Budget Conscious Bedroom Design Trends for Children by Kristina Marshall

There’s enough work that goes into being a great mom without the pressure of investing thousands of dollars to make your kids’ rooms stylish.  But, even without breaking the bank, it is possible to achieve fabulous!  Here are the top ten popular kid’s bedroom design trends you can recreate on a budget!  And, don’t be afraid to take on these trends on your own!


1- Neutral Tones With Pops of Color

Although we may think of rainbows and bright tones when it comes to the average child’s room, that’s not necessarily the best place for a young mind to grow!  Neutral tones can be soothing and comforting.  Straying away from too many bright colors can help keep kids calm and create a restorative space.  Still, you should allow some pops of color so they won’t get bored. You can achieve this with wall paint and a change of sheets and decor.  If you don’t have any neutral-colored art for them, ask your child to draw art for their walls!


2- Varied Texture

Kids are still developing their sense of texture and feel.  They’re deciding whether or not they like velvet or if cotton is their favorite sensation.  You can help them on this journey by offering a ton of different surfaces and textures.  This doesn’t mean you have to shake down Jo-Ann’s Fabrics stores for cheap deals, but don’t make their room too same-same!  Get things they’ll want to touch because all home decor down to the sofa should be comfortable.


3- Interactive Decor

A bed may be fun, but it’s even better when it feels like a secret getaway for your kid to vanish into the night.  Canopy beds are expensive, and they often take away the chance for your child to customize or show personality.  Using shower curtain rings and some PVC pipes or bars, you can create a custom canopy.  Help your child to customize it by sewing or cutting in stars and other shapes that will make them want to his the sack early and sleep well.


4- Winning Windows

Classic window dressings are a thing of the past!  Not only do more modern windows lack the pull string to raise and lower your blinds, but curtains are for more than just blocking out the sun and looking pretty.  Many parents are moving towards curtains that allow light through but block UV rays.  Although all curtains block these rays to some extent, you can find many at almost any budget!


5- Soundscaping

Using sound as part of decor has been a massive deal for the last couple of years.  Music has power over us like nothing else.  Use this to your advantage by putting in a blue tooth speaker or another music player, and making it a part of your room’s decoration.  You’ll be able to soothe them to sleep or excite your child into getting up in the morning to start their day with positivity!


6- Organization

It feels like a new organizational system comes out every week.  Whether it is suggested that we buy vacuum storage bags or bins that are a little too close to Tupperware for clothes: the price is never cheap.  Instead, work with what you have – or find less expensive alternatives.  An over-the-door shoe caddy can organize everything from calculators to toys and can be decorated to look cute!  Pro-tip– you can even find these at some dollar stores!


7- Indoor Physical Activity

Many families cannot afford an indoor pool or even have the space for it.  The dream of an in-home gym is more viable, yet it still isn’t achievable for all.  Instead of aspiring for either of these options, you can create a gym experience with your child!  Create obstacle courses with your kids, and then time them and give them rewards when they complete them!  This idea might be a messier option, but the mess pays off when your child realizes how much fun physical activity can be.


8- Toddler Minimalism

Although we don’t want to deny our children, many studies have found that toddlers with fewer toys develop better imaginations and creative skills.  the less is more philosophy translates well for decor too.  Clutter can lead to over stimulation and disorganization, and the less a child has, the more they will lean into their own sense of inventiveness to occupy themselves.


9- Toys and Games

We try to limit how much time our kids have in front of screens, and the best way to do that is to give them as many real-world distractions as possible.  Lay out their room so their eyes go directly to toys and games they can play without a screen and follow up often to see if it’s the best fit for them.  You want them to have fun playing!  Don’t let a screen be the only way that’s possible.


10- Space to Relax

Many high fashion magazines promote pricey furniture or toys to relax our kids, but you don’t have to go that route.  Create a spot in their room where they can relax and read, draw, or do whatever it is that makes them happy.  The world is stressful enough; let them have a feel good space of their own to breathe, chill, and engage.