon O’Donnell

So after the holidays, it’s back to the routine of regular life. Not as exciting but comforting in a strange sort of way: time to pick back up where we left off when our thoughts were focused on gift wrapping, baking, and trying to get to Christmas Eve church services (or other religious services) in time to find a seat.  My oldest two sons were both home from college, and I loved  having all three of my boys at home at one time again, as realize that will soon be a very rare occurrence.  My oldest son will finish grad school in May, studies for the CPA exam in the summer, and starts an accounting job in September for Deloitte right here in the local area of Raleigh. I’m so glad he will be local, but I know that he will be getting his own apartment and likely won’t be back home again for an extended time. 

Now that the oldest are both back in college, the house is so much quieter with just my 14-year-old here. I miss them. Yet, I know 2015 won’t wait, and it’s time to take the plunge into the year with full force and start pursuing goals again. Our tree was picked up by the curb this week, the ornaments and decorations are packed away, and it’s time to move on. I love how everything ‘normal’ pauses a bit for the holidays, but I’m energized for 2015. I hope I can continue to feel this energy.

Before moving into the new year, I thought I’d share a pic from the trip to New York that I took with my boys several days before Christmas.  I loved the sight-seeing and the Broadway play, but the real gift to myself this year was having four days with my boys on vacation — they were all mine. And I loved it!


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