Breastfeeding Woes – by Lisa Kelly

I forgot to write last week due to my time being consumed with meetings with the breast pump 12 times a day.  Ava still won’t latch and my milk supply is not impressive.  Well-meaning folks have offered many suggestions and I’ve tried them all to no avail.  Some things, such as fenugreek, seem to decrease the supply.  Reglan did nothing but scare me with a laundry list of horrific side effects.  Dark beer only made me burp.  Drinking more water had me running to the bathroom more often.   The only thing that has helped was buying Lily Pads to stop the leaking and getting hot compresses to lay on my chest a few minutes before pumping.

Each day we try latching and each day is less painful for me but more aggravating for her.  At three weeks old, her tear ducts are working and boy, can she turn on the water works when she wants to eat and no one is giving her the instant satisfaction of a bottle.  Today was my post partum checkup and when I discussed this with my doctor, I fully expected her to say “Okay, you tried and it didn’t work so you should stop now.”    Instead she said that I should just keep on pumping and be happy for every ounce that would help to build Ava’s immune system.   I explained that when I tried to give her the breast, she would just put her mouth against me and go to sleep.  She said “Awwww, that’s just a natural reaction of comfort to mommy’s warmth and smell.  Some babies don’t get past that so keep pumping and supplementing.”   She gave me tips to relax and even suggested that I try a glass of wine now and then.  I think I’ll go have one now.  

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  2. Hang in there Lisa! And don’t give up! It does get better and easier. It took us three months before it became easier. Have you tried a nipple shield? A lactation consultant had me try one at my post partum visit and it helped so much! We used it for three months and then our daughter didn’t need it anymore. It sounds like you have support but you may want to check out your local La Leche League leader/group. That can be a great resource and provide great support.

    By allison on Oct 2, 2012

  3. Hi Lisa, I know what it’s like to be tied to the pump all day, draining and frustrating! My little guy didn’t get the hang of nursing until he was 4 weeks. He would scream when I would try to nurse him, and I would cry! He is 2 months now and nursing well. I don’t know if 4 weeks was just our magic number or if it was the trip to the lactation consultant at our hospital (well worth the time), but things did improve and I started to relax. Nursing woes are stressful, so don’t forget to cut yourself some slack! Good luck!

    By Amy on Oct 3, 2012

  4. Lisa dear, you have my sympathies. My Tabitha is nearly six months old, and I still can’t get her to latch. If you don’t yet have one, I’d recommend getting yourself a hands free pumping bra. I have two of the Simple Wishes bras, and they are amazing. They are infinitely adjustable, due to the velcro tabs, so don’t worry about sizing. I started as a 38F, and only needed a size medium.

    Remember to eat well, and don’t sweat this too much. The important part is you and your baby are falling in love, and that is obvious by the fact that she derives comfort from you even when she can’t eat. Pat yourself on the back, mama. A lesser woman would have given up and gone straight to formula by now. :)

    By Heather Bowles on Oct 6, 2012