Allison Silver

Allison Silver is originally from New Mexico and currently resides in Northern California outside of Sacramento. She has an AS in Occupational Therapy, a BA in Child Development, and an MA in Special Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood. She has extensive training in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Early Childhood Inclusion. Allison has held various positions such as Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Early Intervention Specialist, Special Education Preschool Teacher, and Preschool Inclusion Specialist. She has consulted with early childhood programs in both the public and private sector, developed parent education workshops, created staff development trainings, and designed preschool inclusion programs. Allison enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and has been a guest lecturer at local universities.

Shortly after her daughter was born, Allison decided to dedicate her time to being a SAHM and is currently consulting and lecturing as time permits. In her free time she enjoys meeting other moms, spending time with her husband, reading, cooking, and making organic baby food. To reach Allison, write or @AP_adventure on Twitter.