Boston with My Boy by Sharon O’Donnell

Billy at BC

This past weekend my oldest son and I flew to Boston for the weekend for him to visit the campus of Boston College; he is trying to decide on where to go to school for his one year Masters of Accounting program and has been accepted into Boston College, the University of Virginia, Wake Forest University, and NC State. He wants to go somewhere different than where he did for undergrad school, so he declined NC State’s offer. Loves State and always will but felt he needed a change of scenery.

I LOVED going to Boston because I got to spend some quality time with him — just the two of us – -and talk the way we hadn’t done in a long time. I saw again firsthand the kind person he is, how funny he can be, and how sentimental.  Even though, my son Billy was impressed with the BC campus and has always wanted the chance to live in Boston, he realized that perhaps BC might not be where he wants to go after all. He likes it, but there were a few drawbacks he hadn’t anticipated, and I hated to see him disappointed. At the same time, knowing that he might wind up at UVA or Wake Forest means that he will be closer to home and will come home every now and then for weekend visits — weekend visits when I can open up his old room again and have my son back home. When they are so close to leaving the nest, every moment at home with them is one to savor.

This coming weekend, we will be visiting the University of Virginia. And then he must make a decision by the end of the month. 

Here are a few photos from our trip to Boston. One is in front of the BC sign, and one is at Fenway Park since we are huge Red Sox fans (We go to Boston to look at a college campus and end up at Fenway Park. How’d that happen?)


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