Bloomin’ Mom Shares: Meng Fong, Singapore Chapter Head

I became a mom for the first time at age 36 and then a single mom at 40. A year later I decided to leave my corporate career to become a work at home mom.

Over the last half decade, fueled by a near obsessive nature to learn new things and not keep still; I have led many lives – realtor, forex trader, web developer. I will be the first to admit that I have not been wildly successful at all my ventures, but I have learned a lot about myself along the way – and I’ve certainly met some interesting people.

I own blogs at, and was featured as The Trader Mom on With a strong interest in early childhood learning, I was recognized for my contribution at the Learning Support Reading Program at my son’s primary school and recently served as a parent volunteer in IT lessons for Grade 1 and 2.

Occasionally, I do ad-hoc deliveries for Food From The Heart – a group that is keen on avoiding food waste through supplying food to the needy and I volunteer at AWARE– Singapore’s leading women’s rights group advocating against workplace discrimination and violence against women.

50 is peering around the corner at me and here’s what I see on my horizon: I have met the love of my life and plan to get married and return to the IT world. Being the oldest mommy in the playground, I noticed that my child-rearing decisions and views are often quite different from the other moms around me. That’s why I was so excited to find Motherhood Later Than Sooner. I chanced upon this group during a late night Internet browsing session. In fact I was so excited that I jumped at the opportunity to become chapter head in Singapore.

I don’t know if they’re in my neck of the woods but I hope to find other mid-life moms to share experiences, support, to talk about kids and just have fun.

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